Monday, May 4, 2009

Kellan Lutz, Edi Gathegi, & Mike Welsh Fan Encounter At Salute to Twilight

Two of CBA's awesome readers, Chrissy & Marcella, just sent us their FABULOUS fan encounter with Kellan, Edi & Mike. Even though they didn't have tickets, they decided to stop by the Grand Slam Sci-Fi Salute to Twilight Convention in LA on Sunday & boy did they get lucky!!

Here is part of what they had to say:

When we got there it was pretty late, around 5:30ish. We were on the way to buy the tickets but when we got to the room, from the looks of it they weren't selling anymore tickets. So we went to the ladies rooms and we find our friends! we talked for awhile. So they went back in, we didn't know what to do. We waited until people started going back into the main room. Once again we saw our friend, Jennifer. She told us if we walked by the green curtains we would get a to see Kellan Lutz, Peter Facinelli, Edi Gathegi, and Michael Welsh. OH yeah, she was so right!

Ade and I sit in a couch near the green curtains, and the closes to the curtains was Michael Welsh! I was trying to take pictures but no flash allowed so I was scared, once Michael looked my way, I waved! he waved back! he also saw that I was trying to get a picture of him so he waited and smiled at the same time! Mike is awesome. But stupid camera wasn't working with me.

After that, Ade finally got up to see what they were doing. She saw them all get up, to take a little break. She grabbed me and told me we needed to go! So I listened and went along with her. She took us to the end of the rooms, not knowing what she was doing until we stopped. She told me she saw them go into a room. So I was like oh OK! this way. We made our way to the middle of the open room and lo and behold! Michael Welsh is walking towards us! first thing we do is smile and ask if we could get a picture with him *they weren't allowed to take pictures with anyone* As he was walking away he said, yeah, but I stopped because he kept walking, he kinda give me the face like "I'm sorry, I would take the picture but this dude won't let me." *there was a guy with him at all times* :( He saw that I kind of made a sad face, so he came back and say, "OK, let's go, and remember no one is supposed to know this happened." Boy was I happy! we decided to take the picture as a group instead of solo, just because of the guy! darn that guy.

So we made our way down the hall at the end of the door, there were couches there also. We sat there not knowing what to do. As soon as I look up, the door opens in front of us, and our comes Edi Gathegi! Looked as if he was happy to see us there! He was very jumpy and had a big smile on his face. He came over and greeted us, giving us hugs! We asked if we could get a picture and he said sure! I went first, and then Ade. Just as soon as I was taking her picture out come Kellan Lutz! I swear to you, I yelled his name the loudest I could, but it was loud enough for a mouse to hear, nothing came out it was just a little, "Kellannn" but the weird part was it was like he heard me calling his name, because he looked at me once I said his name. I was speechless, Ade was calling him over but he walked away. It was so fast I didn't believe he was there! but then one second later, he came right back and gave Ade a hug, his BEAR HUG! love it! and they took a picture. I was next! he gave me the biggest hug!! another bear hug, took me off the ground hug! I didn't let go, I wanted a picture also, but like I said I didn't let go forgetting the camera was in my hand the whole time. But then we let go, I handed Ade the camera, and she snapped one and then he smiled thanking us for being there and left. They were being rushed by some people, the twilighters were waiting to see them! Can we get any luckier? They are the best!

Talk about hitting the jack-pot! You can read their full experience HERE on their blog Whatzz Poppin.

Thanks so much for sending this to us Chrissy & Marcella! Love your blog by the way.

~Kim C


Snarkier Than You said...

That's such a great story!!

Why do I KNOW that even if i shell out the bucks for tix to a Twilight convention that nothing even remotely this cool will happen?!

So jealous - and happy for them!

: )

Cullen Boys Anonymous said...

I know Snarkier...I have the worst luck when it comes to the TW cast.