Saturday, January 17, 2009

More Vanity Fair Outtakes

Thanks to Robert Pattinson Online.


More Pics From 'Warrior' Set With Kellan & Ashley

Just Jared Jr. has more pictures from the set of 'Warrior'. This time there's some of Ashley Greene as well. Go here to take a look.

Reelz Channel: New Moon Quiz

I know we have a lot of TW trivia buffs out there. Have you seen the Reelz Channel New Moon quiz? Go here to take the short quiz.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Kelly Clarkson Needs To Join CBA

Kelly Clarkson is addicted to the Twilight series & is having Twilight insomnia. Don't worry Kelly...we've all been there!

"The Since U Been Gone singer can't put the vampire love stories down.
She says, "I'm on Breaking Dawn. It's actually interrupting my sleeping pattern... I'm crazy.

"Every girl is, like, obsessed. I went to Cancun, Mexico for New Years with a bunch of friends and we were laughing because, as we were laying out (sunbathing), literally every female at the pool had one of the books from the Twilight series.""

The first step is admitting you have a problem, the second is joining Cullen Boys Anonymous.



100 Monkeys Long Beach Concert Canceled

The 100 Monkeys concert scheduled for Sunday night at 8pm in Long Beach, CA has been canceled. Jackson had to cancel because he is going to be working on an episode of Criminal Minds. From the Contra Costa Times:

"Twilight" star Jackson Rathbone, who was set to appear with his rock band side project 100 Monkeys at 8 p.m. Sunday at diPiazza's Restaurant & Lounge, cancelled the show Friday morning to fly out of state to work on an episode of "Criminal Minds."

The 100 Monkeys show in Long Beach was to have been Rathbone's only all-ages concerts in the Long Beach-L.A. area, and diPiazza's was inundated with calls Thursday after the announcement of the concert was publicized on the band's MySpace page and fan sites.

Rathbone, who plays Jasper Hale in "Twilight," is especially popular among the teenage girl set. According to a spokesperson for the actor, Rathbone and his improv band will play an all-ages show at diPiazza's in early or mid-March.

Awwww...sorry if you were planning on going!



"In Reality, Rob Is Nothing Like Edward Cullen"

MTV Intern & Twilight superfan Laura Culpepper has written a flattering article on Rob:

"It comes as no surprise that Robert Pattinson is one of this year's Male Pop MVPs. In a matter of months, the "Twilight" star skyrocketed from anonymity to become one of the most adored (and screamed at) actors who has probably ever lived."

"Even though it doesn't sound like we'll be seeing much but Edward Cullen for a while, I believe he is going to have great success as an actor once "Twilight" is over. In reality, Rob is nothing like Edward Cullen. Anyone who has met him or seen him in an interview knows that he is really just a big ball of goofiness and sarcasm. He's nice to everyone and still doesn't understand why people like him so much. That's exactly why I think he is so talented. To be able to change yourself into a completely different mind-set takes a very special person, and Rob is definitely one of those people."

Read the full article here. This is a clip from one of her interviews with Rob LOL!


NECCO is "Sweet On Twilight"

According to the Boston Globe the NECCO is going to make some Twilight inspired candy hearts:

"NECCO will release softer, sparkling versions of the pastel sugar hearts in March, when the film is released on DVD. The printed messages will include "Bite Me," "Secret" and "Soul Mate," and flavors such as "orange obsession" and "tempting apple." More Sweethearts will hit stores for the November release of the "New Moon" sequel."

No doubt these will be a hit.



Robert Pattinson Smiles

I know this isn't news but I just can't help myself...I guess I should make it Robert Pattinson Day on CBA or something...

Source: Robert_pattinson_AU : "This is a video I made to cheer me up when I'm down. When Rob smiles..I can't help smiling too"


Robert Pattinson Photoshoot Video

I can't even tell you how many times I've watched this already this morning! Takes my breath away every time.



