Monday, May 11, 2009

Radar Online's Q&A With Jackson Rathbone

In an exclusive interview with, Twilight cutie Jackson Rathbone opened up on everything from his love of Vanilla Ice to which of his co-stars can bench-press the most weight. And he also shared a super-cute family photo, taken when he was just a tot!

RO: You said in a recent interview that all the Cullen guys worked out together in the hotel gym during filming. So tell us: who can bench press the most?

JR: That would be Kellan [Lutz]. He truly is Emmett.

RO: You live in a house with other members of your band, 100 Monkeys, in Hollywood. What’s the hardest part about being roomies with two other guys?

JR: The smell.

Read the full interview HERE.

What a cutiepie kid Jackson was. This a such a super Q & A. Thanks to rolltide4me for sending this to us so we could get our Jackson fix.

~Kim C

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