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The Edward And Bella Dolls Out Of The Box

Here is a nice, clear photo of the Twilight Bella and Edward dolls that was posted with this short article on the LA Times website. The dolls are 139.99 and can be ordered from TonnerDoll

Thanks to Brandi for sending me the link!


Twilight Voted Most Animal Friendly

Peta2 announced the winners of their 2008 Libby Awards on their website, and Twilight received the highest number of votes to win Most Animal-Friendly Movie. Do you think that the voters realize that the term "Vegetarian Vampires" means that they hunt animals rather than humans?

You can check out the list of winners here


So Just What Is 'How To Be'?

How To Be Trailer from How To Be on Vimeo.

This is the trailer for How To Be, "the debut feature film by writer-director Oliver Irving, starring Robert Pattinson (Twilight, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire), Rebecca Pigeon (State and Main, The Heist, Red Belt) and Jeremy Hardy (Perrier Award winner)."

Here is a basic plot outline from the How To Be facebook group:

A comedy about Arthur (Robert Pattinson), a twenty something who moves back in with his parents, hits a quarter-life crisis and enlists the help of a self-help guru. A timely look at the increasingly common phenomena of grown-up children living at home, frustrated creativity and self-help.

This synopsis is from

Vocationless and without direction, twenty-something Art tries to make his way in the real world and develop his career as a misunderstood singer/songwriter. Unfortunately, he gets dumped by his girlfriend, moves back in with his parents and subsequently hits a quarter-life crisis. Art uses inheritance money to indulge in retail and new age therapies only to end up enlisting the help of an eccentric self-help guru, Dr. Ellington.

Read more about How To Be and sign up for the mailing list at

You can see How To Be at the Cinequest Film Festival February 28th or March 2nd in San Jose CA. Tickets are on sale now. Go here to order.

*Music is "Hammond Song" by The Roches.

~Kim C

Want To Win Front Row Tickets To The Special Guest Panel At Twicon?!

Twicon 2009 has announced a new contest! What is the prize, you ask?

2 (two) front row seats to TwiCon 2009's Saturday Afternoon Programming, most namely the special guest panel. Front row seating will also allow the winner to be one of the first in line for the Saturday afternoon autograph session.

How awesome would that be?!!

For full contest details and rules, click here

-JH The Twilight Music Jewelry Box

The Twilight Music Jewelry Box will be released March 26th & is available for pre-order now at It sells for $19.99.

From the Manufacturer:

Twilight thin musical jewelry box with removable locket. With flip up lid and high quality from NECA

*for whatever reason the product description on the Amazon page is incorrect.

Thanks to Mel for the link.

~Kim C

Have A Good Weekend Everyone!

~Kim C

Megan says "Be Excited for the Twilight Trivia Contest" Drawing

We here at CBA are excited for our Twilight Trivia Contest to start on the 1st!! Our Myspace Admin, Megan, is also a LITTLE impatient, and extremely excited for the contest!! This is her baby so we hope we get a good response from all of you! So we have decided what better way to start off a contest, then a free drawing!! Who doesn't love some free Twilight gear!? You will only have 2 days to enter (the 30th and 31st).

Here's all you have to do:

Email your full name and how excited YOU are to (One entry per person please)

That's it!! We will then do a random drawing and decide the winner on the 1st to kick off the contest!!

Here's what you could win:

Friday, January 30, 2009

LXTV 1st Look Interview With Kellan Lutz And Ashley Greene This Weekend is reporting a television interview with Kellan and Ashley on LXTV 1st Look this weekend, 1/31. This show will air on the NBC network at different times depending on the city.

Kellan and Ashley will be discussing their movie, Warrior, and another series of movies you may heard of about vegetarian vampires.

If the show is not airing near you, you can catch the interview online beginning 1/31 as well.

Check out the full article which includes cities and times here


New Moon Details: Speaking Of Italy And The Yellow Porsche That Alice Stole There.....

Ashley Greene gave Twilight fans another reason to smile when she let Access Hollywood know a few details about what is included in the script for New Moon:

It sounds like the second installment in the series will remain faithful to Stephenie Meyer's book. "I can tell you there's a yellow Porsche," Greene revealed.

