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Kellan Lutz, Ashley Greene & Rachelle Lafevre At Kitson

"Kellan Lutz holds onto two of his leading ladies, Ashley Greene and Rachelle Lefevre, as they make an appearance at Shop Kitson in West Hollywood on Saturday afternoon (March 21).

The Twilight stars met with fans at the popular store to promote their Twilight tees and premiered the new Twilight DVD."

Read the complete story & view more pics at Just Jared.

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Chuck The Movie Guy Reviews The Twilight Blu-Ray

In case you haven't seen this yet I thought I'd post it. It's a very informative review:


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The Twilight Cast At DVD Release Parties

His Golden Eyes has some great coverage on all the various TW DVD release parties:a

Nikki Reed at a Hot Topic in Illinois:

Rachelle Lefevre at a Walmart in Salt Lake City, UT:

Read more from the Salt Lake TribuneHERE.

Video of Edi Gathegi at Borders in Penn Plaza NYC:

Check it all out at His Golden Eyes HERE:

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Look At This Tricked Out Twilight Car

I found these pictures on one of my favorite blog sites Eyes Of Amber. Go HERE to view more pics & meet the owner of this twiriffic car. This takes Pimp My Ride to a whole other level.

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Super Hot HQ Pics Of Robert Pattinson In Tokyo!


Found via atwtfanforever on Lion Lamb LJ. There are from the May issue of Kono Eiga ga Sugoi.

New Moon Italy Filming May 25 - 30th

New Moon will be filming in Montepulciano Italy beginning May 25th according to

The Tourism association of Montepulciano have just said to the staff of that new moon will be shot there beginning on may 25 to may 30!

They are already organizing something in collaboration with the township so the poor actors will not be overwhelmed by the crazy italian fangirls ;-P

Thanks to valdemar303 at Lion & Lamb Live Journal for the translation.

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ET: Mayhem as 'Twilight' Cast Surprises Fans at DVD Release

Read more HERE.

Here are some pics of Ashley Greene from last night at Hot Topic in Hollywood. Doesn't she look fabulous!

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Found via Lion & Lamb Love.

Twilight DVD Release Party Pics: Catherine Hardwicke At Blockbuster Dallas

"Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke greets fans at the Blockbuster DVD release party in Frisco."

"Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke signs posters at a DVD release party in Frisco."

View more pictures HERE. Thanks to Emily Goldstein & NeighborsGo blog.

We would love to see your pics! Send them to

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CBA's Bobby Long Interview

Cullen Boys Anonymous recently had the amazing opportunity to ask the incredibly talented Bobby Long a few written questions & here are his responses:

CBA: We want to start off by saying we love your music on your MySpace page, and especially like your songs Dead and Done & Being a Mockingbird. Your voice sounds so soulful & deep, it's hard to believe you are just 22 years old. Do you have a favorite song, one you never tire of singing?

BL: "Well to be honest it changes on a daily basis. Often I love the newer songs because they seem fresh but i guess at the moment its a song called The Bounty of Mary Jane"

CBA: Which one of your songs would you say reveals the most about you?

BL: "Well to be honest I think they all reveal small bits of my personality. It all depends on my own interpretation really of the song. Often the song which may come across as having the most personally revealing lyrics has the least personal meaning to me and its written about someone or an occurrence that I wasn't even present for. I haven't really got one that
stands out"

CBA: Are any of them autobiographical?

BL: "Well they are all written from within myself so they all are my interpretation or view but i don't think they are strictly autobiographical. However on a daily basis ill play one or here one and it will completely make sense to what I'm going through or been through. But I've just written a new one called the "Old Shamed Face" which is about where I grew up in
Wiltshire and that's probably the most autobiographical".

CBA: Do you have any songs you have written that are too personal to release?

BL: "No not yet but I'm young."

CBA: If you had the chance, what one singer/musician (dead or alive) would you want to work with?

BL: "Well I would probably have to go for John Lennon."

CBA: You grew up in a small town in the country. Did you ever dream as a kid that you would be touring in the US?

BL: "Yes absolutely, America has always been a dream and I've always wanted to go to the places and visit or play where all my heroes live. I can't quite get it into my head that I'm going to be honest."

CBA: How do you feel about your level of success today?

BL: "Well I'm pleased how things are moving but I don't feel I've achieved anything yet. I've had a bit of success on the back of a film. I wont feel happy until I play bigger gigs release some music or do an album. I want to find my own to feet within the music industry and work hard, write better song, play better gigs and do great recordings that I feel represent me

CBA: Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

BL: "I want to have done a few albums. Been on tour so much I have no where to live and have more stories than a book".

