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More Video Of Bella's House

This is very good quality. Twilight-Gossip also says they will have pics tomorrow.

~Kim C

Video Of The "New Moon" Cullen House

I really don't know what to say about this. Hopefully it looks better in person or something. Maybe they are going to use CGI on it too. Actually, maybe they will use the exterior shots from the 'Twilight' Cullen House for NM. What do you guys think?

Thanks to Jen at the Twilight Timesfor the tip & Twilight-Gossip for sharing the video & the pics, the have more HERE.

~Kim C

The Weekly Cullen Boys Anonymous Twilight Awards

The "Worst Impression Of The 100 Monkeys Banana" Goes to: Elvis!

We have proof! Elvis is alive!!

The "Sigh Of Relief" Award Goes To: Billy Burke who will return as Charlie Swan in "New Moon. It was looking a little iffy there for a second. Who could play a better Charlie? He IS Charlie!

The "Ultimate Groupie" Award Goes To: The New Moon cast for supporting Jackson by attending the 100 Monkeys concert. (All together now...) AWWWWW!

The "Kim R's New BFF" Award Goes to: Bobby Long!

...Or maybe Kim was dazed by his amazing performance. (P.S. singlestillavailableonitunes)

The "Ohmigosh, it's Edward!" Award Goes to: Robert Pattinson. Yesterday, today and always....

The "Best Werewolf Turned Vampire Award" Goes To: Michael Sheen!

You know, because he was in "Underworld". Get it?? We're still not sure of the good guy or bad guy thing.

The "Rocky Balboa Award" Award Goes to: Taylor Lautner for his dedication to fitness while filming "New Moon"

It's nice to see another member of the cast working towards maintaining their role. Doesn't that make you love him even more??

-Mel & Jess

Billie Joe Armstrong Says Robert Pattinson "Is A Good Actor"

The Examiner has an article on a recent interview that had with Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong discussing the band's new CD being released May 15th. In the interview, Billie Joe compliments Rob.

Who would you want to play Christian and Gloria if this were given a big screen adaptation?

The girl that played in ‘Juno’ [Ellen Page] — I think she could be Gloria. The song ‘East Jesus Nowhere’ — I got the title from ‘Juno.’ There was that one part where the mother goes, “Why are you driving out in East Jesus Nowhere to go hang out with that couple.” And it was like, “Oh my god, I’ve heard of Bumf— Egypt, but East Jesus Nowhere? That’s amazing.”

And Christian, I’m gonna say maybe that kid in ‘Twilight’ [Robert Pattinson]. He’s a good actor. There’s still more to come with that kid.

If you ask this girl, who currently has two ticket stubs from Green Day concerts and is considering their new CD release date as an early birthday present, Billie Joe's comment is an extreme honor. In case you are a bit confused, you may remember that Green Day's last CD was a rock opera entitled "American Idiot". While the songs were released to radio as singles, the entire album flowed together as the story of the character St. Jimmy.

I think it will be really interesting to hear the story of the new characters and see if we can also picture Rob as Christian.

What do you think?

Full article here.


Ashley Greene interview - Herald Sun

In this new interview Ashley addresses how she has a hard time getting used to the "Go go go" Hollywood lifestyle and also the rumors about her and Jackson.

"I'm still getting used to the go, go, go Hollywood lifestyle which has definitely thrown me into a realm where I'm struggling a little bit," says Greene, who was a fan of the books long before she auditioned for the role of Alice.
"He and I both don't have time to date, but we do have amazing chemistry," she says.

"We both have such big crushes on each other and it clearly shows. We got along instantly and the day we met, he was teaching me how to swing dance.

"He (Rathbone) does everything. He sings, he dances, and he's so sweet. Even my mum has a crush on him and tells me, 'You should date him'. So, who knows, maybe when we both stop running around the world."

Read the entire interesting Interview over at the Herald Sun.

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"New Moon" filming in Vancouver soon to an end?

TwiCrack report's to us, what can seem to be an end of filming in Vancouver, BC.

