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Kellan Lutz Having A Good 'Ol Time In Australia

Kellan is enjoying himself in the Land Down Under! He is there to promote the release of the Twilight DVD but it's not all work. According to Celebuzz:

The New Moon heartthrob took time out from his professional obligations on Saturday to attend a birthday party for Dave Simon, bassist for Australian power-pop quartet Violet at a Sydney club called, appropriately enough, The Club.

While helping Simon ring in the occasion, Lutz hung out with twin sisters Lisa and Jessica Origliasso of "Take Me on the Floor" hitmakers the Veronicas, as well as Laura Dundovic—perhaps more popularly known as Miss Universe Australia for 2008. And he certainly didn't seem to mind getting up close and personal with the ladies.

Read the full article & see more pics HERE.

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Solomon Trimble Interview

Our affiliate Edward's Meadow has posted part 4 of their Solomon Trimble interview. Click HERE to listen to it & read the transcript. You can also hear parts one, two, & three.

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New Kellan Lutz Interview In Australia has an interview with Kellan in which he discusses "Twilight", the rumors on his love life and his fans.

As hundreds of die-hard devotees flocked to get their DVD copies of the super-successful book-turned-cult-movie autographed yesterday, Kellan Lutz (who plays the brother of heart-throb Robert Pattinson in the film) revealed teenage girls aren't - surprisingly - the ones to look out for.

"It's the mums who are the most full-on, I think some of them actually make their daughters stay home," Lutz told Confidential yesterday.
"And, bless their hearts, they come in these big groups and battle to give us the best presents, (like) candy, picture frames, flowers, baskets of stuff."
But it's not like the 24-year-old hasn't been bombarded by female fans, with some sending "scandalous" pictures and even attempting to chain themselves to his arm.

"They will come up and be like, I'm going to hand-cuff you," he said.
"Now that is not they way you are meant to do it - you've gotta just throw them on and lock 'em in."

Kellan sure has a great sense of humor! "Throw them on and lock 'em in" haha.

Read the full article here (via NewMoonMovie)


Total Film: On a Date With Robert Pattinson

Total Film had the chance to meet Robert for a date over dinner and do a little interview with him. They talk about obsessing, Little Ashes and Twilight Saga.

Stubble. On your face. Riiiight... So can we talk about Twilight sequel New Moon?

Edward and Bella’s reunion in New Moon is good. It’s different from the book so I think people will be happy.

This movie will have a very different mood. In visual terms it’s going to be so different from Twilight. It’s also a lot scarier. Chris [Weitz, New Moon director] is very willing to go down that route.

Read the entier interview over at Total Film.


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"I Drive Like A Cullen" Car

Check out this cool "Cullen Car" & it's even yellow. Thanks to Karyn Gilbert for sharing her cool pics with us:

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Gil Brimingham says "Great to be back on set"

Gil Brimingham yesterday reported at his Blog that he has arrived at Vancouver to film his part in "New Moon". He has also signed on to a Twilight convention in Europe.

I’ve just signed on to appear at the Eternal Twilight 2-New Moon Rising Convention in Northampton, England, October 16-18, 2009. The event is being held at the Park Inn Hotel. I look forward to being able to meet many of my European fans while I am there. I just arrived in Vancouver today to complete filming for New Moon. It’s great to be back on the set with the cast and running with the wolves again. Hope to have more news when I return.


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Vamp Saturday #2 - With Nino

Ah, a new week, right, time for some more rewinds then, the news and events from this past week that has gone by us with incredible speed. Wow, I’m getting really old (21?). Anyway, this week has been really exciting; a lot of news (witch you can notice because of the size of this weeks Vamp Saturday (Sorry for that BTW)) and fan encounters that just are points that may not be missed. So now let's revisit some off the best news from this week and let’s not wait any longer. Here we go.

Last week, just after the first Vamp Saturday there came reports of fans that had stayed late at the set of the Birthday filming. Mandylicious (MaliciousMandy) and some other fans stayed late just outside of the set. They stayed to about 6 A.M when the cast where all heading back for their hotel’s. And guess what, all cars with the cast stopped to say hi and give hugs to the amazing fans that stayed so long to get a little glimpse of the cast. Robert also said "You guys are crazy", yes we are, because we love you. And they did get a great look at them; all dressed up as vampires and in their birthday scene clothes. Check back in our archive to see the pictures and videos.

The New Moon filming in Vancouver is also heading to an end, as a lot of the cast started to leave Vancouver. All of the humans and some vampires left as they finished their scenes in Vancouver. Only humans left should now be Billy Burke, Graham Greene & Gil Burmingham. But as I reported earlier this week, filming in Canada is coming to an end with 1 – 2 weeks left of filming. Then some of the cast is heading to Italy in the end of May where they will be meeting up with the rest of the new cast.

We also got to read three interviews this week for the release of the Twilight DVD in Australia. We got to read interviews with Ashley, Kristen and Stephanie, all talking about their private lives and the Twilight Saga.

Oh, we had our weekly Cullen Boys Anonymous Awards as well, and gave some nice and funny awards to some of the cast and the banana stalking paparazzi. That banana is just so cool. I’m still totally amazed by that guy.

