Sunday, May 3, 2009

"Intimate & Personal"Jackson Rathbone Chat Session At Twicon

Exclusive TwiCon Event With Jackson Rathbone!

For the first time at any conference anywhere, Jackson Rathbone will be offering an intimate and personal chat session at TwiCon 2009! On Sunday, August 2nd from 10am-12pm, Jackson will join 500 fans for coffee, questions and answers, and possibly even an acoustic song or two. It's all about getting to know Jackson better, so he'll be taking questions directly from fans, as well as giving 25 lucky attendees some face time by personalizing memorabilia (to be provided by the attendee) on stage in front of the audience! Here's how the event will work:

Fans will be seated banquet-style after grabbing a cup of coffee (provided). During this time, screened questions will be gathered from the audience by TwiCon staff. Each table with an approved question will receive a numbered card, which indicates the order of the questions to be asked. The attendee designated by that table will stand and ask their approved question when it is their turn. Jackson will be casually seated on stage and has graciously welcomed the opportunity to give the fans a closer peek into his life, so we ask in advance that the screaming be kept to a minimum during the Q&A as a respectful gesture to Jackson. We will allow attendees 2-3 minutes for flash photography upon his entrance, but photography without flash will be allowed at any time. All attendees must be seated unless standing for a question or if they are chosen as a winner for face time with Jackson (there will be no information given on how to win until the event begins!). Fans may ask questions of a somewhat personal nature, but remember that these questions will be screened and any inappropriate questions (boxers or briefs is not appropriate!) asked that were not approved will constitute immediate ejection from the event. So be sure the question we screen is the question you ask! After the Q&A, Jackson may or may not perform a song or two alone on stage. When winners are selected to greet Jackson on stage, they will be asked to bring the item they would like signed on stage with them, give a brief introduction and Jackson will then sign and personalize the memorabilia for them. The winner will then leave the stage and the next winner will go up.


Tickets for Jackson's exclusive coffee chat are $25 each. There are only 500 tickets available. Tickets will be available for purchase through your TwiCon registration account on Friday, May 15th at 11:59pm EST. Each registrant is limited to one ticket and you'll need to enter your credit card information so have it handy (regardless of if you already have one on file). If you are registered in a group, you may purchase one ticket for each group attendee. As with all of our events, you must be fully registered and paid in full to be eligible for this event, and tickets are non-refundable and non-transferrable. A waitlist will be created after tickets have sold out; an announcement will be made on our site at that time. Start thinking about what you'd like to know about the one and only Jackson Rathbone!


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Snarkier Than You said...

"boxers or briefs?" is not appropriate" ?! LOL! um, yeah i guess it's for the best that I don't live in Texas and won't be making it to TwiCon...

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p.s. have you ever noticed that sometimes the "word verification" words are funny? right now my word is "undork" - lol!!