Saturday, February 21, 2009

No Red Carpet Walk For Robert Pattinson?

The Los Angeles Times discusses the possibility of Oscar nominees and presenters being asked not to walk on the red carpet this year.

"The reason may be to steal ratings from those way-too-exciting Oscar arrivals pre-shows. And to force viewers to actually watch the darn three-hour show to see their favorite stars, of course."

Read the entire article here.

I personally think of the red carpet as an Oscar tradition and a way in which celebrities can show appreciation to their fans who have supported them by going to see the nominated films. I really hope that they do walk. Do you have an opinion?

-Jess H

The "New Moon" Logo: Psychology Of Color

Could there be more to the New Moon movie logo than adding a couple words and changing the color from blue to orange? The Deadbolt News is featuring an article on the psychology behind the marketing of the second film in the series.

"Digging deeper into the color scheme of the new logo artwork, the psychology of the color orange has given us more insight into what fans may expect from the tone and the marketing of The Twilight Saga New Moon. Interestingly, from a quick search through the web, the color orange has many layers from a psychological standpoint."

Take a look at the entire article here. What do you think?

-Jess H

More How To Be Soundtrack News

From Dreamboat Records:

The How To Be soundtrack includes 4 exclusive tracks performed and sung by Art (Robert Pattinson); the much requested Hammond Song from the trailer (The Roches); tracks by the Roller Coaster Project (Ronnie, played by Johnny White); and, the beautiful original score, written by Joe Hastings and produced by Gary Moore.


Each CD soundtrack will include one of two posters with exclusive and unreleased images of Art (Robert Pattinson), and other members of the cast.

Join Dreamboat Records Facebook group HERE.

**This soundtrack sound so awesome, I can't wait!!

~Kim C

"Twilight" Slap Bracelet And More Merchandise At Hot Topic

Hot Topic continues to aid us in our obsession! Along with the rest of their "Twilight" merchandise, they are now offering slap bracelets! Now all we need is a time machine (or a DeLorean) to take us back to the 90's!

Check out all the Twilight goodies that Hot Topic currently has here
-Jess H

Vote For Your Favorite TwiCon Commercial

The Top 10 TwiCon commercial entries have been selected. Go vote for your favorite at Both first and second place will receive a pair of front row seats for the Saturday afternoon Q & A session with 7 actors from the Twilight film.

A couple of our wonderful CBA members made a TwiCon commercial that made it into the top 10! You can support them by voting HERE for Crstlbtrfly. This is their commercial:

~Kim C

CBA Help Wanted

CBA has a couple of openings in our news department. We are looking for a News Poster & a Gallery Poster. If you are interested & meet the qualifications please send an email with your name, position applying for & qualifications to


News Poster: We are looking for someone who is obsessed with the Cullen Boys & has a desire to stalk them via looking for news about them on the internet. Someone who has early morning hours available is a must & who can dedicate at least an hour a day. Also you must be willing to follow our News Posting guidelines. General computer skills are necessary & a hyperventilating bag is helpful.

Gallery Poster: A desire to look for the latest Cullen Boy/Actor pics. Must not have any heart related conditions. General computer skills as well as photobucket exp is helpful. Make sure you have plenty of extra panties.

~Kim C

Robert Pattinson Toning Up For New Moon

Yes, those were biceps on Robert Pattinson in the pics we posted last night. One of my favorite blogs, ROBsessed, has posted pictures/proof of Rob leaving the gym.

~Kim C

Friday, February 20, 2009

Robert Pattinson With Biceps

I definitely see biceps. Hmmm...shirtless Edward in the shadows of Volterra!! Nipple & biceps in one day OME!!!

~Kim C


MTV Weighs In On The Eclipse Release Date

Larry Carroll shares his thoughts & perspective on the June 30th 2010 release date for Eclipse:

"Okay, Twilighters, here's the good news: You've made it to prime time. The release date is in late June, prime tentpole territory typically reserved for the likes of Will Smith, superheroes and hundred-million-dollar Michael Bay movies. No more of these November, let's-hope-we-catch-the-teens-while-they're-home-for-the-holidays release dates for you guys. In fact, a quick peek at the 2010 release schedule shows that "Eclipse" will be butting heads with such heavyweights as "Prince of Persia," "Toy Story 3" and Jackson Rathbone's "The Last Airbender."

