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The Vampire Worlds Of Stephenie Meyer and Joss Whedon

There are countless stories and myths surrounding vampires. Stephenie Meyer and Joss Whedon have chosen to place their own unique look on the vampires in "Twilight" and "Buffy: The Vampire Slayer".

As early as the 1920s, vampires were finding their way to the silver screen in movies like the German made Nosferatu, which went on to inspire the creation of even more vampire films that are still captivating moviegoers to this day with such hits as the Stephenie Meyer based Twilight saga starring Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner. Vampires have turned up in parodies, horror films, and even romantic comedies and serious dramas, all made under the common bloodsucking concept, each one with their own unique liberties that have expanded the mythical vampire history.

In recent years, pre Twilight, one of the most successful additions to the vampire universe in both film and TV was the massively popular Joss Whedon TV series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

This is a really interesting article, and you can check it out here


Jackson First Name Was Almost Paul?

So, I found this video tonight from "Salute To Twilight" of Jackson discussing his first name, Monroe. I thought it was pretty cute.

I just love when he imitates the "toungue lashing" his father received when suggesting that they name him Paul.

Thanks to Trishfiiish

Jess H

High-Tech 'Twilight'

Celebuzz discusses some of the "products with bite" that are featured in the Twilight film.

Eternity is a long, long time. If the undead are to keep themselves entertained, they need plenty of cool toys to play with.

This point was amply made in the runaway vampire film Twilight, which featured not just the smoldering good looks of Robert Pattinson but a plethora of neat high-tech gadgets. And Celebuzz wants to help you live more like the unliving by telling you wear to get them

Check out the full list with pictures

-Jess H

Edward Cullen A Dad.... Sort Of

The Wonders of Photoshop! Thanks to letstalkaboutstuff (youtube user) & the amazing Letters to Twilight. Great find girls!

Are You A "Wide Awake" Fan?

If you are a Fan Fiction reader you have probably heard of "Wide Awake" by Angst Goddess. On TwiCrack Addict yesterday I found an interview with AG from The Twilight Examiner, you can read it HERE.

In the CBA Adult forum be sure and check out the CBA fan fiction section where we have tons of great ff & lots of discussion going on. We even have a fan fiction of the day posted by CBA's ff admin Personal Miracle. Also, you can vote HERE for our March Fan Fiction Readers Choice Award.

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Novel Novice Team Switzerland Project

2008 was all about declaring yourself - Team Edward or Team Jacob - and rocking the vote. Novel Novice Twilight used the 2008 U.S. Nat'l elections as inspiration for our highly successful Team Edward vs. Team Jacob Campaign.

Looking ahead at 2009, we turn to our original inspiration - using Twilight as a way to get people (young people, especially) educated about and involved in politics. And this year in real-life politics there is a renewed effort for bipartisanship. Here at NNT, we want the same thing for Team Edward and Team Jacob. That's why we’re excited to launch the Team Switzerland Project.

All this year, we are inviting fans to submit their videos, artwork, poetry and other creative works to show how Team Edward and Team Jacob can get along.

Every Friday this year is Team Switzerland Day - and throughout the year, we'll share everything we receive - as well as revealing exciting, new parts of the Team Switzerland Project.

And to kick things off, we have an awesome Team Switzerland Project Contest, sponsored by Blue Foundation - the band behind the song "Eyes on Fire" from the Twilight Soundtrack.

To enter:

Send us your artwork or videos promoting Team Switzerland Project. The deadline to enter is Friday, March 27 th by midnight (PST). Send all entries to:

We'll share everything we receive on NNT. But NNT staff will choose the top 5 - then YOU will get to vote on the 1 st , 2 nd and 3 rd place winners. Winners will receive the following awesome prizes from Blue Foundation:

1 st place: Blue Foundation Sweatshirt, LP & CD

2 nd place: Blue Foundation T-shirt & free digital download of the Twilight soundtrack

3 rd place: Blue Foundation T-shirt

And be sure to check back at Novel Novice Twilight throughout the year for the latest on the Team Switzerland Project.