Jen from Vegas shared the following details with me:

We met kellan this afternoon and he confirmed this is the last night of filming [at the Cullen House]. He leaves out tomorrow morning along with Esme and dr. cullen. rob is leaving soon too (sounded like this weekend) and heading to london for 1 week before going to italy to resume filming.

Then also Christian Serratos report's on her blog over at MySpace that she has ended the filming of "New Moon".

New Moon/PETA photo shoot
I am finished filming New Moon. It was great to see everyone again!
Chris Weitz was great! I can't believe that I have been so fortunate to have worked with such talented people in such a short time. Stephenie, Catherine, Chris and more. I am so grateful! This time around I felt more comfortable letting the team know that when I was dressed as Angela, I and Angela would prefer to be dressed animal cruelty free and they obliged. They were awesome! I'm so thankful that they went out of there way to find items that did not have animal products in them. It was touching.
Today I did a shoot for PETA to help provent the slaughter/murder of seals. Wearing fur is NOT sexy or cool. Taking a stance and being your own person is the coolest/sexiest thing you can do. I think fur belongs on the animal, your pet. Take notice. Take part. Don't allow the slaughter.
I love you all,
love the seals,
Christian Serratos

As it seems to be, the filming in Vancouver is getting to an end, with the humans leaving and some of the Cullen's as well. Some are still staying behind, as no report's of them leaving has come yet. So my guess is that all the filming in Vancouver will be coming to an end in about two week's. What do you guy's think?


Fans stayed late - Got rewarded

As our earlier post from Vancity Allie had detailed that she was one of the last to stay behind waiting for the cast to leave. Well guess what, Mandylicious was also one of the four to stay behind. And she put up two video's of the cast stopping and giving hugs.

Peter, Kristen and Nikki stopping to give hugs.

Robert and Ashley stopping to say hi.


Ending the week with style

And what a fabulous week we have had. A lot of great news, and a lot of fun facts all over the Twilight Fan Community. Don't we just love it?

This is the first week with me in the team of CBA. And i got on the team with a splash, and in a really good news week as well. I'm lucky i guess. And Kim, my boss, has been very supportive. And i got like the best comment and compliment from her as well. I'm not gonna tell what, but Kaleb, be ready for a Twi-guy fight! ;)

This is also the first week of Vamp Saturday. Witch will be a little article from me, every week, where i go through the hole week of news and other fun event's in the Twilight Fan Community. So let's not prolong this anymore, and just get started.

Nominations of the MTV Movie Awards got out. And a lot of our favorites where in the lists. Twi-hard's have been voting all week long. And let's hope it has payed off. We got Best Movie, Best Female, Best Male and Best Villan, just to talk about some of them.

Jamba Banana Bamba! Chicki chicki! Nobody could have missed the Elvis Presley banana following Kellan around and just filming his every move. Did we ever get to the part where we discovered why the he** he had that banana costume on him? Marketing campaign or what? Well, paparazzi's just go to far these day's.

The Evil, the oh so good, charming and graceful Aro part also got confirmed this week. Of course we got to see Michael Sheen taking home the role. And there was a lot of good comment's on this one. Summit did a really great choice by picking the right Aro for the role. Will Michael Sheen be able to win non-fans over? Well i think so.

Nobody of course missed the good-looking picture's of Rob this week. Girl's where falling all in love, all over AGAIN. Well, we just can't get enough of Rob. Also Holly Conway meet Rob, and talked about it in her show at the Beat 94.5, and she confirmed him smelling awesome. We did not expect anything less i might add. Hugh Jackman while in Italy meeting fans, also said that Rob is a great singer. We have heard it our self's, and we cant do anything else then to actually confirm it. Am i right or am i right?

Hey, should we thank Lainey Gossip for all the awesome picture's this week? Seriously, there was a lot, and well the fans love it. How much we may hate the papz, we still love it when we get to see picture's of our favorite cast in the world, but not when it's too personal although. Peter and Elizabeth arrived at the airport, heading off to the set, and then we also got to see Ashley and Kellan go shopping. We also go to see picture's from Kristen and some of the Wolf's. Gotta love it right?

