Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Here are some Valentine's our wonderful CBA members made for our favorite Cullen Boy's:

~Kim C

New Moon "Extras" From Edward's Perspective

Surfing the web this evening I came across a never before read by me "extra" from New Moon.
This "extra" is the phone conversation between Rosalie and Edward when she tells him of Bella's "demise". I totally came upon this by accident and some of you may have read this, but I thought it would be a nice read. It's from Sephenie, click on the link Roasilie's News.

Kim R

"Twilight" Entertainment Weekly Issue

The newest Entertainment Weekly Twilight issue arrived in the mail! Here are some pics of what is inside. Check out the original idea for Edward's hair:

I have posted all of the pics from the issue on my photobucket page here. You can pull up a larger version of each pic, so you get a better look at the excerpts from the Director's Notebook.



Lots Of Peter News!

Here's video of Peter Facinelli & Jennie Garth on Chelsea Lately last night. This video is hilarious! What a cute couple!

E! has an article on what "Sweet Sweeties" Peter & Jennie are:

"Eight years of marriage and three kids later, Jennie Garth and Peter Facinelli are still like a hot, walking Valentine."

Read it here.

Also, Peter has a made for t.v. movie coming out on DVD on February 17th, "Touch the Top of the World":

Peter Facinelli ("Twilight") stars in the exciting tale based upon the best-selling autobiography by Erik Weihenmayer, a rock and ice climber who overcame insurmountable odds to become the first blind man to reach the top of Mount Everest. This breathtaking story follows Erik's journey from the time he was a three-year-old boy diagnosed with a rare eye disease through his childhood when his parents challenged him to live a normal life despite his limiting handicap. It's a story of dreams, determination and heroism, and one man's passion to do the impossible while inspiring his community and an entire generation of vision-impaired athletes. The film also stars Bruce Campbell (Burn Notice), Kate Greenhouse, and Sarah Manninen.

Order it from here.

~Kim C

"Street Fighter IV" Video Game Launch Party *New Video Added, Steve "Frosty" Weintraub, interviewed Kellan Lutz Thursday night in LA at the Street Fighter IV release party:

Read the article here.

These pics at the event are from Kellan Lutz Online:

~Kim C

Rob Pic/Fan Encounter

This pic is from a Bobby Long gig in London on Friday night (source). Personally, I don't like this pic at all & from what I've read there was a crowd of girls asking for pics. Bobby Long is one of Robert Pattinson's best friends, Rob was at Bobby's gig to support him & have a good time. Is Rob not allowed any "down time"? It's not that it's wrong to ask for photos, but I just hate to see it when he's out with his mates enjoying himself. Maybe I'm wrong...what do you think?

This video is from "Master Video Maker" Cilla over at Robert Pattinson AU. It's called "The Price of Fame." Fame is definitely a double edged sword.

Robert Pattinson -The Price of Fame from Cilla Benjamin on Vimeo.

*Takes soap box & leaves*

~Kim C

Friday, February 13, 2009

Twilight Will Have A "Presence" At The Oscars!

Mark Malkin from E! Online has spoken with this year's first time Oscar producer, Laurence Mark. Mark confirms that Twilight will have a presence at the Oscars & on more then one occasion:

"I promise you, there will be a presence," Laurence Mark, a first-time producer of this year's Academy Awards, tells me. "You'll see. I promise there is and on more than one occasion."

Read more here. The show is on February 22nd on ABC.

Glory Hallelujah!! A reason to watch the Academy Awards this year. This will certainly help their ratings slump. So what could the presence be? It has to be some of the cast presenting don't you think? Or maybe introducing a musical number.

Note to Rob - if you go, think tuxedo or at least a nice suit....I'm just sayin'.

~Kim C

People: New Clip Of Little Ashes

"Twilight heartthrob Robert Pattinson dons a mustache - and a heavy accent - for his next role as Spanish surrealist painter Salvador Dali in Little Ashes. PEOPLE has an exclusive clip of the movie, which is set in 1922 and focuses on Dali as a young man in love with the poet Federico Garcia Lorca, played by Javier Beltran. Check out Pattinson as the eccentric artist in a charged encounter with Lorca - and Dali's wife. Little Ashes opens in late March."

~Kim C

New Kaleb Nation Contest

He's giving away photos hand-signed by Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, and Kellan Lutz!

~Kim C

Is Rob Dateless For Valentine's Day?