Unfortunately, there's also some bad news: Eyebrows were raised among the fans when the "New Moon" release date was announced as being a year after "Twilight" arrived in theaters. Now, "Eclipse" will hit screens a mere seven months after "New Moon." Figuring in the roughly three months that Chris Weitz required to prepare the second film, that gives the director of the third movie barely four months to shoot it, edit it, get the special effects up to speed and put the film in theaters.

Of course, if a director other than Weitz is chosen to film "Eclipse," he or she could have longer to prepare the movie. But any "Twilight" fan would be right to be a bit concerned about the new date - because, as Hollywood has shown us time and time again, hastily-made sequels like "Legally Blonde 2," "Conan the Destroyer" and the "Saw" films often, well, suck."

He wants to hear from twilighters, so read the full article & comment HERE.

~Kim C

Little Ashes Release Date Pushed Back To May 8th 2009

is pleased to announce
the theatrical opening of





May 8th, 2009

For more information, please visit

(This announcement was in my email from Regent.)

~Kim C

** Well now the showdown between Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart is over. Rob's movie Little Ashes & Kristen Stewart's movie Adventureland were both going to be released on March 27th.

EW: Chris Weitz Will Not Direct Eclipse

Chris Weitz will not direct the third film in the Twilight series, Eclipse, a source close to the production tells exclusively. Because New Moon, which Weitz is helming, and Eclipse are due to be released so close together (on Nov. 20, 2009, and June 30, 2010, respectively), Weitz will be in post-production on New Moon at the same time that Eclipse will be shooting. That said, the source confirms a report that the movies will not be shot simultaneously or back-to-back; there will be a brief gap between the production of both films. (Reporting by Adam B. Vary)

~Kim C


Eclipse June 30th 2010 & No Director Hired Yet

From Nikki Finke at Deadline Hollywood:

EXCLUSIVE: I've confirmed there's no director hired yet. And the two productions won't be back-to-back. But that hasn't stopped Summit Entertainment from newly scheduling its Twilight threequel for release on June 30, 2010, not long after its Twilight sequel New Moon set for November 20th this year now being helmed by Chris Weitz. Summit also officially changed the name of its vampire movie franchise based on Stephenie Meyer's bestselling series of novels to The Twilight Saga. Here's how Summit descibes the plot of the threequel Eclipse:

"As Seattle is ravaged by a string of mysterious killings and a malicious vampire continues her quest for revenge, Bella once again finds herself surrounded by danger. In the midst of it all, she is forced to choose between her love for Edward and her friendship with Jacob - knowing that her decision has the potential to ignite the ageless struggle between vampire and werewolf. With her graduation quickly approaching, Bella has one more decision to make: life or death."

Regarding The Twilight Saga, my sources tell me that director Catherine Hardwick's claim in her diary that she didn't want to helm New Moon isn't accurate because Summit decided not to hire her for New Moon. And I've also learned that Summit only had a deal with Stephenie Meyer for the first book, Twilight. So the start-up film studio had to make individual deals for the other books in Meyer's series -- and the author got top-dollar, trust me. To date, Summit's low-cost blockbuster Twilight has earned $363 million in worldwide grosses -- almost evenly divided between domestic and international -- since its release on November 21st, 2008.


~Kim C


Ashley Greene, Kellan Lutz and Taylor Lautner Celebrate Birthdays In Vegas

Ashley, Kellan and Taylor hit up Las Vegas this month for some birthday celebrations! Celebuzz reports that:

Taylor Lautner showed to Criss Angel's Believe at The Luxor Hotel on February 12, where the increasingly beefy New Moon actor celebrated his sweet 16 with a group of four.

Just a few days following, his costars Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene hit a decidedly more adult show for Ashley's 22nd birthday.

Ashley and Kellan took in the Cirque De Soliel show Zumanity and Ashley is having a birthday bash at Prive tonight.