Then of course nobody missed our great exclusive Bobby Long interview. We got some great stuff out of him and it was utterly interesting to get to know him better. More interview's also heading up this week was the fantastic two part interview with the Twilight Fan Fiction author Jayeliwood and her Husband. Also my debut here at CBA was the interview with Amanda Bell, the Twilight Examiner, I got some real interesting stuff out of her. If you missed any of this, it's really a must read, so what are you waiting for?

100 Monkey's concert in Vancouver. And you know what? A lot of the cast was at the concert, checking Jackson's band preform. The fans over there must have gone all crazy and hey, i don't blame them for a second. Hot Twi-Guys and Girls. Who wouldn't have?

The, like the week just couldn't have been better. We get three, yes you heard me right, three video's with Alex Meraz, interview's for his role and a rumor clear up about Rob's smell and guess what. Rob smells like roses to Alex. Very entertaining indeed. He is really a funny guy and i know you girl's love his hot body!

... Couple of hours of finger hurting, away from the keyboard ...

Not enough that the week got better with all the Alex Meraz video's? Of course not. We got the full list of all cast members for "New Moon" this week as well. Charlie Bewley as Demetri, Jamie Campbell Bower as Caius, Daniel Cudmore as Felix, Christopher Heyerdahl as Marcus, Dakota Fanning as Jane, Cameron Bright as Alec, Noot Seer as Heidi, Michael Sheen as Aro, Graham Greene as Harry Clearwater and Tinsel Korey as Emily. Well, this week just can't get any better, oh well we also cleared up that Billy Burke would reprise his role as Charlie Swan.

ET Online was also at the set of "New Moon" and got some exclusive behind the scene's shoots and interview's with Robert, Kristen and Taylor. We got to see a great preview video as well. Don't forget, all this will be airing on ET Online next week, the 23d of April.

Carter Burwell also said on his website that he would not be composing the score for "New Moon", his information says that Alexandre Desplat has been chosen to do it. Alexandre has composed some other scores for Chris Weitz as well.

And to end this week's and the first Vamp Saturday, we got to see some hardcore picture's and a video of Taylor working out on the set. Girl's all over the world went "Graawwh"... Drooling.

See you next week, in a new episode of Vamp Saturday!


Cast In Birthday Party Costumes On Set of "New Moon"

Vancity Allie was able to snap these awesome pics of the cast after waiting outside all night! What dedication! The cast members were in full costume and apparently were prepared to shoot the birthday party scene. They graciously took pics and met with Allie and her pals.

She has a great blog on the full experience with more pics. Read it here.

OK's Most Eligible Man

We loved him in Harry Potter. We adore him as Edward Cullen. Now, Rob has been named OK magazine's Most Eligible Man! (But we already knew this...) This quiet, humble, gorgeous actor is taking over the world as we know it!

The United Kingdom's magazine also listed Dev Patel (the Slumdog Millionaire breakout star), Chase Crawford, and Jamie Foxx.

(What is Jamie Foxx doing on this list with all these young, sexy men? Just curious...)

Thanks TwilightLexicon for posting this.

~ Brandi

"How To Be" Review And Pictures From Deland, FL

The Athens theater in Deland. Ryan, Claire, Abby and Corey are first in line!

To begin with, let me introduce myself: I am known by my daughters and all of their friends as mommy forrest (mmy4est). My youngest is in college far away, but most of her friends attend colleges in Florida. When Oliver Irving scheduled a screening of How to Be in Deland (not really Orlando) I bought several tickets and offered to take whoever wanted to come. The first to accept was Abby, a film student at University of Florida. Also coming down from UF were Ryan and Corey, and Claire attends Stetson, right there in Deland.

We arrived at the theater hours early. Compared with other screenings that I've read about, this one was pretty calm, and we were first in line. The crowd was very well-behaved, hardly any screaming at the mention of Mr. Pattinson. :-)

Claire, Abby, Ryan and Corey in the theater. Abby is a film student, Corey took some film classes, Ryan and Claire were actually interested in the film.

