Monday, May 11, 2009

Maxim's Top 100 List - Ashley Greene and Nikki Reed

#42. Nikki Reed.

"We’ve wanted this sexy Twilight star to sink her teeth into us since her days on The O.C. Beware of the next Twilight installment, coming this November."

# 68. Ashley Greene.

"In Twilight she played a spunky vampire sister. See her next in Skateland…or being pursued by psycho Twilight fans."

Photos courtesy of Maxim. See the rest of the Top 100 HERE.
**I can't believe that Ashley didn't do better. I think she's just absolutely gorgeous!
~ Brandi

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TwiFessions said...

I agree, Ashley is gorgeous and deserves to be higher up.Someone at Maxim is in dire need of glasses.