Ashley is only able to give us a few tidbits in the full article, but it's something to look forward to in November!

I know I'm really excited that Alice's beloved yellow Porsche made it from the page to the big screen (or at least the script and hopefully not left on the cutting-room floor)! What scenes or details from the book do you hope are put in the movie?



Girlfriend Magazine Cover

Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart are on the cover of the March issue of Australia's Girlfriend Magazine. The issue is out now so if you're in AU look for a copy.

~Kim C

Welcome To Our New Affiliate

~Kim C

S. DARKO News has some news about S. DARKO, Jackson Rathbone's new movie:

"Fox Home Entertainment and MGM Home Entertainment have announced that guests from S. DARKO, the sequel to the genre-blending cult favorite DONNIE DARKO, will be attending the New York City Comic-Con, being held Friday-Sunday, February 6-8, at the Jacob Javits Center (11th Avenue between 34th and 39th Streets). With that news comes word of a DVD street date for the movie."

The DVD date for S. DARKO is April 28th.

Read more from Fangora here. Visit the S. DARKO official website here.

~Kim C

WSJ: Fictional Men Worth Loving

The Wall Street Journal has an article about "Fictional Men Worth Loving." The author, Cynthia Crossen, discusses "why so many women's faces get all dreamy when they talk about the vampire hero, Edward Cullen."

She also lists other fictional characters she has loved like Mr. Darcy form Pride & Prejudice and Rhett Butler from Gone With The Wind.

"If you want to test your fidelity to Edward..." she gives a site that recommends vampire fiction.

~Kim C

Kellan Lutz's Twilight Team Interview Part Two & Three

Part Two:

Part Three:

Thanks to the Brazilian site This interview is awesome! Kellan's personality really shines.

In case you missed Part One here it is:

~Kim C

Photos Of Kellan Lutz At The Push Premiere

Source & Source

~Kim C

Ashley Greene & Kellan Lutz: New Moon Script Is Amazing

Ashley & Kellan were interviewed by Steve "Frosty" Weintraub from at the Push premiere last night. It's a great interview! They both confirm they have seen the New Moon script & that it's "amazing". They also talk about shooting locations.

To see the interviews with Rachelle Leferve & Edi Gathegi, along with an article that goes with the interviews, click here.


Stars Talk New Moon At The Push Premiere

ET talks with Dakota Fanning, Ashley Greene, & Kellan Lutz about New Moon at the premiere of Push. Kellan & Ashley are definitely pro-Fanning.


Thursday, January 29, 2009

New Pics Posted Of Jackson Rathbone's Band: 100Monkeys

Jackson's band, 100monkeys, posted some great new pics on their myspace page. They often post pics of their performances and updates in their blog. If you haven't had a chance to hear any of their songs, head on over and add them as a friend!


"Twilight" Soundtrack Still Going Strong...So, What's In Store For 'New Moon"?

Chart Watch at Y! Music reports that the Twilight soundtrack went from #6 to #5 this week:

This is the album's 12th straight week in the top 10. That's the longest run in the top 10 for a theatrical movie soundtrack since 8 Mile had 14 weeks in the top 10 in 2002.

Never underestimate the power of Twilighters who love music!! You can read the entire article and see who else made the list here.

Fans are also beginning to wonder about the tracks that will be included on the soundtrack for New Moon . EOnline! answers one fan's question by stating that Chris Weitz is reportedly thinking of taking a more "experimental" approach to the music selection.

Check out the whole article and then let us know what songs you think should make the cut!


Peter Facinelli To Attend Eternal Twilight

Peter Facinelli has been added as a guest at the UK's Eternal Twilight Convention.

TwiFan Contest

Our affiliate has a contest going on: would like to announce a contest for the Twilight fan in all of us! The prize----A Twilight Movie Soundtrack autographed by Stephenie Meyer, the guru of the Twilight book saga.

For details click here.

Jackson Rathbone's New Photo Shoot

These are just a few! Our affiliate site,, has the rest if you just click here.