Me, Claire and Abby

Mike, Johnny, Joe and Oliver on stage after the movie. they were taking pictures and video of each other and the audience.

The movie was very sweet and funny. I wish I had been stronger and hadn't seen all the spoilers out there (warning: more spoilers ahead), but I am glad that I had read/seen the interviews with Oliver Irving. I didn't want to ask the same questions that have been asked a million times before. (and some of those were asked during the Q & A after the film, and Oliver, Mike, Johnny and Joe tried very hard to look interested, poor things!)

****Spoilers ahead:

There was a very sweeeeeet Camaro in the film which Rob was supposed to be driving. I knew (b/c I am a Twihard, and read everything) that Mr. Pattinson did not obtain his driver’s license until just before Twilight started filming, that he wasn’t driving this beautiful vehicle.

My question at the Q & A was "who was driving that sweet Camaro in the film?"

Oliver answered (and I don’t have it on video b/c I was actually making eye contact and listening to the answer). He said "Rob didn’t drive it. He kept saying he was going to get his license, but never did. Due to insurance, we had to use a stunt driver."

Oliver then went on to explain that for those shots where you would see the driver, he had to wear Rob’s wig and jacket so he would look like Art. During breaks of the filming of the driving sequences, Oliver said he would go up to Rob to give more direction, and be yelling "Rob, Rob", and finally the guy would turn around and it was the stunt driver. He said it would crack him up every time he did it. (so sorry... he told this much better than I did).

Laughing, Oliver continued: During the driving sequences where Rob is actually at the wheel and you can see that the car is moving, the crew pushed the car and they were going at about 3 mph.

When the theater was supposed to close for the night, Oliver and crew continued the questions and answers outside the theater. I had hungry college kids with me, so we departed to look for food.

All in all, a lovely experience, and I highly recommend seeing this film in the theater if you can.

**You rock mmy4est! Thanks for sending us this wonderful review. It looks like you guys had an awesome time & I loved your question.

~Kim C

New ETonline Preview

The material they wanted to give us last night, well, it was a newer and longer Preview for next week. The preview is great, don't get me wrong, but the teasing is just killing us. Anyway, check the new teaser.


Friday, April 17, 2009

New Moon Set: Pictures & Video Of Bella's House

Thanks so much to the fabulous Twilight Gossip for sending these to us!

~Kim C

The CBA Weekly Twilight Recap

Cam Gigandet Becomes a Daddy!:
With parents like hers, we know she's got good genes. Jealous!

The CBA Reader's Choice Award For April Is Announced: Congrats to Carmelinagunn!

Interview With FanFiction Author Jayeliwood And Her Husband: Part 1 & Part 2
Another insight to the people who take the characters that we know and love and create new stories.

Bobby Long Interview the Waldorf Astoria in NYC by our own Kim R!

Michael Welch On CSI: He may have only been onscreen for a short time, but he did a great job! (Nerd + Mike = Happy Mel...and she didn't to be abridged this week)

Summit Announces New Moon Cast: Charlie Bewley, Daniel Cudmore and Christopher Heyerdah have all been confirmed. Click the link for pics!

Interview With Amanda Bell From The Examiner: By the newest CBA staffer Nino. What a way to jump right in!

Ellen DeGeneres Wants The Biggest Twilight Fan!

More chances to get to meet Rob! As if we needed another reason to stalk him?

- Mel & Jess

Taylor Lautner Working Out On "New Moon" Set

Lainey Gossip has pics of Taylor keeping his Jacob Black physique on the set of "New Moon". Apparently when you are filming, if you can't get to the gym they bring the gym to you in the back of an SUV. Rock on.

Check out all the pics here


Music Video for Mutemath's "Spotlight"

Just found this awesome music video from "Mutemath" with the song "Spotlight" witch is on the "Twilight Soundtrack". You hear it when Bella and Edward get to school together for the first time. It's totally new, check it out!

