Saturday, March 28, 2009

The CBA Weekly "Twilight" Awards

The "Oh No, My Washing Machine's Broken Let Me Borrow Your Abs!" Award goes to..... Kellan Lutz for this photo below:

What a great piece of eye candy, no??

The "PTA" Award goes to... Peter Facinelli for taking his time to visit a school in Washington and also the soldiers and their families at Fort Lewis:

Hey, Peter if you are ever in any of our areas we can let you know the names of our kids' schools. We'll even bring the punch and cookies!


The "Epic Win" Award goes to... Robert Pattinson's commentary on the "Twilight" DVD.

Who knew that he didn't like his eyebrows and bouffant hairdo so much??

I loved that you felt like you were watching the second half of the movie with Robert. All of his off kilter comments and questions about what was going on. He also kept an on going joke about his eye brows being pluck through the whole movie.

The "Epic Fail" Award goes to... both Melissa Rosenburg and Catherine Hardwicke for writing animal droppings into the script and for not including a blooper reel on the DVD.

'Kisses, Chinchilla Poo and Parasoles'

While there were some great treasures that got cut out of the movie there are some scenes that should have never seen the light of day. There are a few fine examples of this I felt the need to gripe about. Let's start with Chinchilla droppings comment from Bella in Edward's room. Really? I am having a hard time wrapping my head around the idea in general, but when placed in the context of the scene... really?

Read Here

The "I Wish That I Would Have Paid More Attention In Art Class" Award goes to... Lina Zol for these amazing sketches.

If only my art classes could have led to this!!

*Please credit Lina Zol if re posting.

Michael Welch Interview

Who doesn't love Michael Welch after the outstanding performance he gave in Twilight as Mike Newton? Our affiliate, Touched By Twilight, had the opportunity to interview Mike recently, here is a sample:

The scene in the diner, with Mike dancing outside the window… improv or scripted? Were you encouraged to improve or did you have to stick straight to the script?

There was a lot of improve in this film for the humans (Eric, Tyler, Angela, Jessica, and Me). Catherine didn’t really care whether dialogue or actions were improvised or scripted, or whether ideas came from her or the cast. Her priority was to create something real, empathetic, and entertaining for the audience. She always had respect for OUR role in the overall story, and our purpose in Bella’s life. And having made several movies on the subject, Catherine has a lot of experience in trying to capture the essence of teenagers.

In the case of the diner, the process went like this… The script said something like, “Mike waves and calls out, trying to get Bella’s attention.” Catherine showed me where this will take place, suggested a couple of ideas, and ultimately left it up to me to come up with something that works. I thought of that dance (for whatever reason), showed her, and she approved. Later in post-production, she had me come into a sound studio to record some various, “Bow chicka WOW wow. WOO WOOO!” whacky noises. She picks one of three choices, and there you have it. Mike Newton in all his goofy glory, dancing for the affections of Bella.

You can read their full interview here.

~Kim C

"Twilight" Takes Home 'Favorite Book Series' At Kids' Choice Awards

I'm sure this isn't a surprise to any one of us, but our beloved series won an award at the Kids Choice Awards tonight and Taylor Lautner was there to accept!

The 17-year-old actor just accepted the Fave Book Series award for Twilight! Taylor is currently filming the Twilight sequel, New Moon, in Vancouver, Canada.

You can read the full article & see more pics here at Just Jared Jr.



Vote For Us: Best Edward Cullen Fansite

Cullen Boys Anonymous has been nominated for a Dazzle Award in the category Best Edward Cullen Fansite!!! Thank you so much to everyone who nominated us. We are very grateful & humbled. You can vote for us by clicking the banner above.

What Happened in the World of Twilight This Week

These are just some of the stories that captivated us this week:

100 monkeys: Yay for record deals and a dancing banana.

Twicrack: A chat with one of our fellow fan site pals

Little Ashes: One step closer to seeing Rob's "Full Moon" (Not to be confused with "New Moon".)

New Moon: Super model joins the cast... Shocker!