The Obsessed Twilight Fan's Guide: Recruiting New Twilighters

Written By: Crystal
Cullen Boys Anonymous
**Author Note: Just a reminder that this is for fun. The examples given are over exaggeration of my personal encounters with people that I have tried to convert to the fabulous world of Twilight. Nothing written is this blog is meant to be disrespectful to Twilighters, Stephenie Meyer or if you happen to be or know someone that falls under one of these categories. I mean HELLO I am a Twilight Addict!!

As a Twilight fan and an obsessed Twilight fan at that, I feel it is my responsibility to share with the world the blessing that is the Twilight Saga. Short of buying the books in bulk and going door to door to sing my praises of Twilight, I have tried everything. Talking to strangers, buying the books for people and finally making up my own religion (which still remains nameless but for some reason has Twilight Voodoo gods that have on occasion answered my Twilight prayers. *strange*

The Obsessed Twilight Fan's Guide: Recruiting New Twilighters is broken down into personality traits. Just find a stereo type for your potential recruit and work your magic. I have added Power Phrases to help you be encouraging to the new Twilighter.

Teen Boys
This is really the easiest type of recruit. Girls, girls, girls, yourapproach with a teen boy should speak to his hormones. You will not even have to get into the details of the books. Just advise him to walkEVERYWHERE with the books in plain sight, he will not even need toapproach the girls because they will come to him. Remind him that he will need to actually read the books in order to have a conversation with the said girls.
Power Phrase: These books are chick magnets...your nights of World of Warcraft are over buddy.

The Non-Reader
Non-Readers can be difficult but it is not impossible. These people usually have hobbies outside of reading, and what do you need in order to have a hobby? That's right you need money. So offer the Non-Reader $20 to read Twilight. They will do it $20 goes a long way in the galaxy of yarn, pipe cleaners and hot glue guns. Once they have read Twilight they will be addicted just like the rest of us and there is a 95% chance that they will even give you back your money with interest as a thank you for getting them out of the local Michaels on Friday nights.
Power Phrase: I will give you $20 to read Twilight. Think about how many glue sticks you could buy with that money.

Emo Girls
Emo girl is going to take a lot of restraint on your part. You can not let her know how excited you are about the books. Any show of happiness will instantly turn her off. You will need to focus on Edward’s inter turmoil or Bella in her dark place when Edward leaves. Please leave out any part of the book that holds any joyfulness and cheer.
Power Phrase: This book was so emotional it was like deep.

These people can not get away from you, they are forced to share yourspace. Just keep talking about Twilight until you break them down. Theaverage co-worker will give-in in two weeks or so. Then they will become great allies in the mission of converting new Twilighters. Remember people follow the leader so be the leader in your office when it comes to the saga.
Power Phrase: Have you read Twilight yet? Hey, have I told you aboutTwilight? Okay so there is this part in Twilight... You get the point.

If you are shy you are going to need to get over it real quick. Strangers are a great target. I personally like to take the stalker approach with them. Just pick your favorite book store, I like Borders, they have a huge selection of Twilight gear for me to browse while I am waiting for my prey. When someone stops to look at the Twilight display ask them if they have read the books. Remember not to be creepy or too fanatical. If they say no then proceed to tell them that you just started the series and you really like it and would recommend it. They will bite. I mean they are at a book store looking for a new book to read, after all.
Power Phrase: Yeah I heard these books were really good. I myself juststarted reading them. Reminder: DON’T BE CREEPY.

It is hard to believe but there are many people out there that will not read Twilight because they think it is scary. You will need to use a little brain washing technique on them. Remind them over and over that the books are not really about vampires but it is a love story about vegetarians and large puppy dogs. Talk about Esme a lot she is not scary at all.
Power Phrase: Don't be silly this book is not really about vampires. It is a modern day love story. (Smile big and look innocent)

Macho Man
Macho man will be your biggest challenge. If you are new to the Twilight fandom I do not recommend taking him on alone. You will need to have your Twilight game at 110%. Think manly man and don’t give too much information. Keep it simple only talk about fight scenes and for Breaking Dawn you can mention that Bella wears sexy lingerie. You will have to coax them to continue reading, because even though it my seem that he is running on only one brain cell the are really intuitive when it comes to “chick” stuff, a.k.a. they don’t want to be caught doing it. They fear you are breaking down the manly fa├žade they have worked so hard at the gym to build. Handle their ego with care.
Power Phrase: This book has a killer fight scene. You are almost there, just keep reading. Yeah yeah it is right after that. By the way I have not noticed until now but you bicep looks huge when you hold that book.

