Friday, May 8, 2009

Is Robert Pattinson's Personality In The Stars?

The Examiner's Amanda Bell has posted an article discussing Maria Barron's (the Astrology Examiner) thoughts that Rob's personality may be a result of his astrological sign.

When Pattinson speaks in interviews about dating and love, he says he is romantic and protective, but he also describes himself as unfeeling and paranoid. What’s up with that? Can you be all those things at once? Absolutely. A peek at the astrology of Pattinson’s natal chart confirms that he is romantic and protective, even sensitive and brooding, but he also does have a strong tendency to intellectualize his feelings when it comes to love relationships – thinking about love more than really feeling it – and he can be very suspicious.

. . .

By sun sign, Pattinson is a Taurus, ruled by Venus. Taurus is known for being romantic, interested in the arts and, more often than not, very nice looking. He certainly reflects all those Taurean qualities. “I’ve never really fallen in love, but I try to be as romantic as possible,” the handsome actor and musician said in comments reported by a celebrity website.

By moon sign, he’s a Cancer, ruled by the moon. The moon’s dominance in his chart comes partly from the fact that on the day he was born, May 13, 1986 in London, the moon was “at home” in Cancer, which is the sign she rules. The moon is also connected through important alignments to many other planets in his birth chart, spreading the lunar influence wide.

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Both the Cancer and Scorpio qualities wrapped into Pattinson’s lunar side jump out at you when you read a quote like this one, where Pattinson is worrying about the people he loves who aren’t famous and the affect on them of his newfound fame: . . . “I’m always really worried about ruining their lives. Especially with people that aren't famous. It’s such a massive change. I’m kind of a paranoid wreck.” That self-assessment was part of an interview Pattinson gave Entertainment Tonight.

Hmmmm ...I'm a Taurus, so I guess I can see some of her points.

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Mindy said...

Poor Rob has every reason to be suspicious and paranoid. Who wouldn't be. I kind of feel sorry for all of these guys. How awful to be followed and hounded everywhere.

Anonymous said...

I am a Scorpio, and feel somewhat paranoid at times too. I would hate being followed everywhere, and would constantly be looking over my shoulder to see who was coming after me. I think that his fears are minimal compared to his graciousness and almost adoration towards his fans. He is one in a million.