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A Rob Story That Will Make You Go Awww!

I saw this story on Pattinson Life LJ today & absolutely fell in love with it. Just when you think you can't love Robert Pattinson even more you hear something like this. Captivated4121 wrote:

So back in September I wrote Rob a letter & sent him a mix CD I made especially for him. I didn't send a photo to get signed or an empty envelope with my address on it. I just told him that me writing him & what not wasn't about wanting something in return. I haven't checked my mail every day awaiting for something from him. I didn't expect anything at all.

So today when I check the mail I was given an amazing surprise!

Is he amazing or what! This just makes me go awwww.Thanks to captivated4121 for letting me repost your story here on CBA. I think is so cool that you made a mix tape for Rob and that you actually sent it to him without asking for anything in return. Kudos to you!

Cinema Bizzare = Twilight Fans

Kiro is a BIG Twilight fan & he loves Alice/Ashley Greene. Notice his Cullen Crest t-shirt? Tune in around 1:10.

TY to the LEX.

I Looooove This Picture

Thanks so much to Brightredink for sending this to us via our Twitter a few days ago. Sorry for just now seeing it today but I am so glad we did because it's awesome. This is truly a Cullen Boy trifecta! Kellan Lutz, Peter Facinelli, and Jackson Rathbone at EyeCon in Orlando, FL.

She also has some awesome video of Kellan, Jackson & Peter as they recieved their super cool gifts from the Central FL TwiMoms. Watch them HERE.

More Coverage From Rob's Birthday Bash

Even though it was on Wednesday, we can't let the week end with out mentioning Rob's B-Day again.

In case you missed it had an article about it. Here is an excerpt:

"There was a lot of buzz and energy in the restaurant," said the source. "Being in the same restaurant as Rob Pattinson for his birthday is great."

A fan told PEOPLE: "I was so happy to see Rob and help him celebrate his 23rd birthday. He took the time to meet us and take a picture with us, that was so cool."

Radar Online has a Gallery of photos:

Here is What E! News had to say about it:

Twilight Mind Reading E-Cards

Thanks to, you can now send your friends a Twilight themed e-card! The charge for these is $0.99. This is what the card says:

Twilight Mind-reading Personalize:

I've been thinking about you...and so have other people...why is everyone obsessed with (add a name)? You can't help it (add a name), you're unforgettable.

$0.99(each). Note: This e-card can only be charged to accounts with a U.S. billing address.

See the card at Hallmark

**Thanks to CBA staffer Raquel for the information! These are too cool.

~ Brandi

Robert Pattinson As Frank Sinatra? is asking who should play Ol' Blue Eyes, Frank Sinatra and they have a poll up. Rob is one of the choices along with Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp, Joe Jonas & Justin Timberlake. Read more and vote HERE.

Would you like to see Rob in this role? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments.

Alan Cappelli - RPattz' Body Double for New Moon

Rob's body double for the scenes in Montepulciano has been chosen! His name is Alan Cappelli. Here is a youtube video of an interview with him. I don't speak Italian, but if you watch the video, you will see him do the same thing with his hair that Rob does.

Twilight Italia posted the news about Alan and also gave us some details about the filming of New Moon in Italy. The scene where Bella runs through the square to find Edward has upped its original extra count of 500 to 15oo walk-on actors!

Youtube video courtesy of Comesuonanoisogni.
Special thanks to Shire for Italian translation, and for Twilight Italia for the original post.
Source: TwiCrack Addict

~ Brandi

Daniel Cudmore Interview!

The wonderful Angela over at Intoxicating Scent invited us to participate in their interview with Daniel Cudmore, who plays Volturi member Felix in New Moon. You can hear the interview live on Vamp Radio Tuesday, May 19th at 9pm EST. I can't even tell you how excited we are about this! Do you have a question for Daniel? Leave it in the comments by tonight.

A New Gil Birmingham Interview

Twilighters Anonymous has an interview with everyone's favorite Gill Birmingham. Here is an excerpt: How did you first hear about the movie Twilight, and can you tell us a little bit about your audition process for the role of Billy Black?

GB: My agent brought me the script. At that time, I knew little about the Twilight books, but I knew that the character had a unique story, and that the vampire/werewolf romance genre had a great appeal. I felt very connected with the character, which apparently showed during the audition process. Has the Twilight hype affected you in anyway? After having gone through one Twilight film already, do you feel you are better prepared for the hype the second time around?

GB: The whole Twilight experience has been truly amazing. I am constantly in awe of the love and support that Twilight fans all over the world continue to give me. The downside is that I have less time now to communicate directly with my fans, but I hope they know that I feel truly blessed to be a part of this thing called Twilight. I’m at the point in my life where I can appreciate all the adoration from fans, but not get swept up in all the hype. I’m still the same Gil Birmingham I was before Twilight.

Read the full interview HERE.

