Saturday, January 24, 2009

2009 Year Of The Werewolf?

There's a very interesting article in USA Today which mentions Twilight and New Moon. Director Chris Weitz made a great comment about Taylor being able to " kill me with his left pinky. But he is too nice to do that. There is something compelling and sexy about him. He captures the spirit of Jacob."

As many of you know, several movies this year will be centered around werewolves. Just yesterday "Underworld: Rise of the Lycans" opened, containing both werewolves and vampires. If you are a fan of the first two Underworld movies, this is a must see.

One thing I must mention about the article that irks me however, is that the writer said that Edward ran away to Italy to keep Bella out of danger... Did the author read the same "New Moon" we did?

All in all it's a good read, even though I still would rather be a vampire than a werewolf. LOL


Could This Be Patty?

There has been a reported Patty sighting....this photo surfaced during the week with a report that it was Robert Pattinson's dog Patty. We can't verify that this is actually Patty but it could be. Patty is Rob's beloved dog that he has mentioned several times in interviews including this 17 Magazine clip where he wishes Patty "Happy Valentine's Day":

And in this MyFox Philly interview he says Patty is "the only lady friend in his life" & she has a "Beyonce walk". Watch for it around the 3:51 mark.

Patty is one LUCKY lady!

Which America Auditioned For New Moon?

Yes, America auditioned for the role of Emily in New Moon but it wasn't America Ferrara (Ugly Betty), it was America Young (The Dead Undead, Point Of Contact):

The original Celebuzz report was inaccurate & Celubuzz has updated their report. Read it here.


More Hot Taylor Pics

Did I Just Call Taylor Hot? These are from Taylor's J-14 photoshoot:

View more here.


Does Dakota Fanning Want To Join The New Moon Cast?

This comes directly from Entertainment Tonight:

"Dakota tells ET that although contracts haven't been signed, she does hope to join the cast of 'New Moon.' She tells us she's a big fan of the movie 'Twilight' and would really like to play a vampire, namely the sadistic bloodsucker Jane."

Read more here.

What do you think her salary is going to be? Just sayin'.


Announcing The CBA News Blog Contest!!!

Our News Blog is having a little contest! Kellan Lutz's movie Deep Winter is released on DVD this Tuesday, the 27th. We wanted to do a contest in honor of Kellan & to say thanks to our Blog Followers. Here are the details:

- This contest is for our official News Blog Followers!!! If you want to win you must sign up to follow our News Blog. You don't need to have your own Blog to follow our Blog.

- How to enter:

First - Go to the News Blog. Click on the blue "Follow this Blog" to the right side of the page.

Second - You must do this to be entered - Leave a comment on any story that is posted on TUESDAY, January 27TH - THIS TUESDAY. Only comments for stories posted on Tuesday the 27th of January will be accepted. Your name will then be entered into a drawing for the Deep Winter DVD. Your name will be entered once for each story you comment on that is posted on Tuesday, Jan 27th - If you comment on 5 stories posted on Tuesday you will have 5 entries, if you comment 5 times on the same story you still only get one entry for that story.

The winner will be announced on Wednesday, January 28th.

Show your love & support for Kellan & his Deep Winter DVD by signing up as a CBA Blog Follower.

If you have questions email

Stephenie Meyer Day 2009

Yes it's early but it's time to start planning for Stephenie Meyer Day 2009. This is from the Forks Chamber of Commerce website:

"Here's early notice-Stephenie Meyer Day 2009 is happening September 12-13, 2009, in Forks, WA!! While this year's event is still in the organizational stages, based on the overwhelming response last year, we want everyone (including folks in, um, Arizona..... ) to have a chance to make plans to be here on Bella's Birthday to celebrate with us. Now is the time to make lodging reservations in Forks or LaPush for this weekend-the entire area was booked solid last year. Many fans arrived before the weekend and/or stayed a day or two afterward, to have more time to fully enjoy everything the area has to offer."

Go here to read more.


