Monday, May 11, 2009

OME! Woman Finds New Moon Script In The Trash

The AP is reporting that a St. Louis woman found 2 scripts in the trash, one was for New Moon and the other was Memoirs. She considered giving the scripts to a tabloid but decided against it and instead turned them into Summit Entertainment. In return for her good deed she was invited to both premiers, New Moon and Memoirs:

Casey Ray found two scripts, one for the vampire sequel "New Moon," and one for a different movie titled "Memoirs." She decided to return them to the studio making the films. In return, she was invited to attend the movies' premieres, her lawyer said.

Ray recently was waiting for her fiance to finish work when she spotted two scripts in a trash container. She was outside a hotel where actors were staying during a St. Louis shoot for the upcoming George Clooney movie, "Up in the Air."

It's not clear how the scripts wound up in the bin.

The Clooney movie includes actress Anna Kendrick, who is also in the "Twilight" vampire movie. A spokeswoman for Kendrick, Lisa Perkins, said the actress wouldn't have left scripts lying around.

Read more from the AP HERE. Click HERE to check out the Twilight Examiner, Amanda Bell's, article about it.

Memoirs aka Remember Me, is the new Summit Ent. movie Robert Pattinson will be starring in.

WOW! What would you have done if you found the New Moon script? I'm sure all CBA's readers would have turned it in immediately.

Thanks Rolltide4me!

~Kim C

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