Monday, May 4, 2009

Stephenie Meyer Mention in Andrew McMahon Interview

I just had to share this will all of you because I absolutely love Something Corporate and Jack's Mannequin and front man Andrew McMahon!! He mentions Stephenie in a recent interview with Blast Magazine.

BLAST: Tell me a little bit about working with Stephenie Meyer on the making of the "The Resolution" music video.

AM: It was one of these things where I had a friend of mine who had notified me, this is probably months before I got involved with Stephenie, that Stephenie was a fan of Jack's Mannequin and that she had made reference to Jack's either on her website or in the thank you's in one of her books as being an inspiration for a character or whatever, we were on a play list or something like that. I heard this and at that point didn't really know much about "Twilight" and while it was obviously a huge phenomenon throughout the country and probably the world and what-not, I don't think it had quite broken the surface yet...

I was like, "Well you know, this woman who writes these books that have sold millions of copies is a purported fan of Jack's Mannequin. Maybe we could reach out to her. She's an author, I'm sure she could come up with something cool." And then of course, it was sort of a pipe dream, I guess, in a sense. I mean I wasn't really thinking of it on the grander scale of how huge she really was. Sure enough, we reached out, and she was like, "Sure, that sounds great," and she sent in three treatments and we loved one of them and she ended up coming out and co-directing the video for us.

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Source: Blast Magazine

~ Erin V.

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