TIME: Time thinks that SM might be influential... You think?

DVD SALES: 3 million very happy fans, 1 million unhappy hubbies... (mine included)

FF INTRVIEW: Angstgoddess003 and her baked goods

ROB AWARDS: Best Dressed Man Of The Year Go vote for him!!

WOLF PACK: One word Yum!!! (Does anyone else have the song "Hungry Like the Wolf" stuck in there head?)

This Robert Pattinson Sketch Is Amazing!

The incredibly talented & skilled freelance artist, Lina Zol, has sketched another beautiful drawing of Rob. Just look at this. Breathtaking! It's an 8 x 10 pencil drawing on charcoal paper and was inspired by Rob's recent GQ outtakes. She was asked to contribute a drawing to the Summer School in Forks art auction and may use this one:

Here is one of her drawings we posted a couple of weeks ago:

What a gift to make such life like drawings. Not only does Lina capture Rob's features, she captures his spirit as well. You can contact Lina by email at

Thanks for allowing CBA to post your drawings Lina! Please credit Lina if re posting.

~Kim C

Friday, March 27, 2009

Save The Book Babe News

Stephenie Meyer has a Save The Book Babe update on her site:

Stephenie Meyer and the Book Babe at the Eclipse prom.

The epilogue to Forever Dawn (FD being the original sequel to Twilight)* — This piece was written January of 2004, before I had started to edit Twilight. It's pretty fluffy, just something I wrote because I wanted to spend some more time with Edward and Bella. The epilogue revolves around the minor character, Max—J Jenk's assistant—who had a slightly longer interaction with Bella in Forever Dawn. Because Twilight was still unedited, a few odd things remain, like Rosalie being called Carol. It's about 3100 words long.

The epilogue to Forever Dawn & Stephenie's Eclipse Prom dress are just two of the fabulous items being auctioned by Stephenie for Save The Book Babe. See the other items HERE. Visit Project Book Babe HERE.

~Kim C

Sam Uley's New Moon House Set??

Could this be the set for Sam's house???

Some lucky Twilight fans took these pics and sent them over to NewMoonMovie.

At first we thought it was Jacob’s house until we saw the pictures of the red place. We had given up hope until yesterday when during my daily drive-by, there were a bunch of cops on the road, some girls hiding in nearby bushes with a camera and I spotted Bela’s Truck by the house! Of couse I didn’t have my camera this time, so I didn’t get a picture of it and by the time I sped home and got back they were done.They packed up the set today but I have pictures of the place from two seperate days, one day it was all tented up with a tarp at the front and the other was after we spotted the truck. We are thinking it may be Sam’s place, the wolfpack are in town so that would fit.

Full article here


Did You Miss Bobby Long's Vamp Raido Interview?

If you missed Bobby's fantastic but sadly too short Vamp Radio interview via Blog Talk Radio last night, never fear, you can listen to it right here. BTW...a certain (very nervous) CBA Admin called into the show:

Bobby promised to come back soon for a longer interview! Thanks to the super cool ladies from Vamp Radio for bringing us all these terrific interviews. If you haven't seen CBA's interview with Bobby Long read it HERE. He just oozes talent.

~Kim C

Jackson Rathbone And "Big Stan"

I watched "Big Stan" tonight, and I did enjoy it even though I had initially started it to see Jackson's role. This movie was released in 2007 and it stars Rob Schneider ("Big Daddy", "Deuce Bigalow", "The Animal"), David Carradine ("Kill Bill") and Jackson Rathbone among others.

This movie is very much a "Rob Schneider" movie-- it's fun comedy and along the lines of "The Animal" or "The Longest Yard". The plot involves Rob's character, Stan, being sent to prison for fraud in his real estate career. The judge gives him six months to get himself together before he goes in and so he spends his time with the Master learning defense so that he does not get "taken advantage of" in the slammer. Due to his training, he quickly earns a reputation and the respect of fellow inmates: hilarity ensues.

