Monday, May 11, 2009

Robert Pattinson's Underwear...So Wrong but So Right

I'm sure I'll hate myself in the morning for posting these but here goes:

A grown woman all giddy because she see's underwear...what is wrong with me?


Credit: brandnewluv at Pattinson Life LJ.


Snarkier Than You said...

OK if you feel bad his morning, well... DON'T! lol - thanks for putting those pics out there... i'm kinda embarrassed to admit that this sorta made my day...

: )

Cullen Boys Anonymous said...

Thanks so my conscience is at rest! :)

Sophie said...

I don't know really. Don't you think we should boycott these awful paps pics? I find them so sad. What's the point of them ? Rob and the cast already give so much, they let fans take pictures so many times, and so on, and now some creepy guy has got to go and do this. What's next? If he were your husband or your son, would you like a pic of his underwear published like that ? It's OK to have pics from the set, from the fans, if the actors have agreed, but not stolen pics like this. Anyone agrees with me or not? No, really, it makes me feel sad!