Tuesday, May 5, 2009

New Moon Script Leaked Online?

Could the New Moon script have been leaked online? Yesterday, when I was on Twitter, I saw a tweet from Spoiler TV saying they had the New Moon script. Being the curious person that I am I clicked the link. On their site they had a link to click that took you to what looked like the very official script. It was around 118 pages. I read some of it but then I had to go to work & when I came home the script had been take down & this is what it said:

"Script has been removed due to legal reasons. If we find a way to repost legally we'll let you know so stay tuned."

Do I know if this was the official script? No. Do I know if this was the final script? No. Did it look good? Yes! I will tell you this, it did not start with the birthday party scene.

The Twilight Examiner & Cinema Blend both have articles about the leaked script today.

~Kim C


cuteangiek said...

I've been trying so hard to stay away from ALL New Moon news because I am a TOTAL peeker and would be unable to resist the urge to know EVERYTHING. I'll know the whole movie before it's even finalized.

Do we really have to wait until Nov??? Oh it's killing me.

Anonymous said...

the script i saw was about 90 pages... hmmmm