Jackson's character's name is Robbie. Robbie is spending his first sentence in prison for selling marijuana, "a lot of marijuana". He's not the biggest guy in the yard, and he gets picked on. Stan just happens to "save" him from the greatest bully in the place and so Robbie becomes extremely loyal. I really liked Jackson's character. Robbie is mild and a bit hesitant, but he's fun. Jackson's facial expressions are hilarious, and, no, he does not have the long hair the whole time.

If you are a fan of Rob Schneider's previous movies, you'll get a kick out of this movie. I was pleasantly surprised. I went in to the movie just waiting for Jackson to come on screen, but I ended up enjoying the film. has a bunch of DVD stills in their gallery here and I've posted some below. Enjoy, all you fellow Team Jackson members out there!

And last, but definitely not least....
A bit of a background on this scene: This is where all of the inmates are being checked in. They are all in their birthday suits so that they can undergo a full cavity search, hence the not-so-happy look on Jackson's face.

(You're welcome.)


Robert Pattinson's New Competition?

Articles about 'Rob needs to watch out because there is new competition' always crack me up. As if anyone can compete with Rob...PUH-LEASE...I think not. Sure there are some pretty boys out there but Rob has something magical about him. I saw two articles just today, "Robert Pattinson's Got Some Competition" and "Watch Out Robert Pattinson, There's A New Hot Vampire In Town!" and I know there were even more.

The latest name being thrown about as Rob's rival is Ian Somerhalder. He played Boone on the first season of "Lost" but now he's joining the CW's Vampire Diaries as Damon. The show is about a woman who falls in love with two vampire brothers, one is good and one is evil (Somerhalder).

~Kim C

Robert Pattinson NOT Attending The Kids Choice Awards?

Oh No....there is a report in the LA Time's Dish Rag by Elizabeth Snead, that says Rob won't be at the Kids Choice Awards on Saturday.

"Robert Pattinson is on the list to attend the Kids Choice Awards on Saturday. But according to the organizers, who talked to The Dish Rag this morning, Pattz Man will not be attending. Nor will he be doing a videotaped segment.

He's busy on the set shooting "New Moon." And probably being protected by Canadian Mounties."

Don't try and hide it you know this is a huge total fail.

~Kim C

Nikki Reed Pretends To Hate Kristen Stewart For "New Moon"

Nikki Reed talked with MTV about reprising her role as Rosalie for "New Moon" and using her acting skills to convince fans that she hates Bella, played by her best friend.

"Rosalie feels really strongly about her hatred for Bella," grinned the 20-year-old Hollywood veteran, who returns to the set of "New Moon" this week to resume shooting the sequel. "It's bizarre. Obviously, we can do it because it is acting. But it is really funny."

Nikki also talks about hearing the news that Catherine Hardwicke would not be directing "New Moon" and that she is pleased with Chris Weitz taking the reigns.

Read the article here


Robert Pattinson Dishes On All The Latest Rumors About Him

Talk about a gift from the Twilight Gods! This interview from Angie Argabrite at Moviefone is perfect timing. Rob addresses all the latest rumors about himself. Uh huh...the shower one and the big metal sign one:

1. I heard that you follow all the online gossip about yourself?

I read that and thought it was such bullshit. I was like, "God, I sound like such a loser!"

2. So it's not true?

Well, I do sometimes. I used to a lot more before and then ... I only look at the negative stuff. I just want to know whoever's saying negative stuff, and I just want to remember their names. I write it all down in my black book. [Laughs]

3. Is it true that you took a fan out for dinner?

That is true, yeah.

4. Is it true that, I don't know if you saw this, but a source on the set of 'New Moon' said that you don't smell good, that you don't shower?

I haven't even been on the set yet!

5. You know the same thing went around about Zac Efron a while ago; that he doesn't shower.

Really? He looks like he smells really good [laughs]. I also do shower.

6. I also read that you got hit on the head with a sign while you were filming?

You know, that is the most ... I actually got told about that this morning. It's like, "What?" It's the most boring story.

7. I just watched a Ryan Reynolds video interview and he called you "dreamy" and said he'd love to work with you.

[Embarrassed laugh] Really?