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Friday, March 6, 2009

It's Official Dakota Fanning Jane In New Moon

Summit sent this out by email. Dakota Fanning will play Jane in New Moon. Finally something official. What do you think? Yay or Nay?

~Kim C

Twilight Tag Game

My bff, Kim R, just tagged me on FB in this Twilight poster from 4TNZ. Honestly, I am blown away that she tagged me as Bella, the smart & loyal one. *wipes tear* I love you Kim!

~Kim C

Twilight Director's Notebook Book Singing

with special musical performance by Lal Meri

Stay tuned to all next week for more announcements about this event!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009
7:00 p.m.
Barnum Hall
On the campus of Santa Monica High School
601 Pico Blvd., Santa Monica, CA 90405

THIS IS A TICKETED EVENT. Tickets will be available starting Saturday, March 14th at 9:00 a.m. at Barnes and Noble, 3rd Street Promenade, 1201 3rd Street, Santa Monica, CA. Please note, limit to two tickets per person. Twilight: Director’s Notebook will be available for sale during the event. Ticket distribution while supplies last. For information call 310/260-9110.

Please note, Catherine will only be able to sign one copy of Twilight: Director’s Notebook per person at the event. No pictures will be allowed during the autographing.

Kellan Lutz Irish Kiss Magazine Giveway

Kellan Lutz Online is giving away 3 copies of Irish Kiss Magazine's April issue with an article on Kellan Lutz! These are their scans of the issue. Send an email with your name and address to: You will be entered into a random drawing. It ends next week Thursday, March 12th.

~Kim C

Access Hollywood Twilight Deleted Scene # 2

Still no kiss scene ! Argh!! Monday is supposed to revel more New Moon secrets & the 2 sexy Twilight scenes shown by Nikki Reed & Rachelle Lefevre. Why are you toying with us like this Access Hollywood?

~Kim C

Mark Malkin's Awesome Kristen Stewart Interview!

Mark Malkin from E! Online interviews Kristen & she let's it all hang out - the Oscars, the "psychotic" comment, Breaking Dawn the movie, the karaoke with Robert Pattinson, New Moon rehearsals & more! Go & read it HERE right away. This is the best KStew interview by far! Here is a small excerpt:

Speaking about Breaking Dawn:

"We all really hope there is going to be a number four," Stewart, 18, told me yesterday afternoon when we sat down to chat in a suite at L.A.'s Sofitel hotel. "I'm pretty confident that the fans aren't going to all of a sudden lose interest. The only case that a fourth one wouldn't be made is if all of a sudden people stopped caring, and I really don't think that's going to happen."

The Oscars:

When Stewart wasn't at the Oscars last month, critics pounced again. Did she dislike Twilight so much that she wasn't willing to support it like Pattinson, who was a first-time presenter? Was she scared the supposed secret romance between her and her costar would be too hard to hide if they appeared together on the same stage on Hollywood's biggest night?

Um, no! She had a very good reason for not being there-she wasn't asked. "If I was invited to the Oscars, I would be there in a nanosecond," she says. "If I got an invitation to the Oscars, I wouldn't turn it down!"

Karaoke with Rob:

Perhaps next year she and Pattinson could sing together at the Oscars? Late last month, the two engaged in some late-night karaoke while promoting Twilight in Tokyo. Stewart and Pattinson covered Elton John's "Your Song." "Rob could definitely do a musical," Stewart says.

Also belting out tunes were Hugh Jackman and director Baz Luhrmann, who were in Tokyo for the local premiere of Australia. When Stewart first arrived at the bar, Pattinson and Jackman were already engaged in a "really, really elaborate ABBA moment." Later on, Luhrmann joined Pattinson at the mic. "It was really funny seeing Baz Luhrmann and Rob singing a David Bowie song," Stewart says. "It was a talky one so they both could sort of talk to each other, and they were riffing back and forth."

She adds with a laugh, "They were looking longingly into each other's eyes."

Thanks to Twilight-Headed for giving me the heads up on this.

~Kim C

A New Twilight: Director's Notebook Page

Stephenie has a new page from Catherine Hardwicke's Twilight: Director's Notebook. The wait is almost over, it's released March 17th. Have you already pre-ordered your copy?