Taylor Lautner Will Not Be At Salute To Twilight Convention

Taylor had to cancel his appearance at the February con do to prep work for New Moon. This statement is from the Creation Entertainment website:

"Today we heard from Taylor Lautner's representative that he is unfortunately unable to appear at any conventions during this timeframe due to prep work on the new film. While we never like to have guest cancellations we wish Taylor luck on the film of course and look forward to welcoming him at future dates now under discussion. Those that purchased separate photo ops and autograph tickets for Taylor will have their credit cards refunded early next week. On the positive side we will be announcing TWO ADDITIONAL GREAT TWILIGHT MOVIE GUESTS VERY SOON to be added to the guest list. We regret the inconvenience of this announcement for Taylor's many fans."


Friday, January 23, 2009

Dakota Fanning Comments On Twilight

MTV just posted this interview clip of Dakota Fanning talking about the Twilight books & the movie. No this isn't new, it's from an older interview back in September but with all the talk going on about Dakota possibly playing Jane it's interesting. Hopefully she has read the books by now.



New Moon Casting Articles:

- MTV has an article about Dakota Fanning possibly playing Jane. Read it here.

- Celebuzz has a report about America Ferrera auditioning for the role of Emily. Read more here.

**Celebuzz has amended their article to say it was America Young (Dreamkiller, The Dead Undead), not America Ferrera. Whoops!

~K Poll: Who Should Play Alec In New Moon?

"Which rising star do you think can best embody the evil Alec?"

Your choices are,Tom Felton, Lucas Grabeel, Freddie Highmore, Gaspard Ulliel. Go here to read more & vote.


How To Be At Cinequest San Jose

Hi everyone,

If you are planning to attend the screenings of How To Be at the Cinequest Film Festival in San Jose, California then we can now announce times:

SAT, 2/28 - 7:15PM (California Theatre)
MON, 3/2 - 7:00PM (California Theatre)

Tickets go on sales on January 28. See the Cinequest website for details:

We don't yet know if any of the cast and crew will be attending, but we'll be sure to let you know if that changes.


*This update came to me from the How To Be FaceBook Page. If you plan on attending CBA would love to have have report from you!


Kellan Lutz Cancels Appearance At Chicago TW Convention

Kellan had to cancel his appearance at the Chicago TW Convention due to work related reasons. They have contracted Justin Chon instead.

For more info visit their site here.


Here's Your Chance To Be Bella!

Face in the has a Twilight pic that allows you to replace Bella's face with your own! Go here to get started.


Source: Thanks to Bella and for this info.

Who Should Play Alec?

Entertainment Weekly has an article on who should play Alec. They suggest Elijah Wood or High School Musical's Lucas Grabeel.

"With news that Dakota Fanning will meet with New Moon director Chris Weitz next week to formally discuss her being offered the role of vampire Jane in the Twilight sequel, it's time for us to help Weitz find his Alec, Jane's bloodsucker brother."

Check it out here. What do you think? Sound off in the comments section of the blog.


'Twilight' Parody: A Sneak Peek from "The Hillywood Show"

'Twilight' Parody: A Sneak Peek from "The Hillywood Show" from The Hillywood Show on Vimeo.

"Here is your exclusive sneak peek into "The Hillywood Show's" special on 'Twilight'. It is the most anticipated parody from "The Hillywood Show" this year and it has already been featured on ten different "Twilight" sites! Look for it soon Twilighters! Coming February of 2009!"

*I can't wait for this!


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Kellan Lutz: Deep Winter DVD Review


Kellan's movie Deep Winter comes out on DVD this Tuesday, the 27th. Here's a review I found at DVD Room Reviews:

"Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is delivering a DVD release on January 27th that is sure to excite extreme winter sports enthusiasts. Deep Winter, directed by Mikey Hilb, stars Eric Lively (TVs 24) and Kellen Lutz (Twilight, TVs 90210) as boyhood friends who reunite for a trip to Alaska to film a movie with a death-defying ride down a dangerous mountain that no one has ever skied down and lived.