Peter's Wife Jennie Garth Talks More Babies

** A little side note I love Peter but it is next to impossible to find a story where he is doing the interview. So here is just a small glimpse into his life through the eyes of his wife. Enjoy!!

Between two busy careers and three busy children, chaos reigns supreme for actors Jennie Garth and Peter Facinelli. Describing their home as "a zoo" and "a complete cuckoo house," Jennie says she'd nonetheless love to add a fourth child to the mix. "The sooner the better, because I'm not getting any younger," the 36-year-old 90210 star tells OK!, adding,

"Talk to my husband and my mom. They'll tell you hell no, but I say yes - more babies!"


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Twilight Box Office Breaks 300 Million Mark!

From Box Office Mojo:


Domestic: $182,172,744 60.3%
+ Foreign: $120,169,353 39.7%
= Worldwide: $302,342,097


Rob Is A 2009 MVP At MTV

Robert Pattinson
After making millions of girls want to have a vampire love affair in "Twilight," English heartthrob Robert Pattinson will reprise his role as Edward Cullen in this year's "New Moon." But he also hopes to wow audiences as the young surrealist painter Salvador Dali in the film "Little Ashes," which chronicles the early life of the brilliant artist and explores his romantic relationship with poet Federico Garcia Lorca, played by Javier Beltran.

Go here to see who else made the list & watch the video.


Is There A Lawsuit Coming?

According to Cosmetic the Nina Ricci brand (Puig-Prestige Division) says it is taking legal action against the makers of the Twilight fragrance, which has been released in a red perfume bottle identical to the Nina by Nina Ricci. The TW bottle is on the left & Nina bottle is on the right.

Details are sketchy right now. Whether or not this comes to fruition we will let you know. This could all just be an attempt at an out-of-court settlement or it could just be a rumor but I thought I'd go ahead & mention it.

Source & Source


It's Jacksonpalooza At MTV

MTV has been a veritable Jacksonpalooza this week with all the videos & stories they've ran! Here's one more.

"Twilight" star Jackson Rathbone is a busy guy these days, between getting ready to film "New Moon" in March and a side gig as lead singer/ keyboardist/ guitarist/ bass player/ everything else for his band 100 Monkeys.

Nevertheless, the fast-rising actor/musician is still finding time to catch some air.

"I'm focusing mostly on music and another movie I have coming up," the 24-year-old actor told us about the high-profile gig he recently landed after one of Hollywood's most iconic directors recruited him. "We're going to be working on 'The Last Airbender' with M. Night Shyamalan, so that's very exciting."

Read the full story on Jackson here. Thanks MTV & Larry Carroll for these great reports!


Kellan Lutz In Warrior

Just Jared Jr. has some pics from the set of Warrior, Kellan's new movie:

"The 23-year-old actor teams up with Twilight co-star Ashley Greene in the new flick, playing her love interest rather than her brother. Kellan stars as Conor Sullivan, a star lacrosse player who loses his father and drives his mother (Gabriella Anwar) up the wall. Conor is sent to a lacrosse camp and falls for the coach's daughter, Brooklyn (Greene). Warrior hits theaters later this year. "

To see even more pics visit Just Jared Jr.
This looks like a must see movie to me!

Rob Wins The Z100 Hottie Of The Year Contest

Rob won for 2008 Hottie Of The Year! Winning over the likes of Zach Efron, Joe Jonas, & Chace Crawford. Go here to see the results.

***Don't forget to keep voting for Rob in the Hello Magazine's Most Attractive Man contest.


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Perfect Valentines Day Gift

If you've been searching for the life size Edward cardboard cutout the Hollywood Mega Store has them in stock right now. They're $32.99 & can take up to 12 business days to ship. Order today & have it in time for Valentines Day!! Go here to order. They also have Bella, James, Laurent, & Victoria.

Thanks to Twilighters Anonymous for the info.

