Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Jackson Rathbone's New Tattoo

**Update 5/12**

Jackson and the rest of the Monkeys have requested that the tattoo picture posted be taken down from fansites and also facebook. This explains why I was having a bit of trouble finding other pictures.

Because we at CBA have the utmost respect for the actors and their wishes, we have taken the picture down from this post.

(Thank you to Lexy for letting us know and helping us to respect Jackson's wishes.)


Goodness, this man takes my heart a little more each day.....ah, tattoos.
Pillow Biters is reporting that Jackson is now sporting a new tattoo thanks to a tatto artist at EyeCon in Florida.

"Today while Kellan was speaking to his adoring fans during the Q&A Session, Jackson had the EyeCon Tattoo Artist give him a second tattoo. I heard that it was a heart (maybe on his back) and perhaps said, 'I Love Mom..'"

This tattoo, according to previous interviews with Jackson, will make two for the actor.



GallifreyReject said...


Me and PB were discussing that. but after a few minutes being up, it was taken down.. she got word last night and the pic popped up on their FB this morn.

AngstGoddess003 said...

God, Jackson. I already told you... stop tattooing "Property of the Goddess" on your sexy flesh. People are going to start asking questions...

JessH said...

Ooh, thanks GallifreyReject! I thought I was going insane. Well, more insane....

AG, you crack me up! I love it.

Natalia said...

I got one at the con as well - Marc Draven is the man! Two really sweet & great guys in this pic :D

Lexy said...

Hey^^ Picture is down from their facebook now, and Jackson has asked amongst other Jackson-rathbone.com to take down their copies. Seems like he doesnt want them around.. As much as I love to see pictures of the gorgeous, I thought you should know:P

Anonymous said...

I totally get Jackson's wish to not have the pic posted everywhere- just because he's an actor doesn't mean that he should give up his privacy- buuuuuttt, why get your tattoo at a public convention filled with your fans with all types of cameras/camera phones, etc. jackson, hun, I know you want to experience "normal" life- but your not "normal" anymore. get your next tatt at a more private venue. :)

tabicat555 said...

oh Jackson.......you see, all of us out here (zt least if we're even sightly in our right mind) think your hot as hell...More tattoos, don't help our sitiuation
Sincerely, Tabitha
(I LOVE YOU!) :)