MUTEMATH - Spotlight

Music video found at


More New Moon Filming Location News

24 Hours Vancouver has an interesting report about some New Moon filming that has been going on:

Heart-throb Robert Pattinson and co-star Kristen Stewart were recently caught on camera while working on an unusually elaborate set in Robert Burnaby Park, in South Burnaby.

Cast and crew of Twilight: New Moon were assembled in front of a giant special-effects screen built on a custom stage in the middle of the park.


~Kim C

Check Out ET Online At midnight Tonight

Exciting news from ET's producer Linda Bell:

Thanks Emma via Twilight Treasury

~Kim C

News from the set of "New Moon" and Rachelle LeFevre

New pictures and news from Lainey, and it is quite interesting!
Monday this week, as I’ve already mentioned, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, and Robert Pattinson were all on set by dawn. Very, very early starts to shoot on the edge of the woods. There’s a tense discussion between the three of them, then Taylor/Jacob leaves and wolf-transforms, then between KS and RP it gets kinda romantic as there’s talk of a wedding. Or something. They are shooting several options for a proposal, this is one of them – you’ll have to wait to see which they end up choosing.

These scenes were shot over the course of two days. They wrapped Monday afternoon, then went right back at it Tuesday morning. Once again, all three actors were picked up before 6am and worked steady for 12 hours. Also present: several adult fans taking the day off, hanging out all day in the hopes of catching a glimpse of their favourites driving by.
Read more and see more picture's over at


Jackson Rathbone's Younger Years


This is a picture of Jackson at age 5 which is featured in this month's Nylon Magazine. Isn't this just the cutest picture?! Jackson's sitting there looking oh-so innocent....

Source: The Twilight Times


Sweden Has "New Moon" Opportunities

The entertainment post "Klick" in Sweden, will next week offer a big section about Robert Pattinson. Also the opportunity to win a part (role) in the movie "New Moon". The winner will also get a set visit in Italy.

Can this be a role for the Gianna part? Or just a statistic role? You can discuss it widely.

This news was sent to Twilightsweden, by "Nordisk Film" which is the production and distribution company that handles distribution of the Twilight movie in Sweden.


Who Will Compose The Score For "New Moon"?

According to Carter Burwell's website, he will not be returning to compose the score for "New Moon".

As I understand it, the director of New Moon, Chris Weitz, has hired Alexandre Desplat to composer the music for the film. Desplat composed the music for Weitz' earlier film The Golden Compass. I don't know if they'll use any of my themes from Twilight, such as "Bella's Lullaby".

Source (via Twilighters Anonymous & CBA member Raquel.)

Alexandre Desplat has composed the score for films such as "The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button" and Chris Weitz's "The Golden Compass". You can see his IMDB page here.


Laurent "New Moon" Poster

NewMoonMovie has posted this poster made by Elle ♪♫. I really like it! What do you think?

Read the article here


"New Moon" Behind The Scenes Forks High Pics

Thanks to Kim at Pillow Biters for these behind the scene set pics. This is David Thompson secondary, the Forks High set for New Moon filming in Vancouver BC. See more HERE.

~Kim C

Video Of Twilight Cast At The 100 Monkeys Show

You can see Kristen, Taylor, Nikki but it's very LQ.

Source: Lainey Gossip via Twi Crack.

~Kim C

Is Gianna in New Moon still up for grabs?

Amanda Bell discusses the possibility that the role of Gianna is still up for grabs and if Summit has decided not to have Gianna in New Moon.

Despite many reports, including her listing on IMDb's cast list for the film, The Twilight Saga: New Moon's recent press release naming its updated cast did not address the issue of whether Gianna has been cast and whether Justine Wachsberger was chosen for the part.

Read the hole article over at Twilight Examiner.


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Awww Thanks Ambrosia!

Thank's so much to the AWESOME Ambrosia at Fire & Ice for giving us the "Let's Be Friends" Award! We love her & are thankful for all her fabulous comments on our stories. Here is what the award means & what she had to say about us:

"The Let's be Friends Awards stands for this: These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers. Deliver this award to eight bloggers."

