Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Nikki Reed Joins Sage & The Dills On Stage

Sage & the Dills took the stage at Hollywood's Hotel Cafe on Tuesday night with a very special guest: Twilight's Nikki Reed. Sage, the lead singer of the band, is best buds with the actress, who arrived in a purple beanie and dark jeans.

Reed even took the stage for a couple of songs, playing tambourine on "Go and Tell Your Mother," and lending some very pretty backup vocals to a track or two. "This used to be my best friend Nikki's favorite," Sage said while introducing one song. "I'm dedicating this to her." Reed, who hung back in the corner of the stage as she sang along, seemed a little shy about her vocals. "Please, turn this mic off," she laughed to the sound tech after she was on stage for a few minutes.

"Nikki did my hair and makeup before every show when we were growing up," Sage told after the concert. "She still does my hair and makeup." The two are longtime friends, and Sage often refers to Nikki as "my sister." So can we expect the bffs to make music together in the future? While Sage says they've never written songs with one another, we wouldn't rule it out -- especially after witnessing Reed's tambourine skills!

Thanks to RadarOnline for sending us that story!


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