Teen Photo Shoot

THR Q&A With Summits President & CEO

The Hollywood Reporter interviewed Rob Friedman, Summit Entertainments CEO, & Patrick Wachsberger, Summit President. They talk about how Twilight has changed the company, what happened with Catherine, New Moon, as wall as other business related topics.

THR: Despite the success, you're going in a bit of a different creative direction with Chris Weitz directing "New Moon," the sequel.

Patrick Wachsberger: If you look at "Harry Potter" -- or other movies sort of like "Harry Potter," I shouldn't compare -- but they change director every movie. The second book is slightly different. (There are) new characters and more visual effects. Catherine (Hardwicke) did a fantastic job (on "Twilight"), and there is a naturalistic feel to the movie that she created and we're going to keep. The first movie was very good, and we hope the second movie (will) be even better.

THR: What happened with Catherine?

Friedman: Basically, we had a different vision of what the movie should be, and we decided that the best course of action was to part (ways as) friends. She has done a fantastic job with "Twilight" and continues to promote it. She's still working with us on the movie -- the DVD, she's doing her director's cut. We just agreed that we had a different vision.

THR: Will "New Moon" stay in the same $38 million budget range?

Friedman: No. The next one will be higher than that. We believe that the film will naturally be more expensive. Sequels become more expensive, and we have more special effects.

Wachsberger: And locations. In the second movie there is a sequence in Italy.

THR: There is talk that because Edward is out of the picture for much of "New Moon," there will be elements of the second and third books combined into the second movie.

Wachsberger: No, but Edward is present for the movie

Go here to read the entire Q&A.


2009 Film Fantasy TW Tribute Collector's Edition

This is a cover scan sent to me by the wonderful CBA member Joey!
The 2009 Life Story Film Fantasy TW Tribute is 100 beautiful pages filled with tons of pictures & in-depth interviews & posters. It's available now.


Vanessa Hudgens Isn't Doing 'New Moon'

There were the rumors, and then there was a supposed confirmation, that Vanessa Hudgens had attended auditions for one of the new roles in the Twilight sequel, New Moon. There were discussions, from fans who would want to see the High School Musical actress anywhere, to fans who think she's out to ruin the entire thing, to skeptics who wonder why they'd possibly consider someone like her in the first place. But we haven't heard from one side of the story, after all this: Hudgens' side. And, apparently, it's a no.

Representatives from both Vanessa Hudgens' site, as well as those from Summit Entertainment, have told Entertainment Weekly that they are not considering the actress for a role in New Moon.



Rob Won't Date a Twilight Fan?

This is just a fun filler piece a.k.a. it is a slow news morning. The article is from a UK celebrity site so the quotes have been said by Rob but may have been used out of content. I want to put a big shout out to our Ace Reporter Kim for finding the video of Rob and I found a quote that Rob said about liking older women. I have to say that we were unable to find anything that would support Rob dating a twelve year old so I am pretty sure he is not down with that. Sorry tweens! I am still looking for the article where Rob confesses he would like to date a mom, so I am still out too (besides I think my husband would freak if I introduced him to my date for the night Rob Pattinson **ehh**) The good news is that Rob is looking for someone around his age to complement is portrayal of Edward and it just might score you a date. Enjoy.

He told Star Inc: "It's weird because the girls who recognise me are 12 or 35 years old.

"I think Twilight fans are pretty much preteens and their mothers. I haven't met a girl of my age yet who has told me she loved my part as Edward. It helps to keep my feet on the ground."



Are you sure about that??? Watch this:


Robert Pattinson isn't afraid to fancy women who are older than him.
When he was asked about this during an interview for Samedi Magazine he replied: "Yes, I remember. There was Elizabeth Shue, Patricia Arquette, who must be 50 today, and Dana Delany from Desperate Housewives.

"So what? Age doesn't matter to me and like I said I don't really have a type."


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Robert Pattinson Bravo Interview

I love Rob's comments about privacy.