Robert Pattinson is one of MTV's "Five Hottest Heartthrobs Without A Date For Valentine's Day":

Robert Pattinson - The actor became the crush-object of many "Twi-hards" when he assumed the role of vampire Edward Cullen in last year's blockbuster "Twilight.". Despite time off before "New Moon" begins filming in Vancouver, Pattinson hasn't left the spotlight. He caused quite the stir when he unexpectedly traded his signature wild locks for a closer crop, forcing many fans to examine how deep into the hairline their feelings really went. He also faced some scrutiny over the nature of his relationship with actress and Jonas' girlfriend Camilla Belle as she provided RPattz with some repeated red-carpet company. Even Joe and his brothers seem to be under his spell though, as they just expressed a desire to be on the "New Moon" soundtrack. If Bella Swann and the JoBros can't resist him, how can you?

Read more here.

*line starts here*

~Kim C

Peter Facinelli Q & A Video Part 2 & 3

A big THANKS to the Twilight Lexicon for posting these great Peter Facinelli videos from the Q & A at the Chicago Flashback, you're coverage from that conevntion has been fabulous!

Part Two:

Peter talks about the scene in Twilight where he (Carlisle) bites Rob (Edward), having blonde hair, Kellan Lutz's contact lens trouble, his most difficult scene to shoot, why the Cullen's wear hats in the baseball scene, & a scene from the book that was not in the original New Moon script but Chris Weitz added, YAY for Chris!

Part Three:

Peter talks about his favorite band, Nurse Jackie & upcoming projects, what Vampire power he would like to have, Robert Pattinson's most embarrassing moment on set (this occurs around 4:43), his favorite book in the Twilight Saga, & his favorite actors to work with.

~Kim C

AnnaLynne McCord Could Have Been Rosalie & Kellan's Abercrombie Ads

MTV has a new interview with AnnaLynne McCord. In the interview it's revealed that AnnaLynne was considered for Nikki Reed's (Rosalie) part in Twilight:

Something that few Twilighters realize, however, is that the vampire-loving actress nearly played Nikki Reed's part in the original film. "They wanted me to play Rosalie," she recalled. "I met with the producers when 'Twilight' was casting, the original. I was on 'Nip/Tuck' at the time. And they were like, 'We'd love to have you in this little film we're doing called 'Twilight,' but the family only has small roles.' They were like, 'It shoots in Oregon, so you probably couldn't do it anyway.' And I was like, 'If it shot [in L.A.] that would be cool." you think she would have made a good Rosalie? We also find out how negotiations for New Moon are coming along:

The only hold-up that remains, McCord revealed, is her hectic calendar currently booked up with "90210" shoots. "There's some scheduling conflicts, and we're trying to work that out now," she explained, twisting her digits. "We'll see what happens with it, but hopefully - fingers crossed - it'll smooth over and we'll be able to work it out."

Read more here.

That isn't all that was revealed in this article. MTV has a link to these nice Kellan Lutz pictures from his days as an Abercrombie model:

~Kim C

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Walmart To Set Up "Twilight Shops"

It looks like Wal-Mart has been bitten by Twilight , or they have realized that Hot Topic had the right idea when it came to sales and knowing what a good portion of the public wants. PRNewswire is reporting that

In conjunction with Summit Entertainment's DVD release of this box office smash launching next month, all Walmart stores and will offer unique "Twilight store" areas containing a wide array of crowd-pleasing merchandise at affordable Walmart values.

Wal-mart will be carrying items such as the DVD, posters and messenger bags. Click here to read the full article and list of what Wal-Mart plans to carry as of right now.


- JessH

A Walk Around Volterra

The Italian newspaper La Repubblica has a lovely & interesting feature on the sights of Volterra as seen in New Moon. There is an article, interactive map & a photo gallery. For those of us who dream of going to Volterra for the New Moon filming, this is the next best thing.

Thanks to

OME! Canadians Get A Three Disk Twilight DVD

Bonus third disk includes 45 minutes of exclusive content and features:

A 22 minute Conversation with Stephenie Meyer

The Evolution of Bella's Lullaby (5 min.)

Becoming Edward: Rob Pattinson's Journey (5 min.)

Becoming Bella: Kristen Stewart's Journey (5min.)

Catherine Hardwicke's Vampire Kiss Montage (2 min.)

Catherine Hardwicke's "Bella's Lullaby Remix" Music Video (3 min.)

Robert Pattinson Piano Montage (3 min.)


~Kim C

Kellan Lutz: Laguna Beach Jeans Company Showroom

Thanks so much to our affiliate, Kellan Lutz Online, for posting these HOT pics of Kellan at the Laguna Beach Jeans Company showroom in LA on February 4th. View more in their gallery here.