Your Arsenal
  • Always have loner books on hand. As a true addict you should have the saga in hardback, you are not required to use your good books as loners. All paperback versions of Twilight should be in rotation with friends and family reading them. They must return the book to you immediately after finishing it or pass it on to another recruit.
  • Be ready to defend the books. People will attack you for loving sparkly vampires. Remember you attract more bees with honey than vinegar. Kill them with kindness.
  • Remember to feed your addiction. How can you be effective in recruiting if you are losing your obsession? So find a group of friends that feel the same as you. If you are lacking in the Twilight loving friend area of your life join a forum on a Twilight fan site, and might I suggest (shameless plug.)
Good luck obsessed Twilighter! Go forth and may the Twilight Voodoo gods be with you as you spread the news about Twilight to all corners of the world.
Did I leave some one out?? Add your own advice for recruiting a new Twilighter in our comments.

Hot Topic TW DVD Pre-Orders

From Hot Topic:

Experience Twilight Again and Take Home a Piece of the Movie!
Twilighters, you may have heard the rumors. Twilight is coming to DVD on 3/21/09, and with a few simple steps you can pre-order your copy today! But there's more. Hot Topic is offering an exclusive and highly collectible Edward Cullen film cell with every copy of the 2-disc special edition Twilight DVD, all for $24.99. This is a real film cell created directly from the movie. There are 250 different images available, each individually numbered and suitable for framing. Receive one of these exclusive Edward movie cells in each DVD, only at Hot Topic! So what are you waiting for? Pre-order your copy now!

Thanks to Mel for the link.

Special Addition DVD Available For Pre-Order At

Doing my usual search for all things Twilight, I came across a special addition version of the Twilight DVD that will only be available at It's special features include:

• Exclusive Twilight Cast Interviews with Kristen Stewart(Bella) and Robert Pattinson (Edward)

• Exclusive Twilight Cast Interviews with Cam Gigandet (James)

• Exclusive Twilight Cast Interviews with Edi Gathegi (Laurent) and Rachelle Lefevre (Victoria)

• Exclusive Red-Carpet Interviews from the Twilight Movie Premiere

• Exclusive Never-Before-Seen Red-Carpet Footage! Includes extra interview footage with Kellan Lutz (Emmett), Ashley Greene (Alice), rock band Paramore, and Nikki Reed (Rosalie)

• Exclusive Borders Book Club: Stephenie Meyer talks about the Twilight Saga

Now like many of you, I already pre-ordered my copy of the DVD on, but this is much prettier!!!!!

Click here for the link to see this amazing item and to pre-order it.


Twilight Ultimate Collector's Set has an Exclusive Ultimate Twilight Collectors Set available for pre-order. It will be released May 5th.

It is $69.99 & includes: The special edition Twilight Blu-Ray, The TW Motion Picture Sound Track, 6 collectible photo cards, Twilight bookmark, exclusive watch, limited edition charm bracelet & certificate of authenticity.

Go here to pre-order.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Kelly Clarkson Can't Wait For The Movie "New Moon"

In a post on her official blog, Kelly Clarkson talks about the Twilight saga:

"...finished the Twilight books (so did my mom and sister) and we cannot wait for the next movie 'New Moon'. Do not judge us, we cannot help ourselves."

To read the entire entry, click here.


Robert Pattinson Channels Salvador Dali

Rob & his new movie Little Ashes, which will be released March 27th, made's Movie News:

"In his next movie, Little Ashes, set in 1922 and described by Variety as an "arty Bohemian romp," the London-born actor, 22, plays Spanish surrealist painter (1904-1989) Salvador Dali as a young man - in love with the poet Federico Garcia Lorca, played by Javier Beltran.