We love you Gil! You are the perfect Billy Black, no one could have done it better.

Friday, May 15, 2009

100 Monkeys Music Video

Jackson Rathbone's band, 100 Monkeys, announced on their Myspace Blog that they now have a music video for the song "Slow Down"!!

Check it out at the 100 Monkeys Official Site

Banana suits! Dresses! Bunnies! Barrel O' Monkeys! Go watch it now!


Alex Meraz And Nikki Reed Celebrates T-Mobile Sidekick LX Launch

Socialite Life has pics of Alex Meraz and Nikki at the T-Mobile Sidekick LX launch party.

We didn't think it was possible for New Moon's Alex Meraz to look quite as sexy fully-clothed while out and about at the T-Mobile Sidekick LX Launch party.

How cute is he? Too cute, if you ask me!!!

Alex's New Moon co-star Nikki Reed was in attendance as well, and looked stunning.



"Eclipse" To Begin Filming In August?

Earlier, we posted the article in which Nikki let us know that she feels that the film "New Moon" should be true to the book (THANK YOU, NIKKI!!) and also discussed visiting Italy during shooting.

Access Hollywood has a video with Nikki where she also discusses Italy and mentions that filming for "Eclipse" is tentatively scheduled to begin August 17th!


Defining Twilight Essay Contest

Want to win $500 for writing an essay on Twilight or for your fan fiction? Well, here is your chance!

Brian Leaf, author of Defining Twilight, is having an essay contest that will grant the winner $500 and also a copy of his book.

One First-Prize winner and four Second-Prize winners will be selected from each age category based on the above judging criteria.

Each First-Prize winner will receive $500 and a copy of Defining Twilight

Each Second-Prize winner will receive $50 and a copy of Defining Twilight

Check out all the details and enter here.

Wait, Robert Pattinson Is Doing Which Movies Again??

He will be Edward Cullen in future installments of the "Twilight" Saga. We have "How To Be" and "Little Ashes". Now Rob is being linked to further Summit projects, Hugh Jackman and more. So, what can we expect from Rob in the future? Amanda Bell addresses some of the rumored projects in an article today.

Here is the run-down of what's being put out there:

  • Dune, a sci-fi novel by Frank Herbert, has been dubbed as one possibility. According to MTV, gabber Perez Hilton caught sight of Pattinson on his way from actor Peter Berg's home. Stating that Berg is working on an upcoming film remake of Dune, MTV's Adam Rosenberg speculates that there could be some affiliation between Pattinson and the film coming off of this meeting.
  • Bel Ami, which is described by the Encyclopedia Britannica as one of Guy de Maupassant's "most important full-length novels," is said to be a "detached but destructive portrait of the worlds of journalism and finance." According to my friends over a ROBsessed, "the French newspaper Lyon Plus [says] Rob will be in Paris for 3 months at the end of the summer to shoot a new movie which is the adaptation of the novel Bel-Ami written by Maupassant."
  • Unbound Captives, which is said by the Herald Sun to now include Robert Pattinson on the cast list, also stars Hugh Jackman, who has been on Pattinson fans' radar for a while for his ephemeral compliments of Pattinson's singing, his hair, and the like. Jackman, who hosted the Academy Award's ceremony that Pattinson made his first appearance at this year, is quite a character, and many fans are excited to see Pattinson work alongside the X-Men Origins: Wolverine star. Also starring in the film will be The Lovely Bones star Rachel Weisz, and the director will be Madeleine Stowe.

In our discussions here (see here), we have also talked about whether Robert Pattinson would be a good match for up-coming Summit Entertainment project The Secret Life of Houdini, and many fans agree that, based on his resume of excellence in character-acting (How To Be, Little Ashes, The Bad Mother's Handbook), Pattinson would make an excellent Houdini. The description of the story, according to Summit Entertainment, is as follows:

The comprehensive tome, published in 2006 by Atria Books, became known for insinuating that Harry Houdini acted as a spy for Britain and was asked to be an adviser to Czar Nicholas II's court in prerevolutionary Russia. The book also portrayed the master escape artist and magician as a debunker of con artists who pretended to be spiritualists, leading to the controversial theory that Houdini's death was caused by the spiritual movement as payback.

Others hope to see Pattinson take on a part of Nick Carraway in the 2010 re-making of the F. Scott Fitzgerald masterpiece The Great Gatsby. The novel, which chronicles the roaring twenties in American economic history, is wrought with self-deprication of an era, as Carraway takes us into the world of New York City right before the Great Depression. Between envy for riches and cynicism against unrestricted materialism, Carraway is a literary character of particular significance - and fans of Pattinson think that he is right for the part.

I will say that if Rob is in talks for these films, or films like these, then I am very impressed that he is really flexing his acting muscles. I really did not want him to be typecasted and end up stuck in roles that do not allow him to fully express his talents.