* Everyone @ CBA they are GREAT! I get my TWI fix without having to write it myself.Thanks you guys!

To check out Fire & Ice & see who else Ambrosia gave the award to click HERE.

We will name our 8 tomorrow. Stay tuned.

~Kim C

The Amazing Bobby Long Audio Interview At The Waldorf

Here is the audio part of Christine C's and my interview with the amazing Bobby Long at the Waldorf Astoria in NYC on the 14th of April. Please forgive my New York accent, it's usually not so bad, I was nervous!

Kimberly Rocha**


Top 5 Fan made Trailers For "New Moon"

Reelz Channel has compiled what they believe to be the top 5 fan made videos for "New Moon" along with the pros and cons of each such as the video below by tiffanyd666 :

Pros: Dramatic tagline, atmospheric music, Bella diving off a cliff.

Cons: Steven Strait as Jacob.

Final Verdict: Can Summit give this girl a job?

To view all five videos, go here


Peter Facinelli Visits With Fans In Vancouver

The Deadbolt was in Vancouver when they spotted a crowd of people across the street. They went over to discover Peter was there! Being the Peter that we know and love, he chatted with fans and took time for autographs.

Since the crowd consisted of about nine or ten fans, mainly young females, with a couple of older women mixed in and a few guys looking for autographs, it didn't take a genius to figure out that it was one of the cast members in the Twilight sequel New Moon, which is currently filming in and around Vancouver. Which New Moon star did we catch an unexpected glimpse of on the sidewalk, signing a few autographs and taking pictures with fans? Was it was Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, or Taylor Lautner? No. It was Twilight and New Moon actor Peter Facinelli, who plays Dr. Carlisle Cullen in the Stephenie Meyer based Twilight sequel.

Interestingly, as an unexpected momentary glimpse of what the New Moon stars encounter when they walk the streets of Vancouver, Peter Facinelli remained on the sidewalk for slightly under 10 minutes, smiling and chatting away until all autographs were signed and a few photos were taken, which speaks to the patience and obvious appreciation Peter has for Twilight and New Moon fans. Thanks to Peter Facinelli for being so gracious.

What is not to love about the good Dr. Cullen?!

Read the full article here

(Photo credit: The Deadbolt)


Cam Gigandet Is A Daddy!

Cam Gigandet and girlfriend Dominique Geisendorff welcomed their daughter into the world on Tuesday. The new parents have not chosen a name, but the baby is healthy. Congrats to the mommy and daddy!

Source: NewMoonMovie


Alex Meraz talk's life on the set of New Moon

Alex Meraz talk's about the life on the set of New Moon. Access Hollywood got the scoop!

E! meets up with Alex Meraz who says Robert Pattinson smells like roses!


Interview with a Favorite of All -- The Twilight Examiner

One of the people mostly known for writing a lot about The Twilight Saga is Amanda Bell. Every day we get new and exciting articles from this girl. And everybody in our fan community loves it. So I decided to ask Amanda a couple of questions. Read it, enjoy it, and learn from it.

Nino: So Amanda, how did all this begin for you? Tell us you’re Twilight Story!

Amanda: Honestly, it's probably the same story as with any Twilight fan - I read the books (and read them again and again I can't tell you how many times) and fell in love with the characters, the dialogue, the story... pretty much everything related to Twilight. I also really love the massive discussion that it has brought between us all - a sort of bonding experience. I know that if I am meeting someone new, and they have read the Twilight series, we are going to have a lot to talk about and will most assuredly become friends. I am constantly in awe of the many beautiful humanist traits that the series (both books and films) has brought out in people. My infatuation with the series, thanks to my fortunate circumstance of getting to write about it everyday, grows ever more fierce (much to my surprise, since I couldn't imagine that as a possibility) everyday.