Check out more pics and the full article here

-Jess H

Kellan Lutz & Cathy Baron Valley Peaks Interview

Cathy Baron posted video from an interview with her & Kellan on her blog, Coffee And OJ In Hollywood. It's from the first wrap party for Valley Peaks. Go HERE to watch it.

~Kim C

Nominate CBA For The Dazzle Awards!!

You can nominate us for Best Twilight Fansite, Best Twilight Blog, Best Twilight Forum, Best Twilight Group On Myspace, Best Twilight Group On FaceBook.

Email your nomination stating the website address & the award category to


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The top 10 sites with the most nominations in each area go on to the voting round.

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Kellan Gets A Shout Out On Wambie

Our wonderful big teddy bear KellanLutz get a shout out on Wambie:

"The cute actor from Twilight was at the opening of Street Fighter and said that he has been very busy with all his new projects.

He told reporters that the new movie, New Moon will begin filming on the 24th of March in Vancouver and that he is getting ready for it. He will also be acting in a movie called Warrior, which is about sports.

Kellan is so busy, but more than anything he is happy to have so many opportunities."

Check it out HERE. Thanks to Kellan Lutz Online for finding this.

~Kim C

Robert Pattinson's Optometrist Visit

Rob took a trip to the eye doctor yesterday. Two things about these pictures, one - the Edward hair is returning nicely & two - I love that tiny bit of nipple in pic #1. Do you think this was a visit for New Moon contacts or what?

View more pics at

~Kim C

The New Japanese Twilight Trailer

So what do you think, is their trailer better then ours?


Watch Out - Robert Pattinson Can Reduce You To Puddles

I just love this little mention of Rob in Dose.CA:

"Robert Pattinson is back in L.A., where he continues to leave grown women reduced to drooling puddles in his wake."

The drooling puddles link takes you to this Celebuzz article:

"Robert Pattinson threw some serious vampire magic late last night at Coach & Horses pub in Los Angeles.

When the Twilight star showed up with a group of friends at the British-themed bar after 10 p.m last night "the girl I was working with freaked out," bartender Peter Renaud tells Celebuzz.

"She went over to his table to serve him. He took it upon himself to introduce himself and shook her hand. And it happened. She turned into a five-year-old girl," Renaud says."

Read more HERE.

*Somebody get a mop, clean up in isle Rob.

~Kim C

Robert Pattinson Is Getting Ready For The Oscars

From Marc Malkin at E! Online:

"Robert Pattinson has landed!

Our favorite Brit boy is here in Hollywood. As you must know by now, the Twilight star is going to be presenting at the Academy Awards on Sunday. (Nope, his costar Kristen Stewart is not expected to join him.)

So what's he been up to since he got here?

Mr. Pattinson was spotted in Beverly Hills yesterday, followed by dinner at Grey Goose night at the new West Hollywood outpost of London's famed Italian brasserie Cecconi's.

He arrived by himself (how much do we love that he doesn't travel with an entourage?) at about 8:30 p.m. and enjoyed the cicchetti, the eatery's signature plate of Italian tapas. "He ate dinner with friends and hung out in the patio area," a fellow diner reports.

I hear he'll be rehearsing his Oscar gig on Saturday afternoon at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood."

Awww no Kristen.

Read the full report HERE.

~Kim C

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The New Moon Logo Revealed

MTV News has the scoop on the official name and logo for Chris Weitz's soon-to-film sequel to "Twilight." Dubbed "The Twilight Saga's New Moon," the film's official title art stays true to the look of the first movie while swapping in an orange tint, a subtle crescent moon, and the release date of 11.20.09.

Read more about the Logo HERE.

~Kim C

Youtube From ET Of New Moon Graphic

In case you missed it here's the youtube...for about 2 seconds ET revealed the graphic for New Moon.

~Kim C

Seven Secrets Of 'New Moon'

OK! Magazine has posted some little tidbits on New Moon that are fun to flip through including Taylor bulking up and the rumors of Ben Barnes playing Aro.

Read all seven here

-Jess H

DVR ALERT: First Look At New Moon Art Work Tonight On ET!