What do you think?



Vote For Cam And New Moon At The 2009 NewNowNext Awards

Logo Online has nominated Cam Gigandet for the Brink Of Fame: Actor and New Moon for Best Future Feature Award at the 2009 NewNowNext Awards. So, help show your support by voting for Cam and New Moon.

Brink Of Fame: Actor
Cam Gigandet, Twilight

Best Future Feature
New Moon


Good luck to Cam and New Moon!! I hope they both win!!!

Thanks to Krystyna at The Twilight Files for sending us the tip!


Nikki Reed To Joins Cast In Italy

MTV reports Nikki Reed will be going to Italy with the New Moon cast while they are filming, although she isn't on the cast list & her character (Rosalie) did not go to Italy. She is joining Kellan Lutz (whose character didn't go to Italy either) just watch them shoot and enjoy the sights. She tells MTV:

"Put it this way: I am not in any of the scenes in Italy, but we've already made sure that I am going to Italy while they shoot that because I am sort of obsessed with that portion of the book. Basically [I'm just going to watch them shoot], and also, it is a chance to be in Italy and pretend like it's work. I have to be there - because I am in the film, so it's really important that I go along."

Is she hoping to get Rosalie added to a scene in Italy? "Absolutely not" she says:

"No. I feel so strongly about them sticking to the books."

"In fact, there was a scene in a very early draft of the 'New Moon' [script] that they had invented that was not in the books, and there was a discussion, and that scene is no longer in the script."

Read more HERE.

**[Good for you, Nikki!!]

~ Brandi

Thanks rolltide4me!

Native American Lore And Quileute Legends

Deadbolt has an interesting article that discusses Native American folk lore involving wolves and how this is incorporated into the Quileute stories of the Twilight Saga.

History and the Werewolf

Although the Quileute tribe is said to be descended from wolves, there are a variety of Native North American tribes that have similar folklore in their rich lineage. The Navajo tribe (also known as the Navajo nation), the largest tribe in the United States, has a legend that is almost akin to the werewolf clan in the Twilight Saga. The Navajo version of the werewolf originates from the “Skinwalker” who actually attains the power to shape-shift. But in order to acquire the “evil” abilities of these shape-shifters, tribe members, as the legend goes, must kill a family member. On the other hand, the Quileute legend is much less gruesome as a Skinwalker is said to have encountered a wolf and then transformed it into a human being, thus the legend’s origins.

In relation to Twilight and New Moon, Stephanie Meyer takes it one step further by explaining in great detail how Jacob and the rest of the werewolf clan actually transform from human to werewolf from the angle of inner turmoil and the experience of the transformation. In New Moon, the transformation of Jacob Black is filled with questions surrounding mental pain and how the change is also linked to self-control. What’s different about how the legend and lore play out in New Moon with regard to the actual transformation, as compared to other werewolf based stories and films, is that it goes well beyond the visual transformation to a intriguing human level of

Read the full article here.


CBA Teen Survey


Calling all teens! Are you a teen Twi-hard? We would love to have you take part in our survey for teens only about how the Twilight Saga has affected you. We have a short list of questions for you to answer. If you would like to participate or know someone who would email Dawn at BDBLVR@COX.NET. The deadline to email is May 30th. Of course it is all anonymous.

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Twilight Trading Cards & 18-Month Calendar

Amazon has an exclusive Twilight trading card set with official binder & Peter Facinelli autograph. Only 5000 sets are being produced and they are to be released July 1st. The set includes 72 trading cards, the binder and pages, and a Peter Facinelli autographed card. You may also pre-order a box of Twilight trading cards. There are 24 packs per box, 6 cards per pack, and randomly inserted bonus cards.
Also available from Amazon is an 18 month Twilight calendar. It’s good from July 2008 through December 2010 and features images from the Twilight movie.

Source: Twilight Guide


Peter, Edi & Kellan Give Up New Scoop On 'New Moon"

Source: On The Red Carpet


America's Latest & Greatest Baseball Movie: 'Twilight'

The Chicago Sun Times has an artcile about how 'Twilight' is becoming the popular new baseball movie.

Move over, "Field of Dreams." Take a backseat, "The Natural." Hit the bench, "Mr. Baseball." There's a new flick putting everyone's favorite sport square in the batter's box and it's called "Twilight." It may get a bad rep as a cheesey, teeny bopper chick-flick, but hardcore "Twi-hards" know it's one hell of a baseball movie.

Didn't think vampires were willing to take a break from their busy blood-sucking/high school student-wooing schedule to enjoy a rousing game of baseball? You're wrong. (Un)dead wrong. As main character Edward Cullen himself says, vampires love baseball because "it's the American pastime."

