Friday, May 15, 2009

Native American Lore And Quileute Legends

Deadbolt has an interesting article that discusses Native American folk lore involving wolves and how this is incorporated into the Quileute stories of the Twilight Saga.

History and the Werewolf

Although the Quileute tribe is said to be descended from wolves, there are a variety of Native North American tribes that have similar folklore in their rich lineage. The Navajo tribe (also known as the Navajo nation), the largest tribe in the United States, has a legend that is almost akin to the werewolf clan in the Twilight Saga. The Navajo version of the werewolf originates from the “Skinwalker” who actually attains the power to shape-shift. But in order to acquire the “evil” abilities of these shape-shifters, tribe members, as the legend goes, must kill a family member. On the other hand, the Quileute legend is much less gruesome as a Skinwalker is said to have encountered a wolf and then transformed it into a human being, thus the legend’s origins.

In relation to Twilight and New Moon, Stephanie Meyer takes it one step further by explaining in great detail how Jacob and the rest of the werewolf clan actually transform from human to werewolf from the angle of inner turmoil and the experience of the transformation. In New Moon, the transformation of Jacob Black is filled with questions surrounding mental pain and how the change is also linked to self-control. What’s different about how the legend and lore play out in New Moon with regard to the actual transformation, as compared to other werewolf based stories and films, is that it goes well beyond the visual transformation to a intriguing human level of

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I read an interesting comment on about a real encounter with a skinwalker ( to the Navajo Indians this stuff is real. Makes the hair on the back of my neck thinking about it.