8. Is there anyone you'd love to work with?

Ryan Reynolds! [Laugh] ... I've always wanted to work with Benicio Del Toro, I think he's amazing. And there are tons and tons of people ...

Read more HERE.

Found via ROBsessed

"How To Be" On TV In April!

Exciting news! MTV is reporting that IFC (Independant Film Channel) plans to air "How To Be" On Demand.

MTV News exclusively reports that IFC Festival Direct will be showing the film on demand beginning April 29.

I have not heard anything on this festival at work as of right now (yay for working for the cable company), but I am now putting on my detective hat. I shall report any further details.

Click here for the full article.


Wolf Pack Sighting: Chaske Spencer, Alex Meraz, Kiowa Gordon In Vancouver BC

These pics were taken yesterday on the streets of Vancouver BC. From left to right: Chaske Spencer (Sam), Alex Meraz (Paul), and Kiowa Gordon (Embry.) According to Laney Gossip, "Anyway, the wolves have been shooting with Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart all week. Robert Pattinson has stayed away from set. His scenes haven’t come up yet. Still training, still hiding."

The wolves look goooood! Even I will admit that. The big bad wolves can come blow my house down any day.

~Kim C

Pre-Order Your How To Be Soundtrack NOW!!

The soundtrack goes on sale April 28th and is available for pre-order now through Dreamboat Records. Robert Pattinson has 3 songs on the soundtrack. Pre-order and "have a chance to win one of 250 limited edition CD booklets personally signed by Robert Pattinson, which will be inserted into randomly selected pre-ordered CDs! These special CDs are only available direct from Dreamboat Records!" The pre-order price is a bargin at only $13.98.

There is also a special 12-page booklet featuring song lyrics, new How To Be photos and one of two randomly selected fold-out posters of Robert Pattinson and the cast accompanies the CD. Jack-pot!!

As someone who has seen the movie I can't wait for the soundtrack. Good luck to everyone trying to get an autographed one. How many will I have to buy to improve my odds? husband would love to see those charges on the account!

~Kim C

Vampires Invade School? Not So Fast

Yesterday I saw the story that is going around about Vampires coming to life & invading Boston Latin School. The article I read was on but there are also articles on 4tnz and the Boston Globe to name a few. Boston Latin is an almost 400-year-old college-prep public school. It's older than Harvard and they have some very prestigious alumni including Benjamin Franklin, Samuel Adams, John Hancock and Sumner Redstone. I was going to post about it until I read the reader comments. Several were from reported actual students at Boston Latin. Here are what some of the students Posted on

NOVAMPIRES posted on 03.26.09 at 02:06pm

I'm a senior at BLS. How do you know that? You'll just have to believe me. No one at BLS thought there were actually vampires- here's what happened: yesterday, wild rumors started spreading that a group of 9th grade girls THOUGHT that they were vampires. The gossip got completely out of control, but at no time did any BLS student think that vampires exist and are at BLS. Everyone just thought that some crazy delusional 14 year olds make a good topic of conversation. AND the cops were there on completely unrelated business. How about you check your facts, MTV, before you go posting stories that affect the reputation of my school?

swedishfishXO posted on 03.26.09 at 02:10pm

okay, so this is my high school and this article just makes us seem rediculous!! Of course we don't think there are are actual "vampires" in our school. However, there are a band of emo, freshman girls that believe they are vampires. They have been known to come into school late because the can't stand the morning light, and do cut themselves (in school none the less), and do drink each others blood after they cut themselves. Likewise, it has been spread that they actually do bite eachothers necks. But honestly, so many rumors have been spreading that no one can know what is true and what is not. and many people have been saying that they have stated that they actually hate twilight because it portrays vampires in a negative fashion.. but who knows.. this could very likely also be a rumor. I just know that everyone, all 2400 of us BLS students have been talking about the vampires, and even though it is hilarious, and many people wore capes and dracula masks to school today, it gets pretty scaring when people are saying that the "leader" of this group threatened to shoot up the school.