~Kim C Cupids Most Wanted made a list of the sexiest & "oh-so-available" Stars. Of course Rob made the list:


Tyra Banks asked him to bite her neck. Thousands of girls swarm him in the street - and malls. But the 22-year-old Twilight star, who has legions of girls swooning with his brooding portrayal of vampire Edward Cullen, says he's rolling solo these days. Still, he told reporters, "I've been known for a little nibble."

View the list here.

*did we really need to be reminded of the whole Tyra neck incident?

~Kim C

Associated Press Article On "Twilight : Director's Notebook"

We reported earlier today about the article on Catherine Hardwicke and the excerpts from the onset journal: "Twilight: Director's Notebook" out next month. The Associated Press has an article expanding on Hardwicke's interview and talking about topics such as how she made the tough decision to walk away:

Twilight" director Catherine Hardwicke says she walked away from the payday of a lifetime to direct the sequel "New Moon" because she didn't want to make the movie under the deadline and budget constraints that would have been placed on her.

That's one of the key revelations in an interview she did with Entertainment Weekly in which she also discusses the forthcoming "Twilight: Director's Notebook," inspired by the on-set journal she kept while shooting the smash-hit vampire romance.

Hardwicke says in the interview posted on that she was having dinner in Paris with the film's young stars, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, when her cell phone rang. She'd been in negotiations with Summit Entertainment, which released "Twilight," about directing part two in Stephenie Meyer's best-selling series.

Summit executives called to offer her "more money than I or anyone in my family has ever seen," she said, but they added that she'd have to shoot "New Moon" under a tight deadline and modest budget.

Hardwicke turned them down.

You can read the full article here


Peter Facinelli On "Chelsea Lately" And A Q&A!

Peter and his lovely wife Jennie Garth are scheduled to be Chelsea's guests on February 13th. "Chelsea Lately" airs 11:30pm/13:30C pm. Check out the details here


Also, thanks to Twilight Lexicon for posting part one of a Q & A with Peter in which he discusses the character of Carlisle, his family and much more.


EW: First Peek At Twilight: Director's Notebook

"Catherine Hardwicke's Twilight: Director's Notebook hits shelves March 17, but EW has your exclusive first look in an eight-page spread in the issue hitting stands Friday.

Hardwicke told EW that although she was “devastated” to not be directing New Moon—“I really did feel a strong connection to Stephenie and the actors” —she simply couldn’t do it under the terms Summit set forth, with a limited budget and strict timetable. The book is her smart, funny farewell, its margins full of her doodlings and ideas.

But the book isn’t the only thing fans have to look forward to. They’ll also be able to snap up the Twilight DVD on March 21. Its bonus materials, Hardwicke told EW, will include makeout scenes deleted from the movie."

Read more here. To see a sample of Catherine Hardwicke's Directors Notebook click here.

~Kim C

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Twilight Makeover Game

So you say you miss Rob's long hair? Liked the short cut? Think that you could dress him better?

Well, go for it! With the Twilight Makeover Game you can cut Rob's hair, change the color and even give him a little, or a lot, of facial hair.

C'mon all you Twilight fashionistas! Play here.

Thanks TwiCrack Addict.

-Posted by JessH, but found by KimC

New Twilight Merch At Hot Topic!!

There are now Twilight Pajamas at Hot Topic and Now you can wrap yourself in either the Cullen crest or Edward with your favorite book in the saga and snuggle with your Edward blanket (sold out online as of 2/11, 6:12pm EST...I just checked for everyone who hasn't been able to get their credit cards on it yet.). The PJs are 39.99 and look super comfy.

You can check out the PJs and lots of other Twilight things here.

Thanks so much Kate for finding the PJs online and letting me know!

Also, my friend Kristin just let me know via text message from my local Hot Topic that if you pre-order your copy of the Twilight DVD there, then you will get an invite to their release party. More details on this release party when they become available.

-JessH Twilight DVD Page has a page dedicated to the Twilight DVD release. You can find this behind the scenes video there as well as Q & A exchange, Character Bites, DVD info & more. Click here to see it.

~Kim C

Screening Of How To Be In Sydney Australia

Tickets for this screening are now on sale. Go here for purchase information.

~Kim C

Letters to Twilight

One of our favorite sites here at CBA is Letters to Twilight. The other day they sent me an email about how they get tons of "Letters to Rob" but not enough letters for the other Cullen boys. What? How can this be? We love all the Cullen boys! So what is CBA going to do about this injustice? Give your favorite Cullen boy, preferably Carlisle, Emmett, or Jasper some love & send a letter on over to Letters to Twilight.