The two meet at university, with Lorca attracted to what the movie's production notes call Dali's "bizarre blend of shyness and rampant exhibitionism." Hey, beats a bite in the neck."

Read the original story here. Do you plan on seeing Little Ashes? Let us know in the Blog comments.

And The Winner Is.......


Congratulations! Please email your address to As soon as I receive your address your Kellan Lutz Deep Winter DVD will be shipped.

Thank you again to everyone who entered! I wish I could send a DVD to everyone. If you didn't win this contest don't worry. CBA will be having many more contests including our TW Trivia contest starting February 1st.

Edward & Bella Dolls Availabe At NY Comic Con

The Tonner Doll Company has just announced that they will have a limited number of Edward & Bella Collectible Dolls available at the New York Comic Con:

"A limited quantity TONNER TWILIGHT CHARACTER FIGURES have been rushed in just in time for New York Comic Con (Feb. 6-8).

Only 100 pieces of each figure (Edward Cullen and Bella Swan) will be available for purchase in TONNER booth number 1127 for $139.99 each."

More info is available here.

If you are in the NY area & plan to go to the NY Comic Con let us know.

Deep Winter Contest Winner To Be Announced Soon

Stay tuned we will announce the winner later on today! Thank you to everyone who became a News Blog Follower & commented on our news reports yesterday! We really appreciated the comments. You guys are awesome!

How To Be Tickets On Sale Today

The Cinequest Film Festival in San Jose CA has How To Be tickets on sale right now. If you are interested order quick, who knows how long they'll last. Go here to order.

Vintage Robert Pattinson Video

Here is another great Rob video from Cilla at Robert Pattinson AU who made the Robert Pattinson's Photoshoot & Robert Pattinson's Smiles Videos. She does an amazing job putting all these photos of Rob together.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Peter Facinelli Speaks Out On Dakota Fanning

PopEater reports that Peter Facinelli, our favorite Dr. Carlisle Cullen, is excited to hear about Dakota Fanning playing Jane in New Moon.

"She is a phenomenal actress... [The role of Jane] would be great for her," Peter said to PopEater. He also mentions that he has not read the final script for New Moon, but he is very excited about filming the part where he stitches up Bella's arm after Jasper's attack.

To read the full article, click here


Twilight Spoof, Dusk, Wins Award

At The 2009 LDS Movie Awards this Twilight spoof, called Dusk, won an Honorable Mention Award, as well as an Audience Choice Award. What do you think? Do you have a favorite Twilight spoof?


10 Signs You're Too Obsessed With Twilight

The Times of the Internet has posted a 'Top 10 Signs You're Too Obsessed With Twilight' list. It's hilarious but so true!

Go here to read it.

I'm definitely guilty of numbers seven, four & one. You have know idea how many Google Alerts I have going.

New Moon DVD Alert

This Might Seem Early But.....On you can sign up for an email alert when a New Moon, yes you heard it correctly, a New Moon DVD date is announced.

Today Is the Day!

Kellan Lutz's movie Deep Winter is released on DVD today & our CBA News Blog 'Deep Winter' giveaway is today.

You must be signed up as a CBA News Blog "Blog Follower" & comment on any story that is POSTED TODAY - TUESDAY, JANUARY 27th to be eligible to win. Go here for more details.

Are you wondering what 'Deep Winter' is about? Watch the official Trailer:

Taylor Lautner Appearance Cancelled

Eternal Twilight announces Taylor's appearance is canceled due to schedule conflicts:

Unfortunately as we feared Taylor Lautner has had to postpone his attendance at Eternal Twilight due to scheduling conflicts.

I know that we were all really pleased that Taylor secured his place as Jacob in New Moon, but that has led to him having to alter his schedule meaning that he is not now able to make Eternal Twilight.

However, we know that he was really looking forward to meeting you all and he appreciates your support so much. We will be working closely with Taylor and his agent to bring him to a future event so that he can thank you all in person.