In fact, from the first moments of the film, it's clear that neither young Hollywood, nor author Stephenie Meyer's characters are the stars: baseball is. It plays a role in nearly every important plot-point. Protagonist Bella Swan has to move from the safety of Phoenix, Ariz. to vampire-ridden Forks, Wash. because her mother's new baseball-player husband is heading to Jacksonville for spring training. (Eventually an injury and lack of talent puts an end to his career, and he takes a more permanent Florida-based job as a high school baseball coach, cementing Bella's open-ended stay in Forks.) She moves in with her real father who is a huge sports fan, spending most of his time watching Mariners games with his best friend, Billy Black, whose son Jacob plays a pivotal position (see how I did that?) in the film's sequels.

And in what is arguably the film's most dramatic moment, vampire heartthrob Edward takes Bella to play baseball with his family, only to draw the attention of some visiting vamps who challenge the coven to a game, realize Bella's a human, attempt to take a bite out of what they believe to be an after-game snack and kick off the film's violent climax.

So next time you get a hankering to be taken out to the cinematic ballgame, reach no further than to your wife/girlfriend/little sister's DVD collection and spend a some quality time on the field with the uber-emo cast of Twilight. Maybe you'll finally understand why we ladies all make Edward our first-round fantasy league pick.

I knew I'd always liked baseball for a reason!



Hugh Jackman Likes Rob's Hair

Hugh Jackman did an interview recently with People Magazine and in it he mentioned his upcoming role with Rob and Rob's hair.

Cute Costar

Now that he's conquered the box office with Wolverine, Jackman is set to star in the 19th-century drama Unbound Captives with Twilight's Robert Pattinson. "He's a really great actor and a really good guy," said Jackman. "His role is phenomenal and it's going to be really amazing stuff."

And what does he think about Pattinson's famous hair? "I'm not an aficionado of hair, but his looks great."

I can't wait for that movie to come out! Hugh Jackman and Robert Pattinson both in the same movie together. My oh my, I think I might actually pass out!!

Thanks to Brandi for sending that to us!


Click Music Interviews Bobby Long

The Examiner's Amanda Bell has an article featuring Bobby Long's interview with Click Music.

..discussing his influences, his work, and by delighting us with a live version of "The Bounty of Mary Jane," Long finishes the interview with, he claims, nothing left to say.

Though we've already discussed some of the things Long tells us about in the interview (for instance, see here and here), it's still really great, so you should check it out.

Long, who played with FLIPRON last week in London, will be returning to the U.S. to resume touring this summer

You can view the video below and read Amanda's article here


Robert Pattinson Celebrates His 23rd Birthday

As we all know, yesterday was Rob's 23rd birthday and he celebrated with family and friends in Vancouver.

After 12 long hours on the New Moon set, Robert Pattinson headed back to his hotel at 6 p.m. Around 9 p.m., the birthday boy headed out to his favorite Vancouver drinking and dining spot, The Global Grill And Satay.

Entering through the back door with good buddy Sam Bradley, the boys made their way to their table, where they were joined shortly after by Kristen Stewart, Ashley Greene, Jamie Bower, Rob's parents, and other cast mates and friends.

Looks like he had a great time!

Check 0ut the article and more pictures at Celebuzz

Twilighters Meeting In Montepulciano and New Moon Set Activity

Twilighters Italia is sponsoring a Twilighters Meet Up in Montepulciano on Saturday May 30th:

With approval from the Municipality of Montepulciano and a partnership with the tourism association and the city press office, we'll be glad to invite all of you on

Saturday May 30th in Montepulciano

for an unforgettable day among fellow twilighters!

Click HERE for all the details.

Twilighters Italia also is reporting some New Moon activity going on in Montepulciano:

Look at these posters that have appeared from around a week on the side entrance gate of the fortress, just where were held the casting a few weeks ago! It seems that the Italian double for Robert and Kristen were already there in the preliminary visit today!

See their report HERE.

~Kim C

'Twilight' Cast and Crew To Play Vampire Baseball For Make A Wish Foundation

"This 4th of July, fans of the Twilight and New Moon book and movie series can watch the cast and crew from the Twilight play Vampire Baseball for a good cause. FanTrips™.travel, TwilightLive and other fan sites have teamed up with the actors to benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation® of Oregon* through this event. A few lucky fans will have their own opportunity to play Vampire Baseball, watch Rachelle Levefre throw the first ball to open the Portland Beavers and Colorado Springs Sky Sox game, and much more, while 10% of the net proceeds from the event are donated to the Make-A-Wish-Foundation® of Oregon.

Fans will compete against each other and the crew during the first half of the day. The fan game will be followed by Vampire Baseball™ featuring cast and crew from the movie Twilight which was filmed in the Portland area. Actors Peter Facinelli, Ashley Greene, Edi Gathegi, Rachelle Levefre, Solomon Trimble, Michael Welch, Ayanna Berkshire, Alex Meraz, Christian Serratos, Kiowa Gordon, and Catherine Grimme will all be present to participate in the festivities. PGE Park, a professional baseball stadium and home of the Portland Beavers, has been reserved for their exclusive use and fans will cheer on their favorite teams from the Grand Stand and have the opportunity to take as many pictures (no video allowed) as they like when cast and crew take to the field.