Tyler Crowe is a ski maverick and a member of the US Downhill team before his coach kicks him off the team for his rebellious spirit. Tyler returns home in time to reconnect with best childhood friend, Mark Rider, a professional snowboarder, who is set to make the trip to Alaska for a daring mountain adventure and a chance to star in an action sports movie being made by an overzealous producer.

The trip turns out to be extremely treacherous for the friends, and that does not even account for what they find on the mountain slopes. Before leaving for the trip, Tyler gets together with Mark's sister, Elisa (Peyton List), which does not go over well. The tension of the winter weather and competition over the pending ski ride adds to the stress for the pair.

Deep Winter is an intense story made with the X-sports fan in mind. There are plenty of dangerous ski and snowboarding shots throughout. The story offers some romance, a test of friendship, tribulation, and courage. A nice story with more action than plot depth. The nice cast also includes Michael Madsen, Luke Goss and Robert Carradine. The film was shot on location in Utah, Colorado, and Alaska."



How To Be Behind The Scenes

I know we're all excited to see Rob's movie "How To Be" when it's released. Here's a short behind the scenes clip from it.


New Hot Topic Edward Tees

See them here.


Listen To Sam Bradley's Blog Talk Radio Interview

Sam is a very talented musician as well as being Robert Pattinson's good friend. He co wrote "Never Think" for the Twilight Soundtrack. This was a GREAT interview. He talks about his upcoming album, doing a song for New Moon & much more. Yes, Rob is mentioned in the interview. The highlight for me was when Sam sang The Jungle Book song. Check out Sam's Myspace here.

Vamp Radio is AWESOME. Be sure & check out there website for upcoming shows.


Kristen Stewart's Thoughts About New Moon

Read more on MTV.

*Kristen was at the Sundance Film Festival to promote her new movie "Adventureland" but she was peppered with questions about New Moon.


For Those Of You That Need A Taylor Fix...

The paparazzi are now stalking Taylor Lautner. Do you think he will get Robert Pattinson size press coverage?



Robert Pattinson Interviews From Movie Maniacs

The Movie Maniacs playlist of all their Rob audio interviews...



Real Or Rumor: Dakota Fanning As Jane?

Here's the latest New Moon rumor.... According to Marc Malkin of E! Online Dakota Fanning is in talks to play Jane:

"I can exclusively report that the 14-year-old child star-she turns 15 on Feb. 23-is in talks to play Jane opposite Robert Pattinson & Co. in New Moon, the upcoming sequel to box office megahit Twilight.

"There were no auditions," a source reveals. "They just offered it to her outright, and now they're in negotiations. They've been going back and forth.'"

Go here to read more.

Personally, I'd love to see her in the part. What do you think? Leave a comment on the blog.


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Twilight Blu-Ray Exclusively At Target, Best Buy

Summit has confirmed that Twilight will be sold on blu-ray only at Target & Best Buy for a limited time after it's Mar 21st release.

"Target and Best Buy will be the sole Twilight Blu-ray sellers until May 5, when Summit will make the high-def version widely available to retail."


Summit is really shaking thing up with their marketing strategy.


What A Cutie!!!

Since we haven't seen many recent pictures of our favorite Cullen's one from his school days....

Source: Life and Style Magazine


VAMP Radio: Sam Bradley Interview Tonight

Vamp Radio will be interviewing Sam Bradley TONIGHT.

"Join Vamp Radio As they Welcome Sam Bradley on Wednesday January 21, 2009. As many of you may already know, Sam is a talented musician who has helped to create music for the hit movie Twilight. Please send any questions you may have for Sam to As always, we welcome fan participation and encourage listeners to call in and ask our guests questions."

Sam is also one of Rob's best friends.


ROB Wins Most Attractive Man Poll!

Rob won the Hello Magazine Most Attractive Man 2008 Poll! Over 395,000 votes were cast & Rob was neck & neck with David Tennant (Dr. Who) but came out on top by just 1%.

"More than once touted as the new Jude Law, fresh-faced British actor Robert has a rapidly growing fan club.

Clearly impressed with the 22-year-old newcomer's trajectory into the public eye following last year's sexy vampire flick Twilight, you voted him 2008's most delicious male star."

