Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ryan Reynolds In "Breaking Dawn"?

Amanda Bell from The Examiner has written an article discussing Ryan Reynolds being a fan choice to play vampire Garrett in "Breaking Dawn".

[Reynolds] has a small group of Twilight fans swooning for him to take a spot in the book-to-film translation of Stephenie Meyer's fourth Twilight series book Breaking Dawn.

These fans say that Reynolds would be absolutely perfect for the small, but significant, role of Garrett, the wandering nomad who comes to the side of the Cullens in their time of need.

Jolly, olive-skinned, and observant, Garrett's character is [*spoiler*] a sort of speech-giving savior to the Cullens in Breaking Dawn with the Renesmee situation. Standing up to the Volturi, this somewhat messy wanderer has to use his words to save the day.

Hmm...first I was able to see Ryan Reynolds using swords the other night in "Wolverine" and now possibly as a vampire? Yes, please.

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What do you think?



cuteangiek said...

Mr. Reynolds is for the win. I loved him in Definitely, Maybe and Just Friends. He'd be a great Garret.

Lauren said...

i think ryan reynolds would be an amazing garrett. hes such a good actor and for that part, i think he has the perfect personality and would be good as a vampire.

Amanda said...

He would be perfect for Garrett!! If he were Garrett, who would make a good Kate?

Rox said...

I'm really rooting for him to be Garret. I love his personality on screen, from "Amityville" to "Adventure Land". Heck he's already battled vamps in "Blade" lol, and honestly he's more eye candy for me, *cough* an older Fanpire. My hubby really likes him also, so this might persuade him to see BD with me lol.