CBA: What do you like best about your growing fame? Have you had to make any changes because of it both personally or professionally?

BL: "The thing I like about it is the opportunities to go to places like America and do music all the time. The other nice thing about it is people are listening to my music on a daily basis and it feels good. I haven't had to change anything really I don't feel any different and if it does change you at this stage then your in it for the wrong reasons".

CBA: Have you had encounters with the paparazzi or crazy fans?

BL: "No not with the paparazzi, I'm not up at that level at all. some of the girls have consistently flown in to see my gigs from Canada, America and around Europe. That's hard to get into your head and crazy".

CBA: Tell us about your upcoming US tour. Are there any cities or sites you especially want to see?

BL: "I really want to see everything to be honest. Portland stands out as a place I would like to see because I hear the music scene is really good and Elliott Smith comes from there."

CBA: When all the CBA (Cullen Boys Anonymous) girls come to see you in Phoenix, will you say hi to us?

BL: "That sound's like a secret agency for spies. But yes." (Honestly, Bobby you have no idea the lengths our Cullen boy addiction has driven us to. LOL!)

CBA: What is the latest news on the release of a Bobby Long album?

BL: I'm doing a few acoustic recordings at the moment it will be like a bootleg. As for an album I'll look at it after the tour in the summer. It just a question of finding the right producer and studios etc. I want to do it properly so it's worth spending time planning it. I'm desperate to do one but I wont be happy unless it sounds 100% right."

CBA: When you are not playing, practicing, or writing music, what do you like to do?

BL: "I like to read, going to the countryside, watch films, hanging out with friends and fishing.

CBA: Since you had a song, Let Me Sign, on the Twilight Soundtrack, are you working on anything for the New Moon one?

BL: "Me and Marcus Foster have written a few more songs which are cool so were just waiting on acting on it".

CBA: Do you have any suggestions for songs to use on the New Moon CD?

BL: "Not really I haven't read the book but I would use an Elliott Smith song".

CBA: The story for Let Me Sign is that it was written on a roof, how did you guys ever end up on a roof writing songs?

BL: "I don't know really to be honest it's just nice being out under the night sky isn't it."

CBA: Thank you for your time! We can't wait until August when we can see you in person in Phoenix.

For the latest Bobby Long news & tour dates be sure to check out his Myspace.

Thanks again to Bobby Long & his management/representation for granting us this interview.

Our friend Amanda Bell, aka the Twilight Examiner, also has a Bobby Long interview posted. Read it HERE.

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More New Moon Cliff Diving Scene Pictures

The Westcoaster.Ca has an article about the New Moon cliff diving shoot that took place on Friday:

"Laura Timmermans, a Grade 12 student at Ucluelet secondary school, met Taylor Lautner, who plays Jacob Black in the Twilight Saga’s next movie New Moon, in the parking lot at Wickaninnish Beach Friday, March 20."

"Filming of the Twilight Saga’s next movie, New Moon, wrapped up Friday evening after one full day of shooting inside Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, and participants had nothing but good things to say about the bad weather."

Read more HERE.

Found via viwiel at L&L LJ & Twi Crack.

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Fan Made New Moon Movie Posters

Here are a couple of excellent fan-made New Moon Movie posters:

The Wolf Pack (clockwise from bottom left):

Alex Meraz as Paul
Tinsel Korey as Emily Young
Chaske Spencer as Sam Uley
Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black
Tyson Houseman as Quil Ateara
Bronson Pelletier as Jared
Kiowa Gordon as Embry Call

Poster found via the New Moon Movie IMDb board and Nicole's DeviantArt page via NMM.

Poster found via the Twilight Examiner. If you are the creator of this poster & would like credit just email me.

Does this get you excited or what!!

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Twilight Is #1 On iTunes

No big surprise there.

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Thanks to chelsea_hale.

Borders New Moon Cast Vancouver Greeting YouTube

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Canadians You Can Help 100 Monkeys

I found this via The Twilight Sisterhood, it was posted on the 100 Monkeys Myspace on Thursday:

Monkeys Need Canadian Help!!!

Dearest 100 Monkeys supporters... We need your help!!!

The 100 Monkeys simply cannot stand to be apart any longer...