Nino: Are you Team Edward, Team Jacob or maybe Team Demetri? ;)

Amanda: You know, I have been avoiding this question, but I'll say it - I'm Team Edward. I love Jacob Black, though, and I was very pleased when he finally (spoiler) imprinted with Renesmee. My fondness for Jacob, I have to admit, came only after a second reading of the series. He is, to me, a catalyst to the story of Bella and Edward. As for why I am Team Edward - I am very fond of Bella, and I could feel throughout the story how engaged she was with Edward. It wasn't just his particularities (though they were/are auspicious indeed), but also the feeling that Bella had around him - it was/is powerful magic. Not to mention, his character has some one-liners that
gives me, as a woman, the chills. As for Demetri, I am a little afraid of him... :-)

Nino: If we take out Edward, Bella and Jacob, which character do you like the most of those who are left?

Amanda: Is the entire array of characters a choice? Ha, just kidding. Well, let's see... if I had to choose one character as a favorite other than those three, I'd have to say Carlisle. He, to me, was the embodiment of the idea of the Cullens. I also absolutely cherished his relationship with Edward and the rest of the Cullens. His story of transformation was mind-boggling, and his calm and collected demeanor was an asset to the story. He was the one that any person on Earth could truly trust to do the right thing in any circumstance. Of the human, I'd have to say my favorite character other than Bella is Charlie.

Nino: How do you feel about the Twilight Fan Community?

Amanda: The Twilight fan community is amazing. Talk about a group of the most intelligent, interesting, compassionate, generous, and loyal people and then spanse it across the entire world - amazing, simply amazing. Not to mention, the Twilight community is fierce. When something needs to get done, it gets done (and well). Not a day goes by that I'm not just consistently bewildered by what is accomplished within it.

Nino: I also noticed that your articles just come out like rain, they never stop and hey, we love you for that. But do you ever have time to sleep?

Amanda: Haha. Funny you should ask. Yes, I do sleep... but I love to write, especially about Twilight. It's the first job I've ever had that I truly love. Reading the comments and responses that the articles get (positive or negative - though I've been fortunate that they're mostly positive, and I am thankful for that - I read and appreciate every single one), my emails, and fansite references is so motivating. I can't tell you how much of a compliment it is.

Nino: Your articles are pretty much always on the most read list on What do your editors think about that?

Amanda: I don't know what they think.... I am sure they are proud.

Nino: How did you become the Twilight Examiner?

Amanda: It's actually just pure luck. was hiring, and I knew of all the things I could report on that I would love to write about the Twilight series the most. I submitted a proposed article, and they hired me to the team!

Nino: Can we look forward to any exacting new big examiner article this week?

Amanda: Let's see... I am not that great at planning ahead, but I try and write something new every night. I read an article supporting Stephen King's views on Stephenie Meyer's writing (gah) this week from one of my colleagues at, and I think I'm going to challenge that author's opinions (stay tuned). Also, next week, I'm going to be going to Nashville to see Bobby Long and Sam Bradley. I can't say anything more about that right this second, but the ensuing pieces should be rather exciting!

Nino: Are you planning on visiting any premier or FanCon this year?

Amanda: Things are still up in the air... but, for now, I do know that I will be going to TwiCon. :-)

Nino: And how does it feel to be interviewed by a Twi-guy?

Amanda: It feels great! As I always say, the demography of a Twilight fan is quite diverse (despite the assumptions of some).

Nino: Last but not least, any shoutouts or thank you’s?

Amanda: I'd like to give a shout-out to my sister Ali, with whom I had my very first Twilight discussion.

Also, I'd like to thank my good friends in the fansite community, including you all, for being so kind and fun to collaborate with.

Lastly, many humble thanks to the readers who make me smile so often it should be illegal in the workplace. :-)

Nino: Thank you for your time Amanda, the community loves you!

Read Amanda Bell's great articles over at Twilight Examiner.

New set photos from Forks High set in Vancouver

Some more new photos from the set of Forks High has come out. Nothing really new that we haven't seen before. But more picture's are always fun.

Check out the rest of the picture's over at Pillow Biters