Thanks Elaine for the info.

Daniel Radcliffe: Rob Smolders

Daniel Radcliffe was interviewed by The Daily Beast recently & has some flattering words for Rob:

Have you contacted your co-star in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix-Robert Pattinson-to give him any advice about his own sudden fame because of the Twilight films? He was once quoted as saying that if given a choice between himself and you, that girls would choose you every time.

I don't have his number, so haven't spoken to him. But I can safely say that his insisting that girls would choose me over him that they would not. That they do not. He is the much prettier and can be much more charming. And he can do that thing of being sultry and sexy.

Daniel goes on to say, "...I don't know how to be sexy. Rob can just sort of stand there and look at something and start to smolder. And I just can't do that. I'm a natural fidget."

Read the full interview here.

MTV Staffer Opens The Edward & Bella Dolls

"To celebrate the arrival of the Edward Cullen doll to MTV News, I've decided to jot down the top 5 reasons we love this plastic version of the dreamy vampire.

1.) He looks so stylish wearing Edward's trademark grey wool coat, dark denim jeans, and t-shirt.

2.) He came with shoes and socks, because we all know vampires and dolls need socks. But would Edward really need socks since he's "cold" all the time doesn't really sweat? Point to ponder.

3.) He would never go on a date with Barbie.

4.) He'd totally kick Ken's ass in a fight.

5.) He resembles Robert Pattinson, and anything that resembles Robert Pattinson is going to be awesome."

Read the whole story here.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Kellan Lutz: Young Hollywood Interview

"We get to know Kellan Lutz of the hit movie, Twilight. He talks about his dream car, and hear some interesting stories about his dys growing up in the Midwest. He also tells us how he enjoys working with his friends on 90210, and learn about his first piece of fan mail."


New Addition For Twicon 09

Just added to the guest appearances at Twicon 09 in Dallas for the weekend of July 30th: Billy Burke aka. Charlie Swan! Check out the Twicon website for the growing list of cast members.


A New Kellan Interview Preview

This is a preview of a new Brazilian interview with Kellan. Watch for the whole interview on the Twilight Team website.

Source: twilightteam2

Kellan can speak Portuguese anytime!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Robert Pattinson Album

On March 1st the British publisher Plexus will release The Robert Pattinson Album. The Album will contain 75 full color photographs of Rob, ranging from candid shots to production stills to rarely seen glimpses.

According to Fangoria, "The text portion (written by Paul Stenning) will go into detail on his childhood, first theater and acting opportunities, early television roles and the making of TWILIGHT. Pattinson's thoughts on TWILIGHT's production, his music career and plans for the future while dealing with his newfound fame will also be heavily explored."

The book is available for pre-order at Amazon here.


Deep Winter DVD Give Away

Don't forget about the CBA News Blog Deep Winter Give Away!! Go here for more info.

Check This Out

This is a manip of Dakota Fanning as Jane.

Source: Jane by ~OIEA4 on deviantART (she made this manip clear back in November)

Chris Weitz & Producers Visit Kalama High School

New Moon director Chris Weitz was in Oregon recently to visit Kalama High School. From The Daily News Online:

Film crews could return to Kalama High School this spring to shoot footage for a sequel to the hit teen-vampire flick "Twilight."

Several producers and director Chris Weitz ­- who didn't direct the original 'Twilight' - visited the school last week, said Kalama Superintendent Jim Sutton. The sequel is called "New Moon," the title of the second of four novels in the popular series by author Stephenie Meyer.

"The whole point of the trip was to show Chris Weitz all the locations they used up here in the Northwest," Sutton said.

The visit was short, and moviemakers didn't commit to filming at the school again, Sutton said. It's possible they shot enough footage during the filming of "Twilight" last spring to supply the sequel, he noted.

Read more here.

Could they be planning to shoot there or were they just trying to get a feel for the location?

Twilight Spoofs

Here are a couple of Twilight spoofs....

Buy Bella's Mittens Worn In Twilight

The mitten's Kristen Stewart aka Bella wears in the movie 'Twilight' have been found & they are available to order here.