Vampire Baseball™ "All-Star" Premium Package: $135 - LIMITED AVAILABILITY
~ 1 ticket to the Vampire Baseball™ Game - Premium seating
~ 1 Autograph at game
~ 1 ticket to the Portland Beavers-Colorado Springs Sky Sox game
~ Dinner at the Portland Beavers game
~ July 4th Fireworks

Vampire Baseball™ "All-Star" Day Package - $49
~ Includes: 1 ticket to the Vampire Baseball™ Game - General admission seats

Journalist press passes are available on request. Tickets go on sale May 15th with Ticketmaster. For more information about Twilight Fan Trips™ or this event, visit the website or call Jeannie Barresi at 719-471-0222

Contact Information:
Beyond Boundaries Travel

Stephanie Moreland

Tel: 832-755-7661


How awesome is this!!!! If I lived anywhere near the Portland area, I would be there in a heartbeat!

~Erin V.

Peter Facinelli Signs A Plate For Parkinson's

Peter Facinelli participated in 'Plates for Parkinson's' along with the celebrity likes of Johnny Depp, Joan Rivers, Nickelback and more.

"Peter Facinelli joins more than 40 other celebrities who have designed/signed plates to be auctioned on eBay in support of the Parkinson Society Maritime Region's efforts to fund research, support services and education.

The plate will be auctioned worldwide on eBay beginning May 14, 2009. Please visit to bid or to view his plate and more! A link to bidding will be available through the Parkinson Society Maritim"

Read the full article HERE.


~Erin V.

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Lost Parody With Edward Cullen

Pocket Edward guest stars in this Lost parody.

SOURCE: JustForLaughsTV and the Fine Brothers. Especially thanks to Angela at Intoxicating Scent for the find.

~Kim C

"S Darko" DVD Review ("Utah Too Much")

Released on DVD May 12, 2009, S. Darko is the continuation of Richard Kelly's cult classic Donnie Darko.

The film stars Daveigh Chase (Donnie Darko, The Ring, HBO's Big Love), Ed Westwick (Gossip Girl), Jackson Rathbone (Twilight, Dread) and Briana Evigan (Step Up 2: The Streets). The run time is 103 minutes and the special features include:

• Filmmaker Commentary
• Deleted Scenes
The Making of S. Darko
Utah Too Much

Tagline: "It's Time To Travel Forward "

This film takes place several years after Donnie's death in the original.
If you have not seen Donnie Darko, the movie is about a teenage boy (Jake Gyllenhaal) who suffers from paranoid schizophrenia and has visions of "Frank", a six foot tall rabbit.
While Donnie is sleep walking one night, Frank informs him that the world will end in 28 days, 6 hours, 42 minutes, 12 seconds and goes on to convince Donnie to commit different criminal acts. When a jet engine crashes through his bedroom, Donnie is not home and this event starts a chain reaction causing Donnie to realize that it is he alone who can save the world.

(Donnie Darko IMDB Page)

**Spoiler Alert Below: I have tried to include as few spoilers as possible, but there are some**

S Darko tells the tale of Donnie's sister, Samantha. Now 18 years old, Sam is still mourning her brother's death. Her family has fallen apart as a result of their loss and Sam has joined her friend Corey in a road trip across the country. Their car breaks down outside of Conejo Springs and while staying in the small town they meet such characters as Randy (Westwick), Jeremy (Rathbone) and Iraq Jack.

Just after the girls arrive, a meteorite strikes a local farmer's windmill and that is when the oddness begins to ensue. Sam has not been able to dream since her brother's death and she also begins to suffer from sleep walking. While she herself does not experience visions, Iraq Jack is a different story. He is very much like Donnie Darko in that he is thought to be "crazy" and his vision is of Samantha herself wearing a gown and with a large gash to her temple. Sam is an example of the manipulated dead that was also used as Frank in Donnie Darko. She, along with the town's missing boy, appear to bring messages to the "receivers" that are alive.

Like the original, S. Darko involves the idea of time travel as well as self sacrifice. Sam and Corey have an argument just before Samantha is hit by a car (I assure you, this is not a huge spoiler and happens early in the movie). Corey realizes that she would do anything to bring Sam back, which leads again to the notion that one person can save the world from ending.

Jackson's character, Jeremy Frame, is the town science nerd who purchases the fallen meteorite to study. Jeremy discovers that the meteorite contains metal that is not on the periodic table (Jeremy: "I'm going to call it Framium", Samantha: "Like your name?") and begins to develop a "rash". He meets Sam and Corey at the local diner and is immediately smitten with Samantha. Later in the movie, he is the one who purchases the gown that Sam is wearing in Iraq Jack's visions and asks her to watch the town fireworks with him at an overlook.