Tonight on ET, we're showing you what no one else can -- artwork for the upcoming 'Twilight' sequel 'New Moon'!

Tune in to tonight's ET to get your first glimpse of materials from the highly anticipated new film from Summit Entertainment. Bella (Kristen Stewart), Edward (Rob Pattinson), Jacob (Taylor Lautner) and the rest of the gang will be back in 'New Moon,' in theaters on November 20.

MTV: New Moon Exclusive At 10PM EST Tonight!

From MTV:

The director has been chosen. The Jacob controversy is behind us. And the new cast is coming together. Now all that's left is to make a movie, right? Well, not so fast. Before a single frame of "New Moon" is shot, MTV is thrilled to present an exclusive piece of imagery from the film you all can't wait to sink your teeth into come November.

So at 10PM EST tonight, come right back here to the MTV Movies Blog for your first look! And by way the there's more than just an image you can look forward to. There's some interesting news in what we're debuting too. Trust us. You’ll see.

This has been an incredible last couple of days & it just keeps on going! "An exclusive peice of imagery" OME! Join us for the big reveal in the CBA adult & teen forums as we chat live tonight!

~Kim C


Canadians A $400 Gift Pack Could Be Yours

If you're a Canadian then you can enter this awesome contest from Sunrise Records:

The $400 prizes pack includes:

* Edward Twilight Wall Mural
* Edward Watch
* Twilight Bracelet
* Twilight Makeup Box
* Twilight Umbrella
* All 4 Twilight Books
* Twilight Music Box
* Twilight Score CD
* Twilight Soundtrack CD

Click on the banner above to enter.

~Kim C

Rob At The Grey Goose Pre-Academy Awards Party

Robert Pattinson attended a pre-academy awards party last night in West Hollywood. It feels just like old times having him out on the town in LA. It's been a while that's for sure. Rob the USA just isn't the same without you!

~Kim C

Picture thanks to our affiliate

5 Reasons Why New Moon Could Be Better Then Twilight

The Deadbolt has an article analyzing 5 reasons why New Moon could be better then Twilight.

"With casting almost complete and a new location already in play, New Moon is quickly getting production underway in Vancouver. What really matters is the continuation of the story. But can Edward and Bella do what we have envisioned from the book? The mystery lies in the creation and execution of Stephenie Meyer's world into two hours of visual complexity. Many fans of the series were left wanting with Twilight. Will New Moon become another blockbuster hit at the box-office? Unlike the unknown of Twilight on the big screen, we're expecting New Moon to be better in at least 5 different ways - new characters and conflict, Dakota Fanning and how she'll raise the game of the cast, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart digging deeper as actors, the new location, and further exploration of the legend."

Read more HERE.

~Kim C

What's Up With Kellan And AnnaLynn McCord?

Kellan comments to E! News on his and AnnaLynn's relationship:

"You know, we're really close and we're all for each other's careers. And we actually bounce a lot of career choices and the like off each other, so it's nice to have someone in the industry who you can really, you know, be honest with versus your agent, versus your manager, the lawyer, who really want to do stuff for the money and for the wrong reasons a lot of times. So it's nice to have friends who are smart and intelligent who know the business side of the business. That's what AnnaLynne is. Therefore we're friends."

Read more HERE.

Wow was that a long explanation or what? Is this the definition of friends with benefits? LOL!

~Kim C

Twilight Fans Expect Big Things From Chris Weitz

Cinemaroll has an article on New Moon & the Twilight fans expectations for it.

As most of you Twilight fans know, New Moon is coming our way this November. Although New Moon will not be directed by Catherine Hardwicke, big things are expected out of director Chris Weitz. Hopefully he will bring some things to the big screen that Catherine wasn't able to do. Yes, her budget was a lot more limited then what the New Moon budget will be, but fans are expecting the new movie to be a million times better then Twilight was.

Read more HERE.

~Kim C

2nd How To Be Screening Added In Chicago

The first one sold out so quickly that a second How To Be screening has been added to the Chicago International Movies and Music Festival:

March 8, 2009 5:15 pm
Chicago Cultural Center

Order tickets HERE.

