Friday, May 1, 2009

Justin Guarini Wants To Be On "New Moon" Soundtrack

"American Idol" Season 1 runner up Justin Guarini wants to be a part of the "New Moon" film. MTV Newsroom is reporting that Justin has written a song specifically for "New Moon" and is asking for help from fans to get it on the soundtrack.

For those who don’t keep abreast of Guarini’s every move (which is probably 99.9 percent of you), the curly-haired crooner just posted a song called “I Can’t Live” on his official site, which he “wrote specifically for ‘New Moon.’” He even made a video for the track — basically just a series of still photographs of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart — and told fans “If you like it, make sure to spread the word and ask Stephenie Meyer to put it on the soundtrack.”

He also posted the video on his official YouTube channel — tagging it with every conceivable “Twilight” theme imaginable, not to mention “Swine Flu” for added search-engine oomph — and let fans have their say on the track.

And, well, that’s where things get a little ugly .

It seems that most of the citizens of YouTube Nation didn’t think too highly of Guarini’s track — or his blatant attempt to latch onto the “New Moon” film.

Comments ran the spectrum, from thoughtful (”Oh, Justin … I love you and I haven’t heard from you in ages, but really? ‘Twilight?’ Sigh. Everyone is going to the dark side these days”) to petty (”wow this is very shi–y! lol! laaaaaaaaaaaame”), but pretty much everyone seemed to agree that the song just wasn’t up to snuff, and that Guarini was just making a desperate grab for some of that sweet, sweet Stephenie Meyer Swag.

Of course, there were some fans who decided to take up the G-man’s quest, starting an online petition to have “I Can’t Live” added to the the “New Moon” soundtrack. And, for the record, we don’t think the song is that bad (bits of it even sound strangely like Explosions in the Sky), and we can’t really blame Guarini for trying. After all, anything’s got to be better than spending every day alongside Kimberly Caldwell.

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mmy4est said...


the soundtrack for twilight was great, which is part of the reason it sold so well. I hope that the people in charge of choosing songs for new moon do as good a job and don't cave to all these wanna-be's.