...and seeing as J.Action is going to be in Vancouver around April.. we figured we'd get back together for two and a half weeks in Canada before touring the East Coast in May and June! (Lookout Philly, Jersey, New York, and DC!)

Problem is... 100 Monkeys have no friends in Vancouver... no connections... and limited time!

So here is our plea-
If you know any venues in Vancouver, call them and demand they book 100 Monkeys a few shows around Vancouver in April! Call every venue you know! Call from your friends' phones, your parents' phones, your siblings' phones, and even your teachers' phones!!!

...if we can't find a venue... we'll find a place to play... but we won't know where to tell you to go to watch the show... so... maybe we'll have to play in the streets... begging for monkey treats... dragging our monkey feets...

Thanks for your support!

And thanks to each and everyone of you, for existing.


100 Monkeys

I'm Back!

Hey Everyone, I'm back from my vacation! I love & missed you all. Thanks to those who filled in while I was away & our affiliates & those who sent in tips.

Please bear with me as I get my news mojo back on. Hopefully you can look for frequent news updates again. Also, Joyce & I will be posting our full Forks report soon.

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Kellan Lutz On Air With Ryan Seacrest Interview

Kellan Lutz was On-Air with Ryan Seacrest yesterday. They talked about New Moon filming, the Twilight DVD, & Robert Pattinson. Go HERE to listen to the interview. E! Online also has an article about the interview:

"Rob is the lead, but you're the better-looking Cullen," Ryan bravely admitted to Kellan, at the risk of infuriating millions of Robert Pattinson loyalists.

"Ooh, I need to hang out with people like you more often!" exclaimed Kellan, who then (wisely!) proceeded to share some kind words about his celluloid sibling…

"His accent and his crazy hairdo get the girls swooning," Kellan told Ryan, before pointing out the one quality Pattz possesses that never, ever seems to fail him.

"Rob's kind of shy, and he does this thing, when he's really shy, or when someone asks him something, he lowers his head down and the girls love it!"

And as if that wasn't enough: "He's such a humble guy," said Kellan, "and I'm very impressed with him."

Read more HERE.

LOL! Ryan doesn't miss an opportunity to get in a jab at Rob does he.

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Friday, March 20, 2009

Video of the New Moon Cast in Vancouver

This is pretty awesome it is a video of Rob, Kristen, Rachelle, Taylor and Ashley on the set of New Moon. Check out the contacts. Yeah New Moon! We are unable to pull the video but you can go to the Borders site here.

As always a BIG thanks to the TwiCrack Addict!!

East Coast DVD Release Party

Tonight, in Mineola, New York...The East Coast Party for the Twilight DVD Movie release. Come down to Murphy's Bar and Grill on Old Country Road if you happen to be in the area. Please come and join us at 11pm. The movie will be shown a bit after midnight.


CBA Phoenix Area DVD Release Party

Still don't know which DVD release party to go to in the PHX area? Come join the Cullen Boys Anonymous staff as they MC's tonights Twilight DVD Release party at the Borders on Alma School and the 60 across from Fiest Mall in Mesa. Come join us for lots of Twilight fun and prizes!!

Also don't forget to pick up you wrist band so you can be one of the first to get your DVD. Wrist bands are available all day.

For more information please email

New Photos of Taylor Lautner filming New Moon

Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart, & Rachelle Lefevre were shooting the cliff diving scene in Tofino, British Columbia on Thursday, around South Beach and the Wickaninnish Inn.


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, Dallas and Salt Lake City keep your fingers crossed!!

Access Hollywood has annouced which cities are the lucky few choosen to have a cast members come to a mid-night DVD release party!!! No as far as which store exactly they will be at... they will be annoucing it tomorrow(Friday). People attending will get the chance to win prizes that include autographed merchandise, limited edition merchandise including collectable clothing and memorabilia. To get the full list of stores participating go here.

Catherine Hardwicke: Directors Note Book & New Moon Director

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

CBA's Exclusive Interview With AngstGoddess003

Face it, we Twilight lovers love Twilight fanfiction. And why do we love it so much? Because, we NEVER want the stories of Edward and Bella and the rest of our Twilight family to end. So who are these people who, literally, freely give their time to feed our need for more of the Twilight Saga?

Starting Sunday, March 22nd CBA will begin the first of a series of interviews with prominent Fanfiction authors. We will release Part 1 of our 3 part exclusive interview with AngstGoddess003, author of Wide Awake.

AngstGoddess003 reveals the person behind the story that is keeping readers "Wide Awake".

