Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Rob Story That Will Make You Go Awww!

I saw this story on Pattinson Life LJ today & absolutely fell in love with it. Just when you think you can't love Robert Pattinson even more you hear something like this. Captivated4121 wrote:

So back in September I wrote Rob a letter & sent him a mix CD I made especially for him. I didn't send a photo to get signed or an empty envelope with my address on it. I just told him that me writing him & what not wasn't about wanting something in return. I haven't checked my mail every day awaiting for something from him. I didn't expect anything at all.

So today when I check the mail I was given an amazing surprise!

Is he amazing or what! This just makes me go awwww.Thanks to captivated4121 for letting me repost your story here on CBA. I think is so cool that you made a mix tape for Rob and that you actually sent it to him without asking for anything in return. Kudos to you!


Francesca said...

That is sooooo amazing!
He's amazingly nice and hot!

Anonymous said...

That is so amazing! And thanks for reposting and telling the story again! Makes me love him more, he is just an amazing and wonderful guy!

Hil said...

That is DEFINITELY an "awwww..." moment.

That's sooo cool!