(pic credit: Jackson Rathbone Online)

Jackson does a great job of portraying Jeremy's timid side and later showing his anger and frustration. At the end of the movie, I was reminded of Adam in "Criminal Minds" when he was being questioned. Jeremy's character starts as hesitant yet excited. He is picked on by other teens in the town, but that does not stop him from introducing himself to Sam and Corey. He also attends a party in the hopes that Sam will be there. As his "rash" grows, as does his anger and determination and he suddenly becomes violent when he headbutts Randy, knocking him unconcious. Jackson does an excellent job making this change in Jeremy's attitude so smooth that one can actually see how the residents of the town may miss it. Jeremy, like Sam in her own family at home, tends to be overlooked and even after climactic moments in the film he is not seen as more than a science enthusiast.

The movie is not the original, nothing can be. I really enjoy that Jackson pointed out in the "Making of S. Darko" special feature that this is a "continuation". It is not trying to be what Donnie Darko was, but is telling Samantha's story. Richard Kelly's world cannot be duplicated and I enjoyed this movie as an extension of that universe.

I would recommend this movie to fans of Donnie Darko and Jackson fans alike, however, I do recommend watching the original first. These movies can both be a bit intricate and I will admit that when I first became a Donnie Darko fan I had to watch it more than once to truly grasp each idea.

Also, make sure that you catch the "Making of S. Darko" as well as "Utah Too Much" in the special features. The "Making Of..." helps to explain what is happening in the film and Jackson adds his own thoughts. "Utah Too Much" is a song that the guys in the cast including Jackson sat down and wrote and the feature includes lots of behind the scene shots.


Audio Interview With Michael Welch

Create a playlist at

A good interview with Michael Welch a.k.a. Mike Newton.

"I think Twilight was really Summit dipping their toe in the water"….."this time around … they put a lot of money in it, with time and prep–Twilight felt like an independent film compared to New Moon"

Source: via

~Erin V.

Peter Facinelli's Access Hollywood Interview

Here's a great interview with Peter Facinelli with his views on 'New Moon' from Access Hollywood.


Peter's awesome!!

~Erin V.

Hallmark Twilight E-Card

OMG!!! This is definitely squeal worthy!

Hallmark has a 'Twilight' themed E-Card to send to your friends for just $0.99!!

Twilight Mind-reading Personalize
I've been thinking about you...and so have other people...why is everyone obsessed with (add a name)? You can't help it (add a name), you're unforgettable.

Click HERE to view the E-Card!!


Thanks to CBA member Raquel for passing on this great story!

~Erin V.

'New Moon' Soundtrack Hopefuls

The Examiner's Amanda Bell takes a look at all the 'New Moon' soundtrack hopefuls, who wants in!!

"Kelly Clarkson, Justin Guarini, even Madonna at one point - these are all names you've heard throw around with regard to the soundtrack for the up-coming Chris Weitz film The Twilight Saga: New Moon.

On Twilight's soundtrack, we saw the likes of Paramore, Muse, and Robert Pattinson (singing songs penned by himself and friends Bobby Long, Marcus Foster, and Sam Bradley). For New Moon, however, the ballpark is a little wider."

Amanda also wants your opinion ... do you want to see more indie music make the cut or mainstream??

Click HERE to read the full story and your opinion!!

Source: The Examiner

This is a really cool fan made video with actually some good songs that fit the movie. What do you guys think?? Also check the forum, there's an awesome soundtrack post!!

~Erin V.

Alex Meraz With Some Killer Shades

Alex Meraz was spotted at a Vintage Carrera Sunglasses party in L.A.

"Q'orianka Kilcher (The New World) and Alex Meraz (Twilight New Moon) were at the L.A. launch of Vintage Carrera Sunglasses along with a bunch of other celebrities. It's nice to see Native American Hollywood in the mix."


~Erin V.

New Fanmade 'New Moon' Posters

Thanks to one of our readers Kristi who made these and sent them to us. They're awesome!!

New Deadbolt Feature: How Will Robert Pattinson Be A Powerful Twilight Presence In Sequel 'New Moon'?

As filming wraps up in Vancouver for the upcoming Twilight sequel New Moon, Twilight stars Robert Pattison, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, Nikki Reed, Peter Facinelli and the other Twilight Saga actors will soon be looking ahead to their time in Italy where the New Moon production comes to a close. After the first Twilight film, based on the popular Stephenie Meyer series of novels, New Moon opens up the characters even more as they evolve into more diverse and emotionally concrete figures in the Twilight Saga. How each handles their characters for a second time, namely Robert Pattinson, is a powerful question surrounding the anticipation for New Moon.