~Kim C

New Moon Bella Cliff Diving Video

This was sent to us by one of our terrific MySpace members. Love it! Thanks StupidLamb!

Have you seen CBA's Myspace? It's awesome! If your not already our MySpace friend we would LOVE for you to become one today!

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Is Robert Pattinson In Vancouver Already?

It is being reported on a certain gossip site that Kristen Stewart & Rob are already in Vancouver:

"Yes. I can confirm that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are currently in Vancouver prepping for the Twilight Sequel New Moon. Go get her Emily! Arrived yesterday late afternoon, Rob was taken out a side/back entrance to avoid being attacked by twi-hards."

I really didn't want to post this but we are getting a lot of people asking if we have heard anything so I decided to go ahead & post it. Keep in mind that this could be false.

***BE SURE to read our updates to this story HERE & HERE. This story is constantly being updated as news & pictures come in. The best thing to do for the latest info is to go to the upper left hand corner of the page & type Vancouver in the blog search, then hit search blog. That will take you to all the latest news & pictures from Vancouver BC.

~Kim C


Robert Pattinson 2010 Wall Calender

This spectacular item is available for pre-order on

Thanks to NoirCat2528 (IMDb user)

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5 HQ Twilight extended scenes. These are extended versions of scenes already in the movie.

Posted by:KingKamHDx Found on the MARVELOUS TwiCrack Addict!

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Win A Copy Of The Twilight: Director's Notebook From TVNZ

Attention Kiwi's!! TVNZ is giving away 5 copies of the Twilight: Director's Notebook! You must be a New Zealand resident to enter & it ends March 18th. Go HERE to enter.


~Kim C

March Fan Fiction Readers Choice Awards

It's time to vote for your favorite Fan Fiction. The nominees for March are:

*Needs and Wants

*Boycotts and Barflies



*Across the Airwaves

Go HERE to vote. Cast your vote by March 10th.

Congratulations to February's winner "My Mistakes Were Made For You" by Miss Baby.

Canadian Twilight Convention

Would you like to see a Twilight Convention in Canada? Who wouldn't! Some awesome Twilighters need your help to bring a Twilight Convention to Canada. Visit their Facebook group HERE for more info. You can also email them at

~Kim C

Kristen Stewart Clears The Air

Movies Online just interviewed Kristen Stewart. Kristen gets a chance to clear the air from her Nylon interview. She explains that she loves the Twilight fans:

Q: Since the Nylon interview came out, do you feel like you’re playing with fire when you talk about the Twilight fans?

KRISTEN STEWART: No, because I love the Twilight fans. I have literally never said anything remotely negative about them. You have to stay away from certain key words that can be twisted into a negative connotation, like the word 'psychotic' apparently is really bad. I don't understand why. I mean, I feel like it's a really humble position to take that it's not normal to find yourself in a situation where there are 5,000 screaming girls and you're literally like fodder. I feel like that’s not normal and it's not something I should just say, "Oh yeah, it’s really cool. I love 'em." I feel like everything that I said in that Nylon interview, if you actually read the whole thing, was very honest and genuine and talking about something that I am so immersed in and have absolutely no control over and I'm just trying to stay honest and true to something that I care about. Yeah, that's it.

She goes on to talk about New Moon & says shooting is scheduled to officially start March 23rd. Read more HERE. What do you think? I think she is being genuine. I feel that she used the word "psychotic" to describe the overall situation more so then the TW fans. also has an interview with KStew where she talks about the Nylon interview & again clears the air. Read it HERE.

~Kim C

Deleted Twilight Scene From Access Hollywood

Why did they delete this? I love this. Raaawwwrrr!

~Kim C

It's Not To Late To Start Searching!!!

Go HERE to see the clues & the hidden items to find.'s

Scavenger Hunt For Edward Contest

Join our scavenger hunt contest! Search for items throughout the Twilight communities listed below to find Edward Cullen.