BLSstudent posted on 03.26.09 at 02:26pm

Hi, I'm a sophomore at BLS. Yes, there were a group of like, 3 girls who thought they were vampires and there were some VERY sensationalistic rumours about them (like the one that swedishfishXO posted) but BLS students DO NOT BELIEVE IN VAMPIRES. This whole thing is just some silly rumours that somehow reached a reporter, who decided to write an article about it without checking the facts. Please stop tainting the reputation of our prestigious school by writing sensationalistic articles without checking the facts.

BLSJunior posted on 03.26.09 at 03:08pm

Our school and Boston is general is not a freak show like the media is portraying us to be. The only reason why this is being blown proportionally out of hand is because everyone is wild about Twilight and hearing about "vampires" and "high school" just sets everyone's imagination off. As some fellow school mates have said before, this is just based off of rumors set off by a group of attention-hungry freshmen girls who thought that pretending they are vampires would get them all the attention they want and now the media is just giving them exactly which will fuel them to keep going on with their scandal. No one in the school actually believes that there are really vampires, it was just thought of as a funny inside joke for the school until it was exposed to the public and now being made into a big deal. We would all appreciate for those non-local readers to stop thinking that Boston is full of weird, crazy, physcho people. If anyone is to blame for this, it would only be the group of freshmen girls who are not only ruining the reputation of their class (2012, which already has a bad reputation), our prestigious school, and now even our entire city.

PshMorons posted on 03.26.09 at 07:00pm

OMFGH. First of all, Twilight played no role whatsoever in this entire 'vampire-invasion.' The girl this supposed 'vampire' is, is simply pretty obsessed with vampire-related stuff(I know because I've been in her classes for 3 years, and yes she's weird but she's not that deranged.) Her and her friends NEVER bit one another, they pretended to(no blood involved), and the students began the rumors. She claimed to be a vampire jokingly, but later on wednesday she said HERSELF that it's just a joke amongst friends and she never meant it seriously. Like MK09 said, no one actually believed the rumors, we only worried about the mentality of the girl at first, then it just turned into some mutilated rumor that got changed every time it passed ears. Sheesh. Stop ruining our school's reputation. And NO the police were not freakin there to stop us from being attacked by effing vampires, they were not even there because there was blood drawn from biting...

I believe as evidenced from these comments that the rumor mill is once again rearing it's ugly head & things are being blown out of proportion for the sake of sensationalizing the story. As a mom myself I just wanted to say something in defense of the school & students at Boston Latin. They seem like good kids and are not enjoying this media attention being drawn to their school in this way.

Is this like that episode of South Park or what? LOL!

Thanks Jess for the Comedy Central link.

~Kim C

Leave Robert Pattinson Alone

We have all heard the silly reports about Rob's B.O. that have been in the "news" lately. CBA has not posted one story about it because we consider it both demeaning and insulting to Robert Pattinson. Well finally some descent reporting among all the rif raf out there.

The Examiner's 'Twilight Examiner', Amanda Bell, has an article in which the title alone says it all, "Attacks on Robert Pattinson's hygiene are completely ridiculous." She goes on to say:

Recent reports by MTV, the Sun Times and others are attacking Twilight, New Moon, and Little Ashes star Robert Pattinson for his personal hygiene -- as if things couldn't get more ridiculous for the handsome thrust-into-the-spotlight beau.

I personally think that it is Rob's unbelievably honest candor that has gotten him into trouble, here. Despite what may be the truth behind these allegations, sensationalism and the media go hand in hand. While it is very endearing, in my book, to see Rob tell truths instead of giving reporters feathery side-steps when asked simple questions, it is obviously doing more harm than good with his media attention of late. In an interview on Leno, Robert Pattinson sat next to the lovely Heidi Klum, who told him that he might regret his charming sense of honesty in the long run.

Poor Rob. With the constant media frenzy surrounding him, the grace and dignity with which he addresses both the media (paparazzi aside) and his fans, the constant and ground-breaking success of his current works, and the beautiful photographs that continue to make headway across the globe of his clearly washed hair, that there would be more positive news surfacing from such sources. But alas, this is America, and we do love a scandal (for instance, see my response to attacks on Kristen Stewart). Too bad.

