Friday, May 15, 2009

Nikki Reed To Joins Cast In Italy

MTV reports Nikki Reed will be going to Italy with the New Moon cast while they are filming, although she isn't on the cast list & her character (Rosalie) did not go to Italy. She is joining Kellan Lutz (whose character didn't go to Italy either) just watch them shoot and enjoy the sights. She tells MTV:

"Put it this way: I am not in any of the scenes in Italy, but we've already made sure that I am going to Italy while they shoot that because I am sort of obsessed with that portion of the book. Basically [I'm just going to watch them shoot], and also, it is a chance to be in Italy and pretend like it's work. I have to be there - because I am in the film, so it's really important that I go along."

Is she hoping to get Rosalie added to a scene in Italy? "Absolutely not" she says:

"No. I feel so strongly about them sticking to the books."

"In fact, there was a scene in a very early draft of the 'New Moon' [script] that they had invented that was not in the books, and there was a discussion, and that scene is no longer in the script."

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**[Good for you, Nikki!!]

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