~Kim C

Taylor turns 17 today. This is a video Taylor made for a school project. I found it on a really awesome site called Letters to Twilight. If you haven't visited their site go check it out.

~Kim C

Paris Hilton: "Rob Is A Beautiful Man"

E! Online Marc Malkin reports that Paris Hilton is now a Robert Pattinson fan:

Watch out, Robert Pattinson!

It sounds like Paris Hilton wouldn't mind sinking her teeth into you.

"I just saw Twilight last night for the first time, and I have to say that I think Rob is a beautiful man and an amazing actor," Hilton gushed to us at Cash Money Records' Lil Wayne party. "He's fabulous!"

Yes, Hilton realizes she's a little a late to the Twilight game...

"Now I understand all the hype," she explained. "I just didn't get it before, but now it all makes sense. I really enjoyed the movie and loved watching Rob in it."

**Don't worry Rob, we'll protect you!! The CBA girls got your back.

~Kim C

Jonas Brothers Want To Be On The New Moon Soundtrack

"The movie was obviously a huge success, and if they asked us to be a part of [the sequel], that would be great," Nick Jonas said when we caught up with him and his brothers Monday, revealing that the trio are fans of Stephenie Meyer's vampire franchise and would be willing to write a song for the "New Moon" soundtrack. "It would be really cool."

Read more at MTV.

*Personally I love the JoBros.

~Kim C

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Do You Want Robert Pattinson To Be Your Valentine?

CBA member TARA does so she made this cute Valentine Video:

Try JibJab Sendables® eCards today!

Head over to Jib Jab & you can make Rob or any of the Cullen Boys be your Valentine too. *runs to Jib Jab*

~Kim C

Convention Update:Twi Tour 2009

Creation Entertainment's
Salute to Twilight Conventions:

Sat. & Sun.
July 11-12, 2009
Westin Buckhead (exclusive upscale portion of Atlanta)
3391 Peachtree Rd. NE

Sat. & Sun.
July 18-19, 2009
Minneapolis Marriott City Center
30 South 7th St.

Sat. & Sun.
August 15-16, 2009
The Wigwam Resort
300 Wigwam Blvd.
Litchfield Park, AZ

Sat. & Sun.
Aug. 29-30, 2009
Hilton Parsippany
One Hilton Court

For convention details click the city/state. If any of you go we would love to have a report!

~Kim C


Vote For CBA! asks what's your favorite Twilight Fan Site?:

We're putting together our Popstar! Poptastic Awards ballot for our MAY09 issue and wanted to ask you...which Twilight fan site is YOUR FAVORITE??? PLEASE COMMENT BELOW! Theeeeeeeeee-aynks a lot!

We hope CBA is your favorite!! Please go here & leave our name in the comments.

~Kim C

AnnaLynne McCord Dishes On New Moon

Read an article from the Hollyscoop about AnnaLynne possibly joining the cast here.

"Hollyscoop caught up with AnnaLynne at the "Kiss For A Cause" event in Santa Monica where she confessed she's going to hear back about the role "next week.""

~Kim C

Edward Cullen & Bella Swan Action Figure 2-Pack has the Edward & Bella 2 pack action figures up for pre-order. The release date is April 29th & they sell for $27.99. Click on their logo above for more details.

Thanks cutiepatootie3 for the info.

~Kim C

Relaunch Of The Twilight

The official Twilight Saga website, maintained by the Hachette Book Group, has been redesgined:

Special Message From Stephenie Meyer

Hi Twilight Fans, Welcome to the new and improved! There are a ton of new, fun features for everyone to explore, and I hope you have a great time poking around. I'm looking forward to watching your creativity and enthusiasm combine to make this new Twilight community bigger and better than before. Enjoy! Steph

~Kim C

Hello Magazine Valentine's Poll

Robert Pattinson has been nominated in the Hello Magazine Valentine's Poll:

"Move over Brad and George, classically handsome guys are being challenged in the attractiveness stakes by personalities admired for their wit, charm or quirky charisma."

"He's like a little tortured artist," is how his Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart describes the 6ft 1in Englishman. And one look at those sleepy, 'just out of bed' eyes seems to make women long to get right back in there with him."

Vote for Rob here.

IMO Rob has it all - he is classically handsome, full of wit, charm, & quirky charisma. So there. Unlikely heart throb...give me a break.

~Kim C

Peter Facinelli's Audition Story

Peter Facinelli tells his Twilight audition story to the audience at Chicago Flashback 2009 this past weekend.

Thanks to the Twilight Lexicon for posting this.