Read Amanda's completely breath of fresh air article HERE.

Thanks Amanda.

~Kim C

Bobby Long On Vamp Radio Tonight!

Bobby Long was supposed to be on Vamp Radio last Monday but something unexpected came up and he wasn't able to make it so his manager, Phil Taylor, filled in for him. However, we just heard his visit is back on! Bobby will be Vamp Radio TONIGHT, Friday, March 27th at 5pm!

Here is his introduction from Vamp Radio:

Bobby Long is an old soul. When hearing his inspired blues folk tunes it's hard to tell he is just 20 years old. Bobby grew up in small rural village near to Glastonbury in the heart of England. Somewhat of a story teller, Bobby Long writes songs which breathe a labyrinth of imagery that is both fragile and heartrending, deep yet instantly accessible. His live show is entirely captivating - allowing his endearing and humble charm to sparkle with pure intimacy. It is his talent for song writing that got the track ? Let Me Sign' (co written by Marcus Foster) used as one of the featured songs in the blockbuster film ? Twilight - sung by the lead character, Robert Pattinson. Bobby Long has a number of London residency's coming up before he heads to the USA for shows in New York, LA. and Nashville. He is currently working on tracks for an acoustic album which will be available on line and at his US shows in April.

*Be sure & tune in to listen to this. You can also see CBA's Bobby Long interview HERE.

~Kim C

Thanjs to the Twilight Sisterhood.

Peter Facinelli Blogs About His Fort Lewis Experience

Yesterday Peter blogged about his Fort Lewis visit on his Myspace:

My Fort Lewis Experience

I'd like to say thank you for all of the lovely blogs from Ft. Lewis families and the military families across the world. You are the real heroes. What you do, putting your lives at risk, for our safety, makes my job look silly. I would have stayed another 16 hrs to make sure everyone got their DVD signed. It was my small feeble attempt to try to give back for all that you do. I had the honor of meeting General Jacoby while on the base. I was in awe of his presence. I know he will do great things for our Country. I asked him to get our soldiers back safe. He said, "I will. Its my job". I was inspired by him and all of the families I met that day. And for that I thank you.

God Bless. Be Safe. I pray we end this war, quickly, successfully, and free of any more casualties.

Peter Facinelli

*Grab the Kleenex, reading this just brought me to tears. If you're not already, sign up to be one of Peter's Myspace friends here.

~Kim C

Justin Furstenfeld Has High Praise For Stephenie Meyer

Justin Furstenfeld, from the band Blue October, has some very high praise for Stephenie Meyer. Justin performed Blue October's song "My Never"on the Breaking Dawn tour with Stephenie & he tells the

"She called and asked my management if I would go, because some of my songs inspired her work," Furstenfeld said. "We really bonded. Now we talk about once a week, and she comes out to the shows. She is a classy, classy young lady."

Furstenfeld said they are enjoying each other's accomplishments.

"I am real proud of her, and she of me. We keep each other's spirits up." He laughed. "We are definitely homies now."

The tour, where Furstenfeld played acoustic solo versions of a few Blue October tunes, made him want to take his own writing to new heights.

"I was like a kid in the candy store, working with this talented novelist who's sold something like 30 million books. 'Oh, I am not worthy,' I'd be thinking. But I think being around her brought my own writing to another level. Now I am not just some guy in a rock band, but a guy who strives to write really nice, literary poetry."

Aww...isn't that so sweet. You can read the full interview HERE. Now Justin, if only SM could be inspired by something else really spectacular you've written to motivate her to finish you know what.

~Kim C

* photo of Justin Furstenfeld by Lauren Voneper

100 Monkeys CD Now Available

Jackson and the 100 Monkeys have a new CD available. It was released on iTunes a couple of weeks ago but now you can order a new hard copy. Here is the post on their Myspace about it:

Monster De Lux is here!!!