**He certainly is the most delicious!

Thanks Tasha for the heads up on this.


Rob's Hair Is Growing Back Nicely

It looks like Rob's hair will be Edward ready by the time New Moon starts filming!

TW DVD: Get Ready For Midnight Madness!

-From E! Online:

The best parties don't get started until way past Twilight.

Summit Entertainment announced Tuesday that the teen-vampire romance will be available for your home-swooning pleasure March 21 in a two-disc, extras-laden, special-edition DVD set.

But the makers of Twilight don't just want you walking into any old big-box store whenever. Those DVDs are gonna be ready at midnight sharp-on a Saturday. (DVDs usually drop on Tuesdays.)

Read more here.

This explains the Saturday release.....thank you Summit for doing the midnight release on a weekend! I'll be there at midnight how about you?

- MTV also has an article about the DVD release:

Mark your calendars Twilighters! On March 21st you will finally be able to own a copy of "Twilight" on DVD, and that means you'll be able to savor every single moment as many times as you like. That date falls on a Saturday, an extremely odd day for a DVD release (virtually all other films come out on Tuesdays.)
According to the studio, the Saturday date was selected "to encourage midnight release parties for fans across the nation."

Read more here.

- Hot Topic Stores will be having release parties. Here's what we've heard from the The Lexicon:

"Okay here is some news that I'm sure you guys will be extremely happy about! The Twilight DVD will be released soon. We’re all anxiously waiting for it : ) Hot Topic’s In Store Pre-Order date is February 9th…The Twilight DVD will have exclusive, awesome, HT only surprises if you buy the DVD at Hot Topic.

We will be having launch parties at our Hot Topic stores! There will be A LOT of awesome things and surprises happening at the parties…we will be having a cool contest for a pair of Bella and Edward dolls – I know crazy cool huh? : ) We will be giving away a small percentage of the dolls during the launch parties. After that, if anyone else wants the dolls they can get them from the Tonner Company."

More info to come.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

7 New VMan Outtakes!



Think You Are Friends with Rob Pattinson on Facebook?

** This is a great article for people that are new to networking sites like Facebook and My Space. Don't be fooled.

I've been seeing some pretty obvious poseurs on Facebook pretending to be celebrities. There's a particularly bad one claiming to be Robert Pattinson, hitting on the girls who add him. Do you know of any place the fans can go to check if a Facebook page is legit?

A Facebook page owned by a "Rob T Pattz" who hits on every chick who passes through, and that supposedly represents one of the most hotly desired actors on earth? And you thought it might be fake? Gee, what gave it away?

As you've already deduced, I can guarantee, 200 percent, that the page is fake. In fact, I can guarantee that every single Rob Pattinson profile is also a fake.

How? Well...

...because I called Pattinson's manager today, and the person who picked up the phone told me that the actor—who, to be fair, possesses many other impressive communication tools, including hair that can pick up radio waves from Neptune—is not on Facebook. At all.

But what about other sites? How to know whether this innocuous-looking profile for this here Project Runway contestant is legit? (It is.) Well, there's no one place you can go to confirm that, but there are telltale signs of fakedom.

For our source and ways to know a Facebook is fake go here.


Kristen Stewart Comments On New Moon

Kristen says she's looking forward to New Moon & playing Bella agian, working with Taylor & that it's been really good working with Chris Weitz.



MuteMath Performs "Spotlight" On Jay Leno

~K Quiz has a quiz up about Robert Pattinson & Ed Westwick:

Guess the Brit: Ed or Rob?

"They both play brooding, dangerous boys - and that's not all they have in common! See how well you know the Twilight and Gossip Girl stars!"

Go here to take the quiz.


Monday, January 19, 2009

Rob is Back at Open Mic Night in London

From Perez
As we mentioned earlier, Twilight hottie Robert Pattinson was finally spotted recently.
He had been laying low - real low.
Luckily, one of our Perezcious readers spotted him at a random pub in London.

Big thanks to Kate Adair for keeping her eyes open.

**It looks like his privacy is over in London too.

Robert Pattinson Found!!