The Cullen’s house was also up for display this week. We got to see a lot of pictures and a video. The house doesn’t look like the one in Twilight, but they will probably CGI it. We’ll just need to wait and see. It pretty much has the same colors and big windows at the one in Twilight. Not to forget we also got to see more videos and pictures from Bella’s house. Witch pretty much is a shell for the purpose of exterior shooting.

Hopefully nobody missed Kellan and Peter playing around with the Paparazzi at LAX this week, when they arrived. Peter picks up a copy of New Moon and pretends to read it together with Kellan and give a big smile for the paparazzi’s. Hey, the cap that Peter is wearing, haven’t we seen Robert with that one as well? Hum, they must be passing it on to each other.

The Twilight Saga New Moon is also reported to be number one movie of the year 2009. Amanda Bell the Twilight Examiner tells us this in a report over at the Examiner. Some expert’s report that the film was responsible for some of the increase of book sales from 2008 and the early quarter of 2009. I want to say that I think that the possibility is there, although, New Moon will have some great competition this year as well; Such movies as “Transformers – Revenge of the Fallen” and the new “Harry Potter” movie coming this year as well. Although I’m quite sure that New Moon will gross at least 30% more the Twilight did last year, both domestic and international.

Then our friend and reader Deb brought us this amazing exclusive fan encounter that we got to post at CBA. It was an amazing story as they got to meet and take pictures with Kellan, Rachelle, Jackson and the 100 Monkeys. A funny part in the encounter with Kellan was when they caught him jogging, and they asked for his autograph and a picture, Kellan told them they had to jog with him if they wanted it. What a funny guy, anyway you really need to read the entire encounter to get it and enjoy it. So check back in our archive’s and read it if you haven’t.

A clip that you probably did not miss this week was the video made from the cast to the Italian fans of Twilight, the cast that was at Bella’s birthday party scene said hi to all the fans and told them they love them. If you by any chance missed this clip, you really need to go back and check it out. It’s filled with clothes spoilers although.

A lot of rumors spilled this week as well as the “Green light” given to start planning Breaking Dawn; Although how much of a rumor that this is we can’t tell, as report’s about this have been circulating about all week. Spokesman for Summit said that he had no comment at all about the rumor, and as I predict, I just see that as a positive note. But no official confirmation has come from Summit yet, so let’s just wait and see what happens. I really hope that we get to see Breaking Dawn on the screen as well.

ET was on the set of New Moon recently, and this week they have been feeding us with a lot of teasers for their Exclusive and on the 23d. As promised we got to see the first part of the Exclusive and it was really amazing, as well as the 24th when we got the see more secrets from the set. Don’t we just love ET for bringing us this incredible information and clips? Oh yes we do!

MaliciousMandy also brought us even more pictures this week and this from the pool set where they were filming the cliff diving scene for the entire day. We saw the set totally covered in green screens, so we will see the whole jump in CGI. Are you longing to see this scene as much as I am? It really is one of the more essential scenes in this movie as well as the book.

Robert Pattinson also won the Bravo A-List Award for Break Out actor this year, like we didn’t know he would get this award. We also got to see the first interview with a new cast member for New Moon, this was with Cameron Bright who will be playing Alec. He talked a bit about the new role and working together with Dakota. Check back if you haven’t seen it yet.

Everybody heard about the rumors that Stephenie was going to be sued because "Twilight" wasn’t originally wrote by her? Well that was BS, Stephanie herself gave us an update at her homepage about this. We at CBA didn’t post anything about this rumor as we felt that it probably wasn’t true. We also got the first official picture of the Wolf Pack this week, and just as last time, buff guys get girls on the right side in the morning. I mean, wow, I wish I looked that good.

CBA also got an interview with Goodnight Juliet, it’s a 9 minute video interview, if you missed it check back and see it, and it’s great. She totally love’s the Twilight Saga and wrote and sang three songs, and she hopes she will be able to get one of them into Eclipse.

Then one of the biggest news this week must be that David Slade has been hired by Summit to direct "Eclipse", the third film in the Twilight Saga. He has previously directed 30 Days of Night & Hard Candy. Although that his previous movies have not been the biggest of successes I’m quite sure that he will do a great job with Eclipse, he really is a great director and will be able to do what is needed for Eclipse, especially with the last scenes where Victoria appears again with her army of Vampires.

We also spotted Chaske Spencer and Graham Greene out and about in Vancouver. Graham who plays the role of Harry in New Moon seems to just have arrived to shoot his short scenes for New Moon.

To end off this weeks Vamp Saturday we saw that Robert will be doing another movie for Summit that is called “Remember me” another love story. Kellan Lutz was also reported for staring in a new version of “A Nightmare on Elm Street”. Kellan and Edi where also spotted in Sydney for an instore signing for the release of the Twilight DVD in Australia, they also gave a really funny interview. If you missed it, check back and listen to it. Filming at Bella’s house also began last night. Hopefully we will see some pictures from there as well soon.

Taylor also got his own page. He won the vote and got exactly what he deserved. We love Taylor. Oh and when we are on Taylor, let me also tell you that he was spotted with Selena Gomez, reports (Gossip sites) say that he has been out on a couple of dates with her, they are so cute.

That was all from this week's very long Vamp Saturday. Hope the reading was enjoyable and kept you reading for a while. And please, leave a comment if you feel that I missed something and maybe want to give me some advice on making these articles better. See you next week in a new Vamp Saturday!

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