The nature of New Moon, however, sets a different tone than Twilight with its darker and more painful layers while an element of despair runs throughout the story. Edward Cullen, Bella Swan and Jacob Black each battle their own inner turmoil as they struggle with adolescence, love, the changes within themselves, and the dynamics of how they fit into the Twilight world with and without each other. Given how New Moon takes shape, the once upfront and visible Robert Pattinson in Twilight steps into the shadows for the sequel to make way for Taylor Lautner whose Jacob Black character becomes the major visible male presence.

New Dramatic Diversity


In the sequel, Edward leaves Bella for her own safety, which sparks deep, emotional turmoil and pain in both characters but also opens up a new form of conflict. Although Jacob makes a physical transformation in New Moon, Edward is not far behind with a change of his own that’s directly related to Bella. New Moon becomes a turning point for Edward in his view of Bella. Pattinson has already proved to the world that he can play the brooding vampire but he will need to focus on expressing another side of the character in Edward’s distress. Interestingly, given how Pattinson is still in the early stages of his career, the emotional complexities within Edward in New Moon will require more of the actor than in previous roles he’s taken on in terms of dramatic diversity.

The Evolution of Edward and Robert

New Moon showcases the delicate balance between Edward Cullen and the ancient Volturi Vampire Clan. [spoilers] Their presence and the consequences that they bring forth to Edward and Bella set up the beginning of the next novel, Eclipse. Love and life are tested in New Moon so it’s up to Robert Pattison and his second interpretation of Edward Cullen to illustrate the actions of an immortalized hero with a new sense of self-realization in regard to how he feels about Bella Swan. Again, given how Robert Pattinson is at the early stages of his career, fans will also get to see the evolution of Edward Cullen along with Robert Pattinson in “near” real time as he develops as an actor.

In many ways the question of Robert Pattinson keeping the presence of Edward alive in New Moon is directly related to Pattinson keeping alive the presence of himself, the actor, to venture into new territory and accept the challenges of Edward. There’s no question that the New Moon production is under an enormous amount of pressure to produce an even more visually stunning and fan-connecting translation of its literary counterpart than Twilight. That pressure also trickles down to the actors and everyone contributing to make New Moon.

You can read the full feature article here.


Nikki Reed Joins Sage & The Dills On Stage

Sage & the Dills took the stage at Hollywood's Hotel Cafe on Tuesday night with a very special guest: Twilight's Nikki Reed. Sage, the lead singer of the band, is best buds with the actress, who arrived in a purple beanie and dark jeans.

Reed even took the stage for a couple of songs, playing tambourine on "Go and Tell Your Mother," and lending some very pretty backup vocals to a track or two. "This used to be my best friend Nikki's favorite," Sage said while introducing one song. "I'm dedicating this to her." Reed, who hung back in the corner of the stage as she sang along, seemed a little shy about her vocals. "Please, turn this mic off," she laughed to the sound tech after she was on stage for a few minutes.

"Nikki did my hair and makeup before every show when we were growing up," Sage told after the concert. "She still does my hair and makeup." The two are longtime friends, and Sage often refers to Nikki as "my sister." So can we expect the bffs to make music together in the future? While Sage says they've never written songs with one another, we wouldn't rule it out -- especially after witnessing Reed's tambourine skills!

Thanks to RadarOnline for sending us that story!


Stephenie Meyer Wins At the Children's Choice Book Awards

The 2009 Children's Choice Book Awards were held last evening and Stephenie Meyer won both Teen Choice Book of The Year (Breaking Dawn) and Author of the Year!! Congratulations, Stephenie!

Award winners were determined this year by over 220,000 online votes by kids across the country. Voting was open from March 16 through May 3 on the Children’s Book Week website at

The Children’s Choice Book Awards were announced live at the awards gala held May 12 in New York City as part of Children’s Book Week (May 11-17, 2009), the oldest national literacy event in the United States. This year marks the 90th observance of Book Week.

The awards ceremony, hosted by National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature Jon Scieszka, included the presentation of the Impact Award to Whoopi Goldberg in recognition of her vast contribution to the promotion of literacy and the love of reading among young people. Last year’s Impact Award recipient, Al Roker, presented the award.

Check out the full list of winners here and check out the video below of Al Roker discussing the ceremony.

Source: NewMoonMovie


Rachelle Le Fevre In "Do You Know Me?"

This Sunday, May 17th at 9pm EST, Lifetime Movie Network will premiere the movie "Do You Know Me?" starring Rachelle Le Fevre. I was watching Lifetime today and my attention was caught when I heard "Twilight's Rachelle Le Fevre stars....". I thought it was really cool that they mentioned Twilight.

Here's the description off of LMN's website:

A young woman is shocked to see herself on a milk carton as a "missing person" and decides to investigate. She soon finds herself on the run from both sides of the law.