Thanks dazzledbyedward1979 (youtube user)!


More Of Jackson From MTV

100 Monkeys preforms "Ugly Girl":

"Imagine being a star in one of Hollywood's biggest blockbuster franchises. Now, imagine being a rocker who can play multiple instruments with ease and has a standing weekly gig at a Hollywood hotspot. Finally, picture the thrill of standing onstage while your devoted (and almost entirely female) fanbase shrieks at your every move."

Read more here. Thank you Larry Carroll!

Jackson Rathbone's Concert Video Diary

This is pretty sweet! MTV Movie Blog gave Jackson a video camera to capture his experience at a 100 Monkeys concert.

**Also, Jackson along with his band 100 Monkeys was named one of MTV's 2009 Pop Rookies



Kellan Lutz - Hottie Of The Week

Kellan Lutz was the Green Girls Hottie of the Week last week:

"Kellan Lutz hits the top of our Hottie chart this week for being a supporter of the JAYO Invitational & Before the Twilight boom, we found Kellan at the 6th Annual JAYO Invitational warming up for an all star volleyball game to benefit Autism."



***Just A Reminder

Kellan will be in tonight's episode of 90210 titled, "Love Me Or Leave Me". It airs on the CW network, check your local listings for the time in your area. If you're in AZ it airs at 7pm.


Hair Hair Hair

** I never knew that there could be so many stories about peoples hair. Not since Keri Russell cut her long curly locks has everyone been in such an up roar. WOW. But I could not help to post what another Twilight cast member is saying about Rob's hair. Enjoy.

Pattinson is "totally adorable," but she's not thrilled he cut off his signature long locks.

"I heard he got in trouble for cutting his hair," Greene, who will return in much-anticipated Twilight follow-up New Moon as vampire beauty Alice Cullen, told us last night at the InStyle/WB Golden Globes after party. "But what can I say? I like guys with longer hair."
She promises not to raz the British hottie too much about the new 'do



Monday, January 12, 2009

Hello Magazine's Most Attractive Man Contest

Sorry for being so late in posting this.

Hello Magazine has a contest going on & Rob is up for the Most Attractive Man of 2008. The contest goes until Jan 20th & you can vote every 10 minutes.

Rob is neck & neck with David Tenant (Dr. Who). Let's help Rob win!! Vote here.

Thanks Jessica for the link.


Another Rewrite For New Moon

Yes, this MTV article is mostly about Vanessa Hudgens auditioning for the role of Leah Clearwater in New Moon but it also mentions the NM script. According to Ashley Greene the NM script is going through another rewrite.

"Besides casting, Greene also had some news on the status of "New Moon."

"I hear they're doing another rewrite," the actress revealed of the in-flux script. "I'm with you guys — I'm so excited to read it.""

Read the full article here.


Jackson Rathbone Vamp Radio Interview

Jackson was live on Vamp Radio yesterday. Here's the interview. Thanks Vamp Radio!

If the player doesn't work click here for the link.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Access Hollywood: Taylor Lautner

Watch this sitting down. Taylor brings out the big guns & the six pack!


Little Ashes In LA Times 2009 Movie Sneak Peaks

"The young life and loves of artist Salvador Dalí, filmmaker Luis Buñuel and writer Federico Garcia Lorca in 1922 Spain. With Robert Pattinson. Written by Philippa Goslett. Directed by Paul Morrison. Regent Releasing, March 27. "

Clich here to see the rest of the sneak peaks.


Robert a Geek?? NO!!

Robert told Tiger Beat magazine, "I was a geek."

RPattz admitted that the amount of love and adoration for him and his character, Edward, was a bit overwhelming for him. He recalled one of the first Twilight conventions he attended. "I was terrified. There were like 6,000 people!"

Robert Pattinson said that some of his own fears helped him to brilliantly play the role of Edward. When he was asked what he had most in common with him, he replied, "I suppose not being good enough for the people you have relationships with. I identify with that."