~Kim C

Cullen Boys Anonymous Is Now On Twitter

Cullen Boys Anonymous is now on Twitter so come & follow us there. Go here to see our page.

Robert Pattinson Untagged Photo's

These are some untagged photo's of Rob in Beverly Hills on the 17th of February.


~Kim C

The "A" List Awards

Robert Pattinson is nominated for Bravo's Celebrity A List Breakout Star:

Mickey Rourke – The Wrestler

Robert Pattinson – Twilight

Rosemarie DeWitt – Mad Men, Rachel Getting Married

Katy Perry

Malia and Sasha Obama

Vote HERE.

~Kim C

Soundbites: The Cullen Boys

Robert Pattinson on Edward Cullen:

Jackson Rathbone on Jasper Hale:

Peter Facinelli on Carlisle Cullen:

Kellan Lutz On Emmett Cullen:


~Kim C

Robert Pattinson At The Oscars

Mark Malkin, from E! Online, who first reported that Twilight would have a presence at the Oscars confirms Rob will be presenting an Oscar on Sunday.

~Kim C

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart Make Sexiest Screen Couple List

MarketWatch has an article featuring a poll that Fandango conducted asking moviegoers to vote for both the sexiest onscreen couple and also the most mismatched couple.

The votes have been counted and Rob and Kristen made #7 on the Sexiest Screen Couple list! Top 10!

Check out the article and the other winners here

Source thanks to

-Jess H

MTV: Twilight Invades 2009 Toy Fair

MTV was at the 2009 Toy Fair & posted this interview with Randy Falk from NECA:


***This is our post on the Alice Cullen action figure from yesterday in case you missed it:

Look what is on display at the NECA’s Twilight booth at the International Toy Fair 2009 in New York. It's the "Alice" doll/action figure along with Bella, Edward & a whole bunch of other Twilight Merchandise. has more pics here.

It looks like Twilight has not only boosted sales at Hot Topic & Borders but NECA is getting a nice bump from it as well. From The Star Ledger:

Hillside-based NECA discovered licensing gold in its line of action figures based on Stephenie Meyer's best-seller "Twilight."

"We had a good year (in 2008), thanks in large part to 'Twilight,'" said Randy Falk, the company's director of product development. With both a "Twilight" movie and a Harry Potter movie scheduled for release this year, NECA is "positioned to have a good year," Falk added.

Read more here.

Thanks to

~Kim C

NeccoTwilight Sweetheart Candies Now Available

While doing my weekly Wednesday Twilight shopping at the mall, I came across the Twilight Sweetheart Candies at F.Y.E. They go for: two boxes for $5.00 and there are three different boxes to choose from. These conversation hearts have sayings on them like "Dazzle" and my personal favorite "Bite Me". Enjoy them while they last. I suggest calling your local F.Y.E. store to see if they carry them.


Peter Facinelli Is A Target Shopper & He Dishes On New Moon

ET has video of Peter Facinelli & his wife Jennie Garth on the red carpet of the Costume Designer Guild Awards. The Facinelli's reveal they are Target shoppers. Tune in at 1:32. Also at 2:36 they comment on the octuplet mom & Twilight is mentioned.


Access Hollywood also interviews Peter. He dishes on New Moon, rehearsals start in 3 weeks, shooting starts in April, & the latest on Carlisle's hair.


~Kim C

Peter Facinelli Rocks!

These little nuggets are from the 11th Annual Costume Designers Guild Awards held at the Four Seasons Beverly Wilshire Hotel on Februray 17, 2009 in Beverly Hills, California.

Peter was making the point of the importance of costume designers. Did he steal the the show or what?!

Lion & Lamb Love has tons of pictures. View them here.

*I just had to post the pic of Peter & Mr. Big, Chris Noth. I call it "Mr. Big & Mr. Bigger" lol!

~Kim C

How To Be Chicago Sold-Out

Even though tickets only went on sale yesterday, How To Be is sold out at the Chicago International Movies & Music Festival.

Thanks to LittleMo for the info.


~Kim C