AngstGoddess003 has recently been catapulted in to the news because of issues on a popular fan fiction site over two chapters of her story Wide Awake. To anyone reading the story, however, Wide Awake was news-worthy long before any problems arose.

See you Sunday for our Double Fudge Rendezvous!

~Kim C

Rotten Tomatos DVD Exclusive Sneak Peek

Argentinian DVD Release

The Twilight DVD will be released in Argentina on April 8th by Transeuropa:

Single Disc Edition: $39.90 (almost 11 US dollars)

Two Disks Edition: $54.90 (14.95 US Dollars)

Two Disk edition includes:

- The movie
- Audio commentaries (Catherine Hardwicke, Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart)
- 5 extended scenes
- 3 music videos (Muse, Paramore, Linkin Park)

- 5 Deleted Scenes
- A short documentary divided in 7 parts ("The adventure begins: from the journal's pages to the big screen") [Spanish title is "La aventura comienza: El diario desde las paginas a la pantalla”]
- Twilight at Comic-Con
- and more...

* 3 postcards
* 1 book marker/ruler
* 1 exclusive poster

SOURCE via anix_cullen on Lion & Lamb LJ.

TwiCon Announces VIP After Party


TwiCon keeps getting bigger and better! After the welcoming ceremony on Thursday evening, the TwiCon partners will be hosting an exclusive VIP after party with our fandom celebrities and musical groups. This event is free, but open to a very limited group! Included on the guest list:

Christian Serratos
Bobby Long and Marcus Foster
The Mitch Hansen Band
Kaleb Nation, The Twilight Guy
The Hillywood Show, Hannah and Hilly Hindi and guests
Twilight Music Girls
The Bella Cullen Project
Evil Iguanas Productions
Twilight Series Theories
M2 Parodies
TwiCon Partners, Becky Scoggins, Jordan Bressler, Becka Grapsy and Bailey Gauthier

Freebies, exclusive opportunities and more guests await you at the VIP Exclusive After Party!
This event is open to only 200 attendees. On April 30th, we will RANDOMLY SELECT the lucky attendees so that all registered attendees (with the exception listed below) can be eligible. Here's what you need to be considered:

1) Make sure your registration is20paid in full no later than April 29th at 11pm EST. If you are on the payment plan you will need to make your final payment at that time, including group registrations.

2) Meet and Greet attendees are not eligible for the VIP after party. Sorry, other attendees would like a chance at a free exclusive event.

3) Keep your fingers crossed! You may be the next VIP at TwiCon 2009!

Thanks Jen for news!

Robert Pattinson A "Flittering Image" In New Moon

Ashley Greene has commented on Rob's presence in New moon :

Of course they threw Rob in there! He comes in as a flittering image to tell Bella not to do anything reckless and then you have him at the very beginning at school, at the party when he’s saying goodbye to her and the flitterring images and in Italy as well, so they’ll get their fix.

She also mentioned Taylor's new smokin' hot body.

He looks fantastic…I was sitting in the make-up trailer and I looked over and he was taking his shirt off because he was doing a—they were looking for his double—and I was just like, “You’ve got to be joking. You’ve got to be joking.” The girls are going to be very satisfied, I can tell you. It looks like [The] 300!

Read the full article at 4tnz.

Meet The Wolf Pack

Lainey Gossip has named the whole Wolf Pack:

Taylor Lautner: Jacob Black

Chaske Spencer: Sam Uley

Tyson Houseman: Quil Ateara

Alex Meraz: Paul

Kiowa Gordon: Embry Call

Bronson Pelletier: Jared

Tinsel Korey: Emily

Obviously this is not an official Summit announcement.

Robert Pattinson & Peter Facinelli Vancouver Photo

This is pic of Rob & Peter in Vancouver. It's an older one, from the New Moon rehearsals, but I don't think we posted it before.

Hot And Sexy Kellan Lutz!

Here are some pics of Kellan celebrating his birthday wearing Monarchy Jeans. Doesn't he look hot in those jeans?

Kellan's birthday bash was also mentioned on FOX News:

Kelly Monaco (accompanied by 8 dancers) dining at KOI LAS VEGAS on Sunday night. Twilight's Kellan Lutz sat close by, celebrating his 24th birthday with girlfriend Annalynne McCord.

Read the article here

Robert Pattinson OZmall Photos

These pictures are from the Japanese site OZmall. They also have an interview with Rob, if you can translate Japanese please let us know.