There's not many of them so get em while they last.

This hot little number is going for $10 and should play in all regions for those of you outside the old U. S. of A.

We have to hit you for a little shipping though, $2.50 if you live in North America, that's Canada and the U.S in case you get confused. $5 anywhere else.

If you would like a copy e-mail us at

We're fairly disorganized over here so do us a favor and only send an e-mail if you want a cd, and type "I want a CD" in the subject line.

Love you bunches,


*Photo credit: Jason O'Dell -

~Kim C

The Haunted Airman Staring Robert Pattinson

Here is the spooky trailer for Rob's movie The Haunted Airman. As we reported earlier the DVD will be available in the UK on April 6th. It's is a movie Rob did for BBC TV in 2006. He plays Toby Jug, a wounded RAF pilot. Pre-order it HERE. Hopefully it will be available in the US soon.

Feeding Our Addiction: The World Of Twilight Fansites

Welcome to the first in our series of spotlights on "The World of Twilight Fansites". There are hundreds of Twilight fansites out there to feed your addiction, but some of them really dazzle us. What is is that drives someone to start a Twilight fan site and what is it that drives us to them in droves?

To get the ball rolling we are delving into the mind of the TwiCrack Addict. She burst onto the scene in December & in 3 short months has risen to be one of the top Twilight sites.

Confessions of a TwiCrack Addict:

CBA: First of all how & when did you get into the Twilight series?

TCA: I was a little late to the Twilight bandwagon, but got into the Twilight series after reading an April 2008 Time Magazine article about Stephenie Meyer. At the time, I'd never heard of Twilight and was never big into fantasy series like Harry Potter. However, after Time described Twilight as "squeaky, geeky clean on the surface, but right below it, they are absolutely, deliciously filthy", I HAD to run and get a copy. Vampires + romance? I'm in!

CBA: What is your favorite book in the series & why?

TCA: I would say Midnight Sun, but I guess that doesn't count. Twilight is my favorite -- the one that I re-vamp over and over again. Twilight to me is the most captivating of the series, because of the delicious tension and longing between Edward and Bella. It's also the most romantic of the series, and I'm a super-sucker for romance. Plus, I'm Team Edward all the way. New Moon was initially painful for me to read; I wanted to skip over all the Jacob stuff in favor of more Edward.

CBA: What made you want to start a TW website?

TCA: The truth is, I never really intended to start a Twilight website. My blog initially was a personal Twilight portal for me that housed my favorite Twilight website links. Also, it was meant to be an outlet for my Twilight obsession, especially given that most of my friends have never even heard of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan. Along the way, I started posting silly articles about Twilight that I wasn't yet seeing on other fansites during the day, including stuff such as cast gossip and spoilers that I know I'm not supposed to looking at but secretly love.

CBA: When did you start your site?

TCA: My first blog post was on December 17, 2008. Today I wrote post #760. Isn't that sick?

CBA: How did you choose the name for your website/what made you choose it?

TCA: Twilight IS crack. 'Nuff said. I'm High on Twi(light) -- a TwiCrack junkie.

CBA: Do you have a partner or any help or do you do run it all by yourself?

TCA: I run my blog by myself, without any help. My sister is more technically-savvy than me, so she recently helped me revamp my blog, but declined my invitation to be a sidekick blogger; I refer to my sister as Twi-LITE, since she read Twilight, but can't bring herself to give a rat's ass about it.

CBA: What has been your biggest challenge so far with running your site?

TCA: Being a lone blogger, I do struggle with time management. The TwiCrack keeps on coming, but I have a full-time job and dinner to make, so it's tough to keep up. I love it so I make time for it!

CBA: How many hours a day do you spend working on your site?

TCA: More than my bosses want to know. ;-) And more than my husband would like.

CBA: Are you surprised at how successful you've been?

TCA: I never imagined that anybody would read my dinky blog, so I am super-surprised that in addition to being a TwiCrack junkie, I've also become a TwiCrack dealer. There were a couple of days awhile back that my Internet was out, and I was completely shocked that people even noticed; I got a few messages from readers wondering what happened, which really touched me. I really appreciate all of the kind words and messages of support that readers have shared with me, and hope that I can keep up!