***Contest will run from March 1st until the complete correct list is submitted.

There will be 44 items to find and you will be given a clue to each one. Once you reach the last item, you will click on that item and it will take you to Edward. Then you fill out the form HERE and submit your entry. If you have any questions, please email There are 44 clues and items. Please list in the form HERE the Clue#, the item that goes with that particular clue, the website where found, and the page that it was found on after you have found all the items.

Here is how the contest will work.

You will be given all 44 clues on Day 1 with 10 of the items to be found. You will have to figure out which item goes with which clue. Each day thereafter, we will release 2 items per day through conclusion of the contest. (Contest will run for 18 Days total )

The Twilight websites where the items can be found are listed below. The items could be displayed on any page of those sites. You will only be able to click on the last clue item that will then take you to Edward. That item once found will say "Click Here". You should then submit the contest form found HERE (completely filled out) as soon as possible. There will be a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner based on the order the correct list is received. The prizes will be as follows:

1st place - Autographed Blue Foundation CD and a Blue Foundation Hoodie Sweatshirt

2nd place - Blue Foundation Vinyl Record and a Blue Foundation T-Shirt

3rd place - The Twilight Companion ~An Unauthorized Guide to the Series book and a $20 visa gift card

BONUS: is giving a bonus prize! A Twilight Perfume. We will announce how you can win this bonus prize soon!

Here are the sites participating: TwilightMania, Twilight Malaysia, TwilightMania MySpace, L'univers de Twilight, Twifans, Dazzled By Edward, Cullen Boys Anonymous, Intoxicating Scent,
The Twilight Tabloid, Twilighter's Hub, The Twilight Files, Cullen Enterprise, Bella Edward Cullen, The Twilight Fansites, I'm Betting On Alice, Jasper Cookies, Twigazine, Twilight Forever, Touched By Twilight, EB Twilight, Cold Twilight, Edward Cullen

Taylor Lautner At LAX

Here are some pics of Taylor Lautner when he was spotted at LAX airport yesterday.


Brenna Lee Roth Cast In New Moon

EDIT: Apparently this is a false rumor!! The Twilight Lexicon, the source I used for the original post of Brenna being cast, has now posted that it's false. Also MarketSaw has now edited the interview. The part that I highlight in green down below has been edited & now all it say's in the interview is "Sorry".

The sooner Summit posts the cast list the better because all of these rumors will be put to rest.

Brenna Lee Roth, the daughter of former Van Halen lead singer David Lee Roth, has been cast in New Moon. The question we don't know is which role. Here's an excerpt from her interview with MarketSaw:

I understand that you are now able to discuss two new movies that you are attached to namely NEW MOON and HORRORWEEN. What roles have you signed on for?

BLR: Can't talk about NEW MOON. So sorry! As far as HORRORWEEN goes, I play the lead's daughter (Nancy Spielberg). It looks like a good role, and a great cast! A lot of my friends are on it, so I know we'll have a blast.

MarketSaw: There must be something you can tell us about NEW MOON that will excite the fans, yet keep you safe - and that thing would be...

BLR: Fans of the series will really love it, it's spot on to the book. Way closer to the book than I think expected. Chris was a great director he really challenged me.

If you click the MarketSaw link above be warned there is partial nudity.

~Kim C

Thanks to TW Lexicon for this info.

New Peter Facinelli & Kellan Lutz Eternal Twilight Photos

If this doesn't brighten your day, I don't know what would!

Thanks to Lion & Lamb Love.

~Kim C

50 Most Eligible Bachelors Of 2009

Buddy TV has somewhat redeemed themselves for the whole Hot or Not thing. Robert Pattinson is one of their 50 Most Eligible Bachelors Of 2009:

#4 Robert Pattinson (Twilight)
Age 22
Status: Single

So he's more a movie than TV star, but we just couldn't resist putting Rob on our list. He's denied any relationship with co-star Kristen Stewart or buddy Camille Belle... which means this sexy bloodsucker is still up for grabs.

See the complete list HERE.

Bone to pick: Why aren't Kellan Lutz & Jackson Rathbone on the list too? All the Cullen brothers should be there!!

~Kim C

Robert Pattinson: Buddy TV Hot Or Not?