Sounds pretty interesting. The movie also stars Jeremy London and you can check out all the details at LMN.


Color The Cullens - Twilight Online Coloring Page

Now you can color the Twilight cast in their very own online coloring page. Just what you always wanted to do right? Click HERE for all the fun!

Thanks Eyes of Amber!

~Kim C

Michael Sheen Completes Filming In Vancouver

According to NewMoonMovie:

Michael Sheen, who plays Aro of the Volturi in New Moon, has finished filming his parts in Vancouver. He is now headed to London, according to his recent Tweets. He should be headed to Italy at the end of the month.

I just love his tweets! (that's the right word, right?) He's so cool by keeping us up to date on the happenings of "New Moon"!


E! Online Celebrates Rob's Birthday With A Picture Party

E! Online has a great article to honor their "patron-god of page-views" Robert Pattinson's 23rd birthday:

Did you wake up today feeling a little more magical than usual? Well, that might have to something to do with today being the most special of days.

Our patron god of page-views Robert Pattinson celebrates his 23rd year of life on this very day. We typically don't take the time out in all our very important news-breaking to stop and wish every famous person a happy birthday, but Rob Pattz has provided us with endless amounts of entertainment over this past year.

So, at the very least he deserves a pretty picture party for all the rumors we've put him through.

Click HERE to read more & see all gorgeous pics. I posted one of my all time faves above. What are some of your favorites?

~Kim C

23 Reasons To Love Robert Pattinson

In honor of Rob turning 23 today, MTV Movies blogger Nicole Guanlao has created a list of 23 reasons why you should love Rob (as if you needed a list.....or to stop at 23 reasons).

11: When he made his first appearance in “Twilight” and entered the cafeteria, he made us all wish that we lived in some rainy town with vampires running rampant in the woods. Sure it sounds scary, but none of that mattered as long as we could see Robert during lunch period. It made me yearn for my high school days. Oh the memories!

10: He can talk about his underwear, his toenails, and his not-so-stellar running ability on camera and still make the ladies swoon. I mean how many other heartthrobs would be willing to talk about those topics? Yeah. None.

9: If his vampire skills ever fail him, he can always resort to his expertise in wizardry. Which makes him lethal with a wooden stick.

Read the full list here


Robert Pattinson and Hugh Jackman Joining Forces

Please tell me this is real! Rob & Hugh Jackman in a movie together:

Two of the biggest stars on the planet and a recent Best Actress Oscar winner are making Madeline Stowe's dream come true. The actress best known for her work in "The Last of the Mohicans" will make her directorial and screenwriting debut with the drama "Unbound Captives." More enticing, Variety reports that Robert Pattinson, Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weisz have joined the cast of the independent film.

A period Western set in 1859, "Captives" will find Weisz playing a woman whose husband is murdered and two children are kidnapped by a Comanche war party. A frontiersman played by Jackman rescues her. Pattinson will play a son, but its unclear if that is Weisz's or Jackman's. Curiously, the plot is strangely familiar to Ron Howard's "The Missing," but "Captives" has a long development history preceding that thriller.

Read more HERE.

I hope this works out for Rob & doesn't end up like his role in PPB.

To show you how much I love Rob & Hugh, just the other day my husband and I were chatting on Skype & he had to rub it in because I missed the big red carpet Wolverine premier here in AZ. My DH:

"You missed the Wolverine premiere in Tempe about two weeks ago.

You know about when Robert Pattison sneezes but not a thing about your old favorite Hugh Jackman."

I think he needs to sign up for Twilight Widowers and yes - he doesn't even know how to spell Rob's last name lol!

Thanks Brandi for sending this to me.

~Kim C

Indonesian Twilighters Give Robert Pattinson A Birthday Party!

AnThese fans know how to celebrate a birthday in style. I wish I was at this birthday party! They have a band, a cake, a cardboard Edward....even the NEWS is there! These ladies prove that the love of Twilight (and actors who bring it to life) reaches all the way around the world. I love it!

And for Pete's sake. Rob, Stephenie and the rest of the cast...go to Indonesia already! These fans deserve it!

Check out the video below.

(P.S. Kim R, I am reminded of your DVD party when these fans are watching the movie. TeeHee)

Thanks to Anggia from Twilight Nusantara Productions for sending this to us.


Help Send Robert Pattinson The Biggest Birthday Card In The World!

Celebuzz and Buzznet want to help Rob celebrate the day of his birth today by sending him one big ginormous birthday greeting. In their words: "The goal: To send the man who plays Edward Cullen the biggest digital birthday card in the world, in history, ever."

So, what are you waiting for??? go HERE to record your birthday wishes!



How Well Do You Know Rpattz? has a 10 question quiz on "How Well Do You Really Know Rob". Click HERE to test your knowledge.

Thanks Rolltide4me for this great find :)