CBA: So in your profile on TW Top Sites you say that your a "married career chick", how do you balance everything? What effect, if any, has your site had on that area?

TCA: I'm not sure that I am balancing everything, and I may run out of steam! Vacuuming has definitely fallen to the wayside, and my husband, while very encouraging of my blog, is probably starting to rue all the bland George Foreman grill dinners I've been serving. My husband and I don't have kids yet, but once we do, I imagine I may have to wean myself off of the TwiCrack in favor of diaper duty. However, my husband says that we can't start trying 'til I stop being obsessed with Edward Cullen. He's joking. I think. Heh.

CBA: Did anything in your background help prepare you to run a website? For example technical ability or are you an English major? Anything like that.

TCA: Sadly, I'm technically-challenged; My web-savvy sister had to help me reorganize my free Google Blogger site, because I can barely manage changing font colors. While my technical skills are lacking, I'm a skilled oil painter with some graphic design experience under my belt, so making silly pics via Adobe Photoshop has been a fun outlet for my creative angst. Also, way back when most Twilight fans were in elementary school (Yes, I'm old enough that I could've been Robert Pattinson's babysitter. Eep.), I was the Editor in Chief of my college yearbook, which perhaps has helped me a bit in terms of editing my blog posts.

CBA: Tell me, did you make the Obamicons you have on your site?

TCA: Yes, I made those Edward & Bella Obamicons via My one rule about my TwiCrack blog is that everything has got to come back to Twilight somehow, but I have a lot of other interests that I can't help but weave into my blog posts. This year's inauguration was an historical one, and I wanted to celebrate and commemorate this significant event in a fun, Twilight-inspired way.

CBA: What has been your most exciting moment so far running your site? Something that just made you go WOW!

TCA: I'm not sure if this was the most exciting moment, but it was one that made me realize, "Wow, I'm on serious TwiCrack..." Somebody from Celebuzz, one of my sources of Twilight gossip, actually contacted ME one day looking for a very specific video of Kristen Stewart describing how it felt to be kissed by Robert Pattinson from the Twilight Japan premiere. I was totally shocked that somebody from Celebuzz was reading and complimenting my blog.

The sick thing is, I knew exactly where and how to find it for them (at the time, it was not widely posted on other big Twilight sites), and Celebuzz then had the video translated from Japanese, which is how we all now know that Kristen was actually talking about how it felt to be BITTEN by Robert, not kissed as first reported. I guess I describe it as 'sick' because it's sad that so many of my brain chunks are preoccupied by random Twilight tidbits rather than anything productive! LOL.

CBA: What do you enjoy doing beside TwiCrack?

TCA: Aside from obsessively blogging, I have a really bad travel bug and I like exploring new places. I'm always itching to go on another foreign adventure, and I love trying exotic cuisines and just absorbing what life is like in other parts of the world. I have a huge collection of travel books. Also, I like to try new recipes out on my dear husband.

CBA: And finally, keeping with CBA's theme, who is your favorite Cullen boy & why?

TCA: Edward, because he is the most swoonilicious, obsessive vampire stalker ever.

CBA would like to thank the vamptastic TwiCrack Addict for participating in our 'Feeding Our Addiction: The World of Twilight Fansites' series. We hope this gives you, the reader, some idea what goes on behind the scenes of a TW fansite. Stay tuned for our next spotlight.

~Kim C

Jackson Rathbone Meets Jasper Hale??

This wonderful pic was on the 100Monkeys msypace page from the San Francisco Twilight Conventon. So Fun!

This is "Jasper" from the Hillywood spoof. If you haven't seen it yet, check it out below!!


Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Kellan Lutz Fix For Everyone...'Flaunt' Photoshoot

Here's just a little something from our favorite "monkey man"



Feast Your Eyes On These

Thanks to Everglow for these unwatermarked pictures from the first Entertainment Weekly shoot.