~Kim C

Filming Dates For New Moon In Vancouver

This is from BC Film Commission website. Trying to go unnoticed, New Moon is called the "Untitled Sports Movie":

Volterra FM Productions Canada Inc
Director: Chris Weitz
Exec. Prod: Mark Morgan, Karen Rosenfelt, Marty Bowen
Prod: Wyck Godfrey, Greg Mooradian
Line Producer: Bill Bannerman, Kerry Koshansky
DOP: Javier Aguirresarobe
PD: David Brisbin
PM: Barbara Kelly
PC: Kathleen Whelan
LM: Abraham Fraser
ALM: Michael LeGresley
Casting: Stuart Aikins
Extras: Andrea Brown
Sched: Mar 23/09 - May 21/09

Source: louisedt1 (IMDb user)

~Kim C

Hilarious Twilight Red Carpet Premiere Video

This is crazy from beginning to end. I love Jackson's stunned reaction & be sure to watch all the way to the end to see Rob's reaction to her. What do you think is the funniest part?

~Kim C

Monday, February 9, 2009

Deep Winter DVD: Our BlogWinner's Review

A couple of weeks ago we did a giveaway for a Kellan Lutz Deep Winter DVD. Our winner, Joey aka EdwardismyHerion!!!, was kind enough to do a review for us:

I was so excited when I got the news I won! I have never been a lucky person. I never win things. But when I won the Deep Winter DVD I started screaming and even made my hubby jump out of his chair. He said it was the funniest thing he ever saw after he picked his heart back up off the floor!!

Now for the movie, if you haven't seen it OME! you need to go to the store tonight. You won't be wasting your money. Kellan is so yummy in it for one and two, his friend in it is just as yummy. So it's double the treat. But seeing Kellan on a snowboard OME! that's all I need to say. And to me it looked like it was him on the snowboard the whole time.

This movie will keep you on the edge of your seat the whole time - between the action, laughing, and crying, it leaves you wanting more. This is a movie you can watch over and over. But I will give you a little word of warning....Kellan doesn't come in until about 10 min after it starts so don't get upset when you start it and don't see him right away, his yummy little self will show up shortly!!! ENJOY I KNOW I DID!!

Thanks Joey!

~Kim C

"New Moon" Casting Call Turns Many Away

An open casting call for individuals between the ages of 15 and 25 to be a part of the New Moon cast, resulting in

tears and arguments broke out Sunday as hundreds of first nations teenagers from all over North America were turned away from a casting call for New Moon, the sequel to last year’s vampiric blockbuster Twilight.

The article states that hopefuls were coming from all over and even as far as Florida.

Read the whole article here.

Credits for photo on source


100 Monkey's Perform At Spencer Bell Legacy Show

Liz at Twilight 20 Something's has posted her pictures of Jackson & his band 100 Monkeys performance from the Spencer Bell Legacy Show, on Feb 7th. Thanks for sharing Liz! To see all her amazing pictures go here.

~Kim C

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Kellan Out Scooter Shopping

The paparazzi followed Kellan quite a bit on Saturday. Not only did they catch him at the Circuit City, they caught him scooter shopping. Go here to see more pictures & read the article.

Edward VS Jacob Fan Contest

This was sent to me by our affiliate Edward's Meadow:

We have teamed up with and opened a new, exciting contest. An Edward vs Jacob Fan Contest! The rules are as follows:

All you have to do is write an essay on which character you like most: Edward or Jacob? Then send your essay to Keep it short, less than 100 words.

The essays will be judged on quality and style. The 1st place winner will win a new Twilight DVD, and 2nd and 3rd place will receive a $10 dollar gift certificate to Hot Topic!

Go here for all the details.

~Kim C

Breaking Dawn Special Edition On Amazon

Breaking Dawn is going to be released in a Special Edition hardcover book. Its up for pre-order right now on Amazon. It has a list price of $15.63 but there aren't many details other than that.

Thanks to Marcia for sending me this info. **udate - We will hopefully have more info to post on this later today (Mon).

~Kim C

Kellan Lutz Gets Lost

Kellan Lutz keeps warm with a gray beanie and puffer vest as he visits his local Circuit City in Los Angeles on Saturday (February 7).

The 23-year-old Twilight actor was seen buying every DVD box set of ABC series Lost that he could get his hands on!


Kellan is a Lost fan! Oooh & love the beanie & puffer vest.

Celebrities really have no privacy....even their video selections are photographed.

Rob Out & About In London Last Night

Robert Pattinson & friends were out on the town Saturday night in London. Stops included the Groucho club & a corner shop. Does anyone else spy "shareward" ala the green plaid shirt?

The UK Paparazzi are onto him now, unfortunately.