From Perez
R-Patz thought he could escape the Twilight fervor by lopping off his luxurious locks and laying low in London.
But, one of our Perezcious readers (Isabella) found him (at a random pub)!
And thank goodness too!
We'd been hurting for our Rob fix!

**Kim has been missing her Robert fix for weeks now. So Kimmy this one is for you!!
**A special thanks to our MySpace friend Tess for sending this to us.

The Vanessa Hudgens Debate Is Definitely Over

***Now for an update...The Lexicon has spoken with New Moon screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg & she had this to say, "If Vanessa is auditioning for the role of Leah, she's written her own pages to read, 'cause I didn't write 'em."

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hot Topic Is On A Hot Streak Thanks To Twilighters

Hot Topic was one of only a few appearal retailers, to have a very sucussful 4th quarter thanks to Twilighters:

Hot Topic's success is a comeback story. After four years of reporting declines in same-store sales, the company enjoyed booming business at the end of 2008.

Hot Topic was one of a handful of retailers offering a wide variety of "Twilight" merchandise. Based on a best-selling book series, the teen vampire flick unseated the highly anticipated James Bond movie "Quantum of Silence" from its No. 1 perch at the American box office during its Nov. 21 opening weekend.

"Twilight" earned $70.6 million during that weekend and kicked Hot Topic out of a 4-year-old malaise. After more than 17 quarters of negative same-store sales, Hot Topic posted an increase in same-store sales of 8.3 percent in October compared with the same time in the previous year. The hot streak kept rolling on, with same-store sales increasing 6.5 percent in November and 4.3 percent in December.



Ok, This Is Odd....

The gas cap has been stolen from the truck that represents Bella's truck in Forks, Washington. Komo TV reports:

'Twilight' mystery: Bella's gas cap stolen in Forks

FORKS, Wash. - Somebody has pilfered the gas cap off the town's fictional heroine's pickup.

Forks Chamber of Commerce officials think it was an overly zealous fan who pinched the chrome gas cap off Bella's pickup a few weeks ago, said Mike Gurling, Forks Visitor Center office manager.

"We are guessing some fan wanted an extra special souvenir," he said.

Read more here.

Get a grip people!


Here's Your Chance To Be In Warrior With Kellan Lutz

Want to Be In A Movie ?
With Stars from the hit film "TWILIGHT"

Attention All Movie fans:
Want to Be In A Movie with stars from the hit film Twilight? Filming Wednesday Jan 21 and Thursday Jan 22, (Evening Shoot). You pick either date to be in the film.

You can be IN the Movie "WARRIOR" and be on set with all the stars during filming in Valencia, CA (near Magic Mountain at College of the Canyons). would like to invite you to a once in a lifetime Movie
opportunity! In the great tradition of sports movies like "Rudy" and "Remember the Titans" comes "Warrior". We will be filming live action Lacrosse scenes for the upcoming film in near Los Angeles

And can invite you to be a part of this film history. We will be filming WEDNESDAY JAN. 21 and THURSDAY JAN 22 at College of the Canyons.

This is an Evening Shoot (5:30 PM - 11:30 PM).

You can come either one of those days. You don't need to commit to both days.

We want your Love. We want your Energy. We want your Fun for these on camera scenes.

This stars Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz from "Twilight" and Cary
Elwes from "The Princess Bride" and "Robin Hood Men in Tights."

This film is going to be a once in a lifetime experience for movie fans ages 18+.

Filming is NEXT WEEK, Wednesday 1/21 and Thursday 1/22 so sign up FAST! Pick one day to attend or both, it's YOUR choice how much fun to have!


And if you're part of any groups, clubs, or organizations:
If you bring at least 20 people we can arrange to get your group fundraising $ for attending.

For more info visit the link above or go to and click on "WARRIOR"

We hope to see you all on set with us!!!
-Cash B. and Crew

Source: Here & Here


Kaleb Nation "Twilight Contest Of Awesome" Update

Kaleb explains the problems going on with his "Twilight Contest of Awesome"...

Poor Kaleb....Sorry for all the drama!