The run down on this is there are 2 people debating, one that he's HOT & the other side sadly that he's NOT *wipes tear*. You can CAST YOUR VOTE HERE.

*Why does this even need to be debated?? His Highness is total Hotness!!! Am I the only one that found it disturbing to read the Not Hot stuff?

~Kim C

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Jackson Rathbone Will Not Be On Vamp Radio Tonight

We received an email from Vamp Radio saying that due to filming (remember Jackson is in Philly filming The Last Airbender) Jackson will not be on with the rest of the 100 Monkeys band tonight. To participate in the Vamp Radio chat & listen to the show, click HERE.

TY Joyce.

~Kim C

Fans Take Sides In "New Moon"

Team Edward? Team Jacob? Is anyone really Team Switzerland?? discusses the lines that are drawn between fans in New Moon.

Fans around the country have donned t-shirts, proudly carried their coffee mugs, sported their shopping bags, and much, much more with their preference.

Choosing between the two seems almost inevitable in New Moon, since we have Bella befriending the wonderful Jacob Black while the bedazzling Edward Cullen has gone missing.

Take a look at the entire article here

-Jess H

A Moment With Oliver Irving

Inside Cinequest has an interview with Oliver Irving, the director of How To Be. He talks about the music in the movie, what it was like working with Robert Pattinson & why they cast him, & more.

The screening he mentions in the very beginning is the one I was at. I love you Oliver! You are so cool!

~Kim C

Keep Your Eyes Peeled For Rob's GQ Magazine Cover

Thank you to louisedt1 for this info on Rob's IMDb message board:

I was shopping yesterday and I asked a man who was restocking the magazine section when the April GQ was coming out and he said this Friday he would be stocking it. He did not work for the store but was in fact the vendor so I believe it I guess. Has anyone else heard this? He also said, "it will sell out." LOL


I need to work, but since I am curious and in a hurry to get back to work I called GQ. They said the official release sale date is March 24th, but stores get them a lot earlier and can put them out early as many do and could be as early as this Friday. I asked her "who the cover was" and she said, after a long pause..."Oh, I don't know,can't say,Oh, Oh" A lot of Oh's so it must be Rob huh?? SO Friday is a definite MAYBE depending on the store, but the 24th for sure.

The hunt is on! I know what I'll be doing Friday.

~Kim C

Solomon Trimble Is Out As Sam

The following is from Solomon's Myspace page:

My agent heard from Summit Entertainment today that I will not be reprising the role of Sam in "New Moon." While I will cherish the experience of being involved in the first film, I am looking forward to many new opportunities in the future and would like to thank everyone for their support.

Kim C

Jackson Rathbone's Band 100Monkeys To Be On VampRadio TONIGHT!

Just a REMINDER!!:

VampRadio will be having Jackson's band 100Monkeys as guests TONIGHT:

Join Vamp Radio March 4th (tonight) at 9pm est/6pm pst as we welcome 100 Monkeys.
Band Members: Ben Graupner, Jackson Rathbone, Jerad Anderson, Ben Johnson
Listeners are encouraged to sign in with a screen name to participate in the chat as well as call in with questions.

You may remember that Jackson has called in before to answer as many questions as possible, so this will also be really cool to check out. Check out all the details here.

-Jess H

Last But Certianly Not Least - Jackson Rathbone

Dette, aka MammaDawg, has posted her Jackson encounter at Salute to Twilight in San Francisco on her blog. Are you curious how she got this sizzling pose with Jackson? Read all the juicy details HERE.

Thanks Dette for letting us all once again, live vicariously through you!

~Kim C

Twilight Jewelry Box

For all of those Twilight merchandise collectors like me, I am always on the lookout for new things. On my weekly Wednesday Hot Topic run, I found the new Twilight jewelry box and of course, had to have it. It really is pretty and when the top is opened it plays 'Clair de Lune' while the Cullen crest spins. It retails for $34.00 and I feel it is a great collectible.
Click here for the Hot Topic direct link to the item.

Kim R.

Taylor Lautner On Blog Talk Radio

"Twilight fans nationwide now have a chance to hear Taylor Lautner, who plays teen werewolf Jacob Black, dish live from the set of the smash-hit flick's sequel, The Twilight Saga's New Moon.

On Monday, March 9 at 9 p.m. Eastern / 8 p.m. Central, log onto our Stardish Radio special event. During the show, you may even get the chance to ask Taylor a question or two!"

Click on the banner above for more details.

~Kim C

The OME Shot Of The Day!

Be sure & click for the enlarged version. Thanks to JustJared for this amazing shot of....well you know. See more pics HERE.

~Kim C

Win Two Passes To TwiCon

Bailey is upping the stakes in the subscriber war she is having with Kaleb. She is offering two passes to TwiCon along with the chance to appear on the Allen and Craig Show that will be filming in Dallas during TwiCon. All you have to do is subscribe to her youtube channel.

~Kim C

Tina Fey Calls Rob A Sexy Devil

It starts around 4:04. Tina also mentions him again at 9:42.

Thanks to twisingxclusive (youtube user).

**Hey Tina can we get Rob on 30 Rock???

~Kim C

Kristen Stewart Describes How Good Robert Pattinson's Bite Felt

If you haven't seen this yet, don't miss it. It's from the Q & A in Tokyo. A fan asks Kristen's favorite question...How did it feel to be bitten/kissed by Robert Pattinson? Kristen gives a very steamy answer.

This video is #3 of 5. To see the rest of the Twilight Fan Meeting videos go HERE. Thanks Twilight Sinapore.

**Edit - You can also read more about it on Celebuzz.

Kim C

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

MTV Wants Your Questions For The Cast

It's that time again! Time for the wonderful Larry Carroll over at MTV to feed our addiction with everything "Twilight", or this year, "New Moon".

If there’s one thing “Twilight” fans showed us over and over again last year, it’s that their passion for Stephenie Meyer’s vampire series is every bit as powerful as Edward Cullen’s love for Bella Swan.

Now, as we look forward to a year filled with sequel news, MTV News wants to once again begin it with you folks.

MTV is interviewing cast members and is asking for your questions! Head on over here for all the details.

-Jess H

Robert Pattinson Headed to Vancouver Today?

Celebuzz has an article today that talks about Robert Pattinson using a designated driver, but the real nugget is this:

"Hopefully the star got some shut eye, as Pattinson told the group he's headed to Vancouver, BC today to begin production on New Moon, the sequel to the blockbuster Twilight."

Read the full article HERE.

Maybe that's why he's so clean shaven. I highly recommend clicking on the HQ pic of Rob above. It looks like he just stepped out of the shower to me.

***Be sure & read all our updates to this story. Go HERE. You can also enter Vancouver in the blog search in the upper left hand corner for the most recent updates.

~Kim C

Robert Pattinson Out And About In LA

ROBsessed posted some great pics of Rob in LA while he was apparently expecting a cold front ....and looking for his car keys?

Do you like him clean shaven or do you miss the scruffiness?

The Best Twilight Cast Performances You Haven't Seen

MTV has compiled their top-five "Twilight" cast performances you haven't seen. Rob is the only Cullen boy to make the list.

5. Kristen Stewart in "The Cake Eaters"

4. Edi Gathegi on "Life on Mars"

3. Robert Pattinson in "How to Be"

2. Billy Burke on "The Closer"

1. Anna Kendrick in "Rocket Science"

Read all details of each performance and where to see it HERE on

Have you seen any of these & what did you think of them? Let us know in the comments.

~Kim C

Kellan Lutz "The Tribe" German DVD Release

Kellan's movie "The Tribe" will be released on DVD & Blu-Ray in Germany on March 27th.
You will be able to purchase "The Tribe - Die Vergessene Brut" through It's distributed through Splendid Film. The US & other countries will have to wait a little while longer.

Thanks to KellanLutzOnline for the info.

~Kim C

Eternal Twilight Convention Report

The UK Eternal Twilight Convention was held this past weekend. Both Peter Facinelli & Kellan Lutz were in attendance. Twilight Series Theories has a super awesome fan